India vs England Live Score Updates, 2nd Test Day 3: India Rely On Jasprit Bumrah For Early Wickets vs England | Cricket News

IND vs ENG, 2nd Test Day 3 Live Score Updates: England need 399 runs to win© BCCI

India vs England, 2nd Test Day 3 Live Score Updates: Zak Crawley and Ben Duckett have started the proceedings for England in the chase of 399. The duo aims to stitch a solid partnership for the visitors. On the other hand, Indian bowlers are eyeing some quick wickets in the early stages of the innings. Earlier, Shubman Gill’s century propelled India to 255 on Day 3 of the ongoing second Test against England. India have now set a target of 399 for England. Resuming the day at 28/0, India lost two early wickets in the form of Rohit Sharma and Yashasvi Jaiswal but Gill brought the hosts back into the game. Gill departed after scoring 107 while Axar Patel also scored 45. (LIVE SCORECARD)

Here are the Live Updates of Day 3 of second Test between India and England:

  • 15:44 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: England’s chase begins

    Hello and welcome to England’s chase of 399 runs against India on Day 3 of the ongoing second Test. Zak Crawley and Ben Duckett have started the proceedings for England in the chase. On the other hand, pacer Jasprit Bumrah will be bowling the first over for India. 

  • 15:37 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: India 255 all out

    Rehan Ahmed dismisses Ravichandran Ashwin for 29. With this, India get bundled out for 255, setting up a target of 399 runs for England. For India, Shubman Gill was the main architect with a total of 107 runs. For England, Tom Hartley scalped four wickets while Rehan Ahmed took three wickets. 

  • 15:28 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: OUT

    OUT!!! Tom Hartley has taken his fourth wicket of the day and this time, he dismisses Jasprit Bumrah for duck. The ball hits the edge of the bat as Jonny Bairstow takes a brilliant catch at the second slip. Ninth wicket gone for India but they are just two runs away from taking their lead across the 400-run mark. 

    IND 255/9 (77.4 overs)

  • 15:11 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: Ashwin key for India

    Ravichandran Ashwin is standing like a strong wall for Team India. The all-rounder is steadily forming a partnership with pacer Jasprit Bumrah as eight-down India aim to take their lead across the 400-run mark. In the previous over of Rehan Ahmed, the duo scores seven runs, which include a boundary by Ashwin. 

    IND 242/8 (73 overs)

  • 14:46 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: OUT

    OUT!!! Tom Hartley strikes again and this time, Kuldeep Yadav becomes his prey and departs for duck. Kuldeep tries to play a big shot but his shot lacks proper timing and speed as the ball goes up in the air and lands into the hands of Ben Duckett at the mid-on. Eighth wicket gone for India. 

    IND 229/8 (65.5 overs)

  • 14:39 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: OUT

    OUT!!! Rehan Ahmed strikes in the very first over of the third session and dismisses KS Bharat for 6. Bharat tries to steal a boundary but fails to time the shot as the ball lands safely into the hands of Ben Stokes at the mid-on. Seventh wicket gone for India. 

    IND 228/7 (64.4 overs)

  • 14:36 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: 3rd session begins

    Hello and welcome to the third sessions of Day 3 of the ongoing second Test between India and England. Before going for Tea, India’s score read 227/6, leading by 370 runs. Currently, KS Bharat (6*) and Ravichandran Ashwin (1*) are standing unbeaten at the crease and will now aim to extend India’s lead in this session. On the other hand, England bowlers will aim to end the proceedings at the earliest. 

  • 14:14 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: Tea break

    This marks the end of the second session on Day 3 of the ongoing second Test between India and England. India’s score read 227/6 in 64 overs, leading by 370 runs. Currently, KS Bharat (6*) and Ravichandran Ashwin (1*) are standing unbeaten at the crease for six-down India. England bowlers aim to end the proceedings in the next session.

  • 14:00 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: OUT

    OUT!!! Tom Hartley has provided England with another breakthrough as he dismissed Axar Patel for 45. Hartley strikes on Axar’s pads but the on-field signals not-out. However, the decision goes to the third umpire, who declares Axar LBW out. India lose their sixth wicket. 

    IND 220/6 (60 overs)

  • 13:39 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: OUT

    OUT!!! Shoaib Bashir has provided England with the much-needed breakthrough as he dismissed Shubman Gill for 104. Gill tries to play a sweep shot the ball touches the glove and travels straight to wicketkeeper Ben Foakes, who takes a brilliant catch behind the stumps. Fifth wicket gone for India. 

    IND 211/5 (56 overs)

  • 13:34 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: India’s lead go past 350

    Shubman Gill and Axar Patel continue to frustrate England bowlers with their partnership. The duo is dealing in boundaries as India’s lead breach the 350-run mark. In the previous over of Rehan Ahmed, Axar smashes a boundary and is currently batting at 38. 

    IND 209/4 (55 overs)

  • 13:19 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: Gill hits ton

    Shubman Gill takes a single off Shoaib Bashir’s delivery and brings up century in style. It is his third century in Test cricket and he brings it up in 132 balls. What a wonderful knock from the India batter, who has been under fire due to some of his poor performances in the past matches. 

    IND 201/4 (51.4 overs)

  • 13:13 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: Axar nears 50

    Apart from Shubman Gill, Axar Patel is also playing a good knock and dealing in boundaries. In he previous over of Tom Hartley, he smashes a boundary as the spinner concedes six runs. With this, Axar is inching closer towards his half-century. It will be his fifth half-century in the longest format. 

    IND 198/4 (51 overs)

  • 12:50 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: Gill nears ton

    Shubman Gill has changed the momentum of the game as he brutally thrashed Rehan Ahmed. In the previous over of the spinner, Gill smashes a six and two boundaries as Rehan concedes 14 runs. With this, Gill has breached the 80-run mark and inching closer towards his century. Brilliant batting from Gill. 

    IND 165/4 (41 overs)

  • 12:34 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: Blow for England

    As per the recent updates, England star batter Joe Root has sustained an external blow to his right little finger, attempting a slip catch in the first session of Day 3. The medical team has taken him off the field to give him some treatment. Currently, there’s no proper confirmation regarding his return. 

  • 12:29 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: Gill-Axar steady

    Shubman Gill and Axar Patel are stitching a good partnership for India. The duo is steadily taking Team India ahead in the game as they are rotating the strike at regular intervals. On the other hand, the English bowlers are desperately looking for another breakthrough, in order to keep India in check. 

    IND 145/4 (38 overs)

  • 12:20 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: 9 runs off the over

    Team India has started the second session on a powerful note as the duo of Shubman Gill and Axar Patel score nine runs off James Anderson. The over includes a boundary by Axar as the duo now aim to stitch a stable partnership and provide India with the momentum. 

    IND 139/4 (36 overs)

  • 12:13 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: 2nd session begins

    Hello and welcome to the second sessions of Day 3 of the ongoing second Test between India and England. Before going for Lunch, India’s score read 130/4, leading by 273 runs. Currently, Shubman Gill (60*) and Axar Patel (2*) are standing unbeaten at the crease and will now aim to extend their lead in this session. On the other hand, England bowlers will aim to scalp some quick wickets. 

  • 11:34 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: Lunch!

    Axar survives a solid over from Rehan Ahmed and it’s Lunch time. So, 101 runs and four wickets. England take the session but India lead by 273 runs. Gill unbeaten on 60.

  • 11:30 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: Gill solid!

    I think this will be the last over before Lunch! A good session for England but Gill keeps India ticking. Still some batting to come for the hosts with Bharat and Ashwin. 

    IND: 129/4

  • 11:19 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: OUT!

    Patidar has edged that! Sharp catch by Foakes. Brilliant take as the ball shot through low outside off

    Rajat Patidar c Foakes b Rehan Ahmed 9 (19)

    IND: 122/4

  • 11:09 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: WICKET!

    Miscued by Iyer and Stokes takes a screamer! He was looking to go over mid-on but skewed his shot high into the off side. Stokes with a fist pump

    Shreyas Iyer c Stokes b Hartley 29 (52)

    IND: 111/3

  • 11:00 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: 50 up for Gill!

    Drilled through covers!  Full and driven, Atkinson can’t cut it off on the boundary. He raises his bat in delight

    IND: 111/2

  • 10:56 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: Swept away for four!

    Goes down and and gets four to deep backward square leg! Moves into the 40s with that boundary. This is excellent batting from Gill. A real confidence booster for the youngster

    IND: 102/2

  • 10:53 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: Gill-Iyer solid!

    Gill and Iyer have looked at their absolute best so far! This will be a relief for both of them. However, the job is not done yet. Need a big partnership here.

    IND: 96/2

  • 10:45 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: Slashed away past point!

    Gill picks out the gap! Short and wide from Ahmed and Gill goes on to the backfoot before cracking the ball behind the point sweeper. 

    IND: 87/2

  • 10:43 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: Root off the ground!

    Joe Root is off the field right now! He had earlier copped a ball on his finger. The ball fell short off him in the slip and hit his finger. Seemed to be in some pain

    IND: 82/2 (22)

  • 10:33 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: Iyer finds the gap!

    Flicked down the leg! Iyer glances it fine for four. Long chase from Bashir but the outfield is quick this morning

    IND: 69/2

  • 10:27 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: Gill changes gear

    Shubman Gill has provided Team India with some momentum as he smashed two consecutive boundaries off Tom Hartley. The spinner concedes nine runs in this over. With this, Team India’s lead has gone past the 200-run mark. Terrific partnership between Gill and Shreyas Iyer. 

    IND 66/2 (18 overs)

  • 10:18 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: India need some magic!

    Anderson done after a four-over spell for six runs and two wickets. Shoaib Bashir is into the attack. This partnership remains key for India. These two have to bat long, not just for the team, but for themselves too.

    IND: 42/2 

  • 10:09 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: Nervy moments for India!

    Gill and Iyer are being very cautious. No rush to score runs. Batting in these conditions hasn’t been easy with the ball twisting and turning

    IND: 39/2

  • 10:01 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: Gill gets lucky!

    Gill survives again! This time it was given not out by the umpire. On a length, outside off, nips back in, beats the edge clearly. England take the DRS and the umpire call saves Gill

    IND: 35/2

  • 09:54 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: Gill survives!

    Gill and India breathe a sigh of relief! On a length, Gill defends in front of the body, playing for the turn, but this goes straight on after pitching. Given out. Replays show there was a spike before contact with the pad. PHEW!!!

    IND: 34/2

  • 09:50 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: Edged and taken!

    Loose drive from Jaiswal, takes the edge. Pouched by Root at first slip. Anderson is ecstatic. England are back in the contest

    Yashasvi Jaiswal c Root b Anderson 17 (27)

    IND: 30/2

  • 09:39 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: That’s a ripper from Anderson!

    Rohit is gone! What a ball from Anderson! The ball nips away just enough to beat the outside edge and knocks back the off pole

    Rohit Sharma b Anderson 13 (21)

    IND: 29/1

  • 09:34 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: Stokes summons Anderson!

    And Anderson is into the attack from the other end. Three slips in place for Jaiswal, who dabs the first ball. No run

    IND: 28/0

  • 09:32 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: We are underway!

    Joe Root with the first over for England and he starts off with a maiden. Looking at the sky, i though Stokes would go for Anderson

    IND: 28/0 (6)

  • 09:25 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: Pitch report!

    Eoin Morgan says there is a little bit of moisture on the top surface. Overnight dew perhaps. Dinesh Karthik feels the cracks have expanded from Day 1, adding that the pitch will slowly start playing tricks. He says it is going to be slightly harder today than yesterday.

  • 09:24 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: Exciting day of Test cricket awaits!

    We are just under 10 minutes from the start of play here is Vizag. It’s been all over North India today and the conditions are a bit overcast here as well.

  • 08:15 (IST)

    India vs England, 2nd Test Day 3 LIVE: Rohit Needs To Go Deep

    The India captain, Rohit Sharma, hasn’t managed to register a big score in the whites for a while. With the batting conditions still looking good, the onus is on him to change the trend and take his innings into the second session, at least.

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India vs West Indies, 1st Test Day 2, LIVE Updates: Yashasvi Jaiswal Continues To Impress, India In Control vs WI | Cricket News

IND vs WI 1st Test, Day 2 LIVE Updates: India on top against West Indies© AFP

West Indies vs India 1st Test, Day 2, Live Updates: Yashasvi Jaiswal scored a brilliant century on debut as India continue to dominate against West Indies on Day 2 of the first Test encounter in Dominica. Rohit Sharma also followed suit and scored his 10th ton before getting dismissed by Alick Athanaze. Jomel Warrican took the wicket of Shubman Gill. Earlier on Day 1, Ravichandran Ashwin put India in control of the proceedings with his five-wicket haul. Apart from him, spinner Ravindra Jadeja also took a three-wicket haul. (Live Scorecard)

Here are the Live Updates of Day 2 of 1st Test match between India and West Indies, Straight from Windsor Park in Dominica:

  • 00:20 (IST)

    IND vs WI Live: Tea On Day 2

    It is tea on Day 2 and India are 245 for the loss of two wickets. It was the Jaiswal and Rohit show all the way before the hosts fought back and took two wickets. Disappointing outing for Shubman Gill who lost his wicket for just 6. Will India post a huge total from here? Only time will tell.

  • 00:12 (IST)

    IND vs WI Live: Some more accolades

    Most balls faced by an India opening pair

    492 – Rohit Sharma & Mayank Agarwal vs SA, Visakhapatnam, 2019

    461 – Virender Sehwag & Rahul Dravid vs PAK, Lahore, 2006

    454 – Yashasvi Jaiswal & Rohit Sharma vs WI, Roseau, 2023

    407 – Murali Vijay & Shikhar Dhawan vs BAN, Fatullah, 2015

  • 23:56 (IST)

    IND vs WI Live: Rohit dismissed right after century

    West Indies have their first wicket but not before Rohit Sharma scored his 10th Test century. Rohit reached the milestone but ended up giving a soft dismissial to Alick Athanaze. 

    India 232 for the loss of one wicket.

  • 23:47 (IST)

    IND vs WI Live: Another massive record

    Highest opening partnerships for India vs West Indies

    209* – Rohit Sharma & Yashasvi Jaiswal, Roseau, 2023

    201 – Virender Sehwag & Wasim Jaffer, Mumbai WS, 2022

    159 – Virender Sehwag & Wasim Jaffer, Gros Islet, 2006

    153 – Sunil Gavaskar & Chetan Chauhan, Mumbai WS, 1978

    136 – Sunil Gavaskar & Anshuman Gaikwad, Kingston, 1976

  • 23:35 (IST)

    IND vs WI Live: Yashasvi’s magical century

    Jaiswal became the third Indian batter to score a century on his Test debut.

    187 – Shikhar Dhawan vs Australia, Mohali, 2013

    134 – Prithvi Shaw vs WI, Rajkot, 2018

    100* – Yashasvi Jaiswal vs WI, Roseau, 2023

  • 23:27 (IST)

    IND vs WI Live: Jaiswal special!

    Century for Yashasvi Jaiswal! A century on debut and it was a special one. Almost flawless display from the India opener and this is getting worse for West Indies.

    India 209 for no loss.

  • 23:19 (IST)

    IND vs WI Live: 200 up

    200 comes up for India and this partnership is just getting better! Jaiswal is one run away from a century and Rohit will also try to bridge the gap as soon as possible.

    India 200 for no loss.

  • 23:12 (IST)

    IND vs WI Live: Record Ton

    Just 2 runs to go! A special innings from Yashasvi Jaiswal and this will be a special occasion for the talented youngster!

    India 194 for no loss.

  • 22:54 (IST)

    IND vs WI Live: Stat Attack

    This is the highest opening partnership ever for India in West Indies. And they are not done yet as both batters would like to score centuries.

    India 174 for no loss.

  • 22:30 (IST)

    IND vs WI Live: India take lead

    India have taken the lead in Dominica without losing a single wicket. A truly special partnership between Rohit and Jaiswal as the visitors target a mammoth total.

  • 22:20 (IST)

    IND vs WI Live: Start of second session

    Lunch is over and the main objective for India in the second session will be to take a lead and straighten it as much as possible. Both batters have played good cricket and a hundred will surely be in both of their sights.

    India 148 for no loss.

  • 21:37 (IST)

    IND vs WI Live: Lunch on Day 2

    Lunch on Day 2 and it has been all India. Yashasvi Jaiswal and Rohit Sharma both scored fifties are India are just 4 runs away from taking a lead. The session completely belonged to the visitors and by the look of things, a big score is just round the corner.

  • 21:09 (IST)

    IND vs WI Live: WI running out of bowlers

    Kraigg Brathwaite is the new bowler for West Indies and this shows how disappointing the show has been from the hosts. The mainstream bowlers were not able to take a single wicket and time will tell if this change can turn their fortunes.

    India 134 for no loss.

  • 20:59 (IST)

    IND vs WI: Runs in check

    Warrican and Cornwall have been brilliant in the past four overs. Tight bowling and shrewd field placement has resulted in India scoring very less runs and this can result into something crucial for West Indies.

    India 128 for no loss.

  • 20:49 (IST)

    IND vs WI Live: Plan B needed for West Indies

    Cornwall and Warrican has both enjoyed a fair bit of turn on the Dominica pitch and that seems to be the key for West Indies. The pacers did not bother the India batters at all and if a wicket is to come, it feels like it will one of the spinners who will have to produce something great. 

    India 121 for no loss.

  • 20:43 (IST)

    IND vs WI Live: Fifty for Rohit!

    15th half-century for Rohit Sharma! A captain’s knock till now and it is getting worse for West Indies. Rohit got the first six of Day 2 as well as the Indian domination continues!

    India 119 for no loss.

  • 20:27 (IST)

    IND vs WI Live: Is spin the answer?

    The fast bowlers have hardly bothered the Indian bowlers but in the last over, Cornwall came close twice to dismissing Jaiswal. It was the spinners who did the most damage for India. Is that the answer for West Indies as well? 

    India 110 for no loss.

  • 20:21 (IST)

    IND vs WI Live: Fifty for Jaiswal

    Maiden half-century for Yashasvi Jaiswal and what a debut! A solid knock from the young opener and this can be the start of something special!

  • 20:09 (IST)

    IND vs WI Live: Jaiswal on verge of debut fifty

    4 runs away from fifty on debut – Jaiswal has been playing brilliantly till now and the half-century will be much-deserved. Good show on Day 2 as well and this can be the start of an impressive international career.

    India 98 for no loss

  • 19:53 (IST)

    IND vs WI Live: West Indies crisis

    Rohit and Jaiswal has not scored a lot of runs on Day 2 but the problem is quite clear for West Indies. The bowling has been quite sub-par till now and they are not looking like taking wickets at all. A change in plan is needed right away for the hosts!

    India 92 for no loss.

  • 19:44 (IST)

    IND vs WI Live: Calm approach

    While Rohit and Jaiswal did play big shots on Day 2, the approach till now has been calm and quiet. However, once the first half an hour is completed, it will be interesting to see how they play the spinners in particular.

  • 19:31 (IST)

    IND vs WI Live: Day 2 begins!

    Day 2 begins and Jason Holder to start proceedings for West Indies. Yashasvi Jaiswal and Rohit Sharma were solid on Day 1 and both will be looking to play big knocks on Day 2.

  • 19:27 (IST)

    IND vs WI Live: Chance for Rohit!

    Rohit Sharma will also look to add another big score to his name. When it comes to Test  cricket,  his form has been quite topsy turvy and a good score will silence the critics.

  • 19:15 (IST)

    IND vs WI Live: Jaiswal show

    Yashasvi Jaiswal was the biggest story of this season even before the game started and he can make a huge impact today. A big innings will do a world of good to his confidence and will also make a big case for his inclusion in bigger series.

  • 19:02 (IST)

    IND vs WI Live: Disappointing show from West Indies

    West Indies have been struggling for form, since a long time now. On Day 1, they were bundled out for just 150 against India as only Alick Athanaze was able to play a decent knock of 47 runs. Apart from him, no other batter was even to go past the 20-run mark. 

  • 18:25 (IST)

    IND vs WI Live: Debutant Ishan and Jaiswal

    Team India handed debut caps with to young batter Yashasvi Jaiswal and wicketkeeper-batter Ishan Kishan. Jaiswal proved his worth on the first day itself as he played an unbeaten knock of 40 runs. He is currently on the cusp of his maiden half-century on his debut match. 

  • 18:23 (IST)

    IND vs WI Live: Fabulous Ravichandran Ashwin

    Ravichandran Ashwin has registered his 33rd five-wicket haul on Wednesday. He was left out from India’s Playing XI against Australia at the WTC final in June but he made remarkable comeback against West Indies. 

  • 18:06 (IST)

    IND vs WI Live: India’s dominant show on Day 1

    India had a brilliant outing on Day 1 as they bundled out the hosts for just 150 runs. All-rounder Ravichandran Ashwin starred with the ball and registered his 33rd five-wicket haul. Later, Rohit Sharma and Yashasvi Jaiswal stitched an unbeaten partnership of 80 runs. 

  • 17:57 (IST)

    IND vs WI Live: Hello

    Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the Day 2 of the first Test between India and West Indies, straight from the Windsor Park in Dominica. Stay tuned for all the live updates. 

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West Indies vs India 1st Test, Day 1 LIVE Score Updates: Ravichandran Ashwin Strikes Again, West Indies Lose Kraigg Brathwaite vs India | Cricket News

WI vs IND 1st Test, Day 1 LIVE Updates: India are bowling first vs West Indies.© AFP

West Indies vs India 1st Test, Day 1 LIVE Updates: Kraigg Brathwaite and Raymon Reifer are in the rebuilding act for one-down West Indies against India in the first Test in Dominica. Ravichandran Ashwin removed Tagenarine Chanderpaul to provide India the first breakthrough. West Indies skipper Brathwaite won the toss and opted to bat first. Yashavi Jaiswal and Ishan Kishan have been handed their Test debuts. (LIVE Scorecard)

India (Playing XI): Rohit Sharma(c), Yashasvi Jaiswal, Shubman Gill, Virat Kohli, Ajinkya Rahane, Ravindra Jadeja, Ishan Kishan(w), Ravichandran Ashwin, Shardul Thakur, Jaydev Unadkat, Mohammed Siraj

West Indies (Playing XI): Kraigg Brathwaite(c), Tagenarine Chanderpaul, Raymon Reifer, Jermaine Blackwood, Alick Athanaze, Joshua Da Silva(w), Jason Holder, Rahkeem Cornwall, Alzarri Joseph, Kemar Roach, Jomel Warrican

Here are the LIVE Updates of Day 1 of 1st Test match between India and West Indies, Straight from Windsor Park in Dominica:

  • 20:51 (IST)

    WI vs IND Live: Close call!

    R Ashwin almost had the wicket of Jermaine Blackwood. With a fuller delivery, Ashwin hit the front pad of Blackwood. Umpire was unconvinced so India had to go upstairs. Ball tracking revealed that the impact was on umpire’s call and the ball was also clipping the stumps. Blackwood survived as the ground umpire’s decision was not out. 

    WI 38/2 (16.5)

  • 20:48 (IST)

    WI vs IND Live: WICKET!

    R Ashwin strikes again for India! This time he has trapped Kraigg Brathwaite. The West Indies skipper failed to take on India’s ace spinner this time and edged the ball high in the air before Rohit Sharma at cover took the catch comfortably.

  • 20:38 (IST)

    WI vs IND Live: FOUR!

    A beautiful sweep shot from Kraigg Brathwaite on the bowling of R Ashwin and the batter will get a four off it. The West Indies captain is batting with controlled aggression and it is paying him the rewards. He is 20 not out off 41 balls now. 

    WI 38/1 (14.4)

  • 20:32 (IST)

    WI vs IND Live: WICKET!

    Here is the first wicket for R Ashwin and India! The off spinner outplayed T Chanderpaul with a beauty to eventually clean the batter up. This is the breakthrough the Indians were desperately waiting for. Raymon Reifer is the new batter.

    WI 31/1 (12.5)

  • 20:24 (IST)

    WI vs IND Live: Siraj changes end!

    Mohammed Siraj has changed his bowling end but that could not bring any change in the game so far. Six balls from the new end for Siraj and Chanderpaul and Brathwaite played him comfortably. This now seems like a good start for West Indies. Their scoring rate has been a bit slow but they have managed to remain harmless.

    WI 31/0 (12)

  • 20:12 (IST)

    WI vs IND Live: Spin introduced

    R Ashwin started spin for India and he produced an inside edge from the willow of Tagenarine Chanderpaul on the very first ball. However, Chanderpaul was lucky that the ball fell safely on the on side.

    WI 22/0 (8.1)

  • 20:05 (IST)

    WI vs IND Live: Decent start for WI openers

    Considering the way the two Indian pacers – Siraj and Unadkat – have bowled so far, both the West Indies openers – Kraigg Brathwaite and Tagenarine Chanderpaul have done well to keep their wicket safe.

    WI 21/0 (7)

  • 19:53 (IST)

    WI vs IND Live: Good bowling from Siraj

    Mohammed Siraj is making the ball talk. Enough swing for him on his surface but he has been unlucky so far to remain without a wicket. These are some testing times for Windies openers. It will be really interesting to see if they could tackle this.

    WI 14/0 (5)

  • 19:46 (IST)

    WI vs IND Live: Maiden over!

    It was bowled beautifully from Mohammed Siraj. He beat the outside edge of Kraigg Brathwaite’s bat a couple of times in it with the help of some really good outswing.

    WI 8/0 (3)

  • 19:41 (IST)

    WI vs IND Live: Careful start from WI openers

    End of the first two over. The surface has shown a bit of help to the Indian pacers Mohammed Siraj and Jaydev Unadkat so far. Bounce is average on the pitch.

    WI 8/0 (2)

  • 19:33 (IST)

    WI vs IND Live: Action starts!

    Mohammed Siraj is bowling the first over. Kraigg Brathwaite is on the strike while Tagenarine Chanderpaul is at the other end. Here we go!

  • 19:15 (IST)

    WI vs IND Live: Here are the playing XIs –

    India (Playing XI): Rohit Sharma(c), Yashasvi Jaiswal, Shubman Gill, Virat Kohli, Ajinkya Rahane, Ravindra Jadeja, Ishan Kishan(w), Ravichandran Ashwin, Shardul Thakur, Jaydev Unadkat, Mohammed Siraj

    West Indies (Playing XI): Kraigg Brathwaite(c), Tagenarine Chanderpaul, Raymon Reifer, Jermaine Blackwood, Alick Athanaze, Joshua Da Silva(w), Jason Holder, Rahkeem Cornwall, Alzarri Joseph, Kemar Roach, Jomel Warrican

  • 19:14 (IST)

    WI vs IND Live: New members in the Indian unit!

    “We have been here for a while, played a practice game in Barbados, here in Dominica for the last 4 days, rain did have a say, but we’re well prepared. The championship cycle final is two years away, but we’ve been consistent over the last couple of cycles. New guys in the squad, we just want to keep better as a team. I want the two debutants to enjoy, they’ve worked hard to come here, I want to make them feel comfortable and have some good memories of their first Test,” said India captain Rohit Sharma.

  • 19:10 (IST)

    WI vs IND Live: Athanaze makes his West Indies debut!

    “We are batting first, the surface is generally dry, bit of moisture, we’ll have to work hard in the first hour. We had a 10-day camp, Brian Lara was there as well, had a practice game amongst ourselves, looking good. We have been in good positions during the last cycle, but it’s all about being consistent. Want to see the guys be positive. Alick Athanaze is making his debut, Cornwall and Warrican are the two spinners, Kirk Edwards and Shannaon Gabriel miss out,” said WI skipper Kraigg Brathwaite after the toss.

  • 19:05 (IST)

    WI vs IND Live: West Indies opt to bat!

    West Indies skipper Kraigg Brathwaite has won the toss and opted to bat first against India in Dominica.

  • 18:55 (IST)

    WI vs IND Live: Check out the weather

    The weather is perfect for the first day of a Test match in Dominica.

  • 18:51 (IST)

    WI vs IND Live: Time for Yashasvi Jaiswal to shine!

    Yashasvi Jaiswal will be opening the innings for India with Shubman Gill being handed the number three spot left vacant by Cheteshwar Pujara. It will be a good test for the southpaw as he has been really impressive so far in his cricket career. International cricket is not a cakewalk, but Jaiswal could be the next sensation for India at this level.

  • 18:28 (IST)

    WI vs IND Live: Tagenarine and Brathwaite!

    Tagenarine Chanderpaul converted his maiden Test hundred into a double, against Zimbabwe. He and captain Kraigg Brahtwaite will be key to their chances.

  • 18:26 (IST)

    WI vs IND: Can the hosts cause an upset?

    West Indies haven’t beaten India in a Test series since April 2002.  Can they do it this time around?

  • 17:20 (IST)

    WI vs IND: Hello!

    Hello and welcome to our live blog for the first Test between West Indies and India from Dominica. The venue, Windsor Park, has only hosted one Test between the two sides (2011). The match was ended in a draw and Virat Kohli had made his Test debut

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