Lordy, Abby Grossberg Has Tapes!

The other evening, former Fox News producer Abby Grossberg, whose lawsuit may be a contributing factor for why Tucker Carlson was so unceremoniously fired Monday morning, started making the media rounds with her lawyer. (She thinks her lawsuit is probably a factor.) She appeared on MSNBC with Nicolle Wallace, and her lawyer showed up afterward on the same network’s Ari Melber show.

News, as they say, was made.

She talked about about how Tucker had made her life a “living hell,” and what a disgusting and misogynist place Tucker’s show was to work. (That’s all in her lawsuit.) She talked about how much Tucker liked to say the C-word, about women in general who made him mad, and especially about Sidney Powell, and how Fox News’s lawyers coached her to tell common lies about whether that bothered her. Indeed, she told Wallace that after she gave her original deposition in the Dominion lawsuit, the show threw a special lunch called “Abby Day” because they were so proud of her answers.

And she talked about how bizarrely and preternaturally obsessed Tucker was with making up and spreading conspiracy theories that the terrorist attack of January 6 was some kind of false flag perpetuated by the FBI. Even though lawyers for people on trial for invading the Capitol that day were begging him to stop.

That’s all at the end of this clip, which is quite a highlight reel of the full interview:

According to Grossberg, the now-former Fox News star was “very set on finding an FBI person who was implanted in the crowd” so he could prove the insurrection was a false flag by the government.

“[He was] spinning this conspiracy that they were ultimately the ones responsible for the Capitol attack, not Fox News as they’re about to go into the Dominion trial,” she said. “It was really the FBI that set up this thing, not Fox telling the American people that the election was rigged and the voting machines did it.” Grossberg claimed that even an attorney representing some of the Capitol rioters implored her to push Carlson away from the unhinged theory, but it was to no avail because “everyone was a believer” on the show.

“I went back to them and said, look, there’s no conspiracy theory here. I called the attorney who is representing one of the Proud Boys. He told me on two occasions, ‘There’s no conspiracy, get away from this stuff, this is dangerous. Tell Tucker to stop. I will come on your show, but I’ll absolutely walk off if he asks me this.’ And the result was, find somebody else, Tucker is really intent on this.”

It was bizarre how Tucker latched so quickly on to the idea that the January 6 terrorists were all innocents, and that an attack on them was an attack on all his viewers. And he knew exactly what the assignment was when Kevin McCarthy gave him all those tapes.

Oh well, thank goodness he can’t spew that nonsense to such a big audience night after night anymore.

Maybe he can get some cats and tell January 6 Was A Planned Demolition conspiracy theories to them in his Maine “Hee Haw” studio.

And Lordy, Her Tapes!

Grossberg really did record a lot.

She says she’s got 90 tapes, that she knows of, so far, so it’s definitely not just that Rudy Giuliani tape that came out just before the Dominion trial, where he admitted out loud to Maria Bartiromo that he didn’t have shit evidence for all his voter fraud lies.

In the clip below she explains that Fox News failed to turn over a whole lot of things she provided to them during discovery for the Dominion case, and doesn’t know whether it was intentional or reckless that they failed to turn them over to Dominion. Oh well, she found ’em now! She says she’s also gotten a subpoena in the Smartmatic case.

The next hour on Ari Melber’s show, where Grossberg’s lawyer was a guest, he played a big important tape of Ted Cruz on the phone with Maria Bartiromo on January 2, talking about denying certification of the election on January 6, then standing up a fake commission afterward to investigate all the fake frauds, then use that to overturn the result:


From the Washington Post:

If the commission found “credible evidence of fraud that undermines confidence in the electoral results in any given state,” then the state would then call a special session and recertify results, according to Cruz.

“Is there any chance you can overturn this?” Bartiromo asked Cruz.

“I hope so,” he responded.

“Who gets inaugurated?” asked Bartiromo. Ted Cruz said hopefully the commission could figure all that out.

Watch that whole Melber report above to see how much Cruz was plotting. He was working hard to overthrow the government y’all!

Cruz is angrily sending out missives acting like this is all some “gotcha!” by MSNBC and insisting these were things he was saying in public at the time too. And yes, it is true that those plotting the coup were largely doing it in all our faces, because that’s what kind of craven, unpatriotic shitheels they are.

But it’s just another piece of the puzzle, and Abby Grossberg’s lawyer Gerry Flippatos has told Melber and other news media that he’s been in touch with Special Counsel Jack Smith, who is investigating the many-pronged plan to overthrow the government and steal the presidency from its rightful winner Joe Biden.

Have they given Smith all of Grossberg’s Lordy She Has Tapes, which include the ones we’ve mentioned, plus conversations between Maria Bartiromo and Sidney Powell and other Trump campaign people? Flippatos says they’ve talked to “numerous law enforcement agencies” about the tapes, and provided info about how they’ll deliver them:

“We have voluntarily surrendered to the relevant law enforcement agencies details regarding the approximately 90 Otter tapes in Miss Grossberg’s possession and have engaged in discussions with these law enforcement agencies to receive targeted subpoenas regarding any such tapes that may be of interest to them,” he said. Otter is an app that transcribes audio recordings and is popular with reporters and producers.

In summary and in conclusion, she recorded everything and they are ready and willing to help.

Have fun with your upcoming life adventures, everyone on Abby Grossberg’s recordings!

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Try to imagine what Republicans would have done if it emerged that Barack Obama’s White House chief of staff was actually running his re-election campaign. You can’t do it! Your head would explode! Leave aside for the moment that whole fomenting a coup thing. If Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz found out that government employees, whose salaries were paid by American taxpayers, were essentially working full time for the campaign, they’d burn the White House down.

So, before we get into the substance of Mark Meadows’s texts, let’s acknowledge the threshold scandal that he was the one running point to coordinate both the coup rally and the campaign. Which is FUCKING CRAZY!

And speaking of crazy, last night’s Meadows text drop from Talking Points Memo’s Hunter Walker and Josh Kovensky focuses on Rudy Giuliani, formerly America’s Mayor, now its Crazy Uncle who leaks hair dye at press conferences while accusing dead South American politicians of hacking the 2020 election. (Another TPM writeup, not to be missed, focuses on all the people on January 6 screaming ANTIFA! after explaining how not ANTIFA the whole thing sure seemed!)

Cast your mind back to that day, if you will. It was November 19, 2020. Rudy, Sidney, and Jenna crowded around the podium at the RNC to explain how Trump was totally gonna win this thing thanks to the Elite Super Friends Task Force of Future Bar Sanctionees.


And this.

Rudy Giuliani’s Hair Dye Leaks at One-of-a-Kind Press Conference | NowThis

Every normal American was dead of cringe. But not Ginny Thomas, the red pilled Missus of one Justice Clarence Thomas.

“Tears are flowing at what Rudy is doing right now!!!!????????” she texted her pal Mark Meadows during the event.

“Glad to help??” responded a seemingly confused Meadows, who was apparently watching the Sidney and Rudy Show in abject horror.

“Whoa!! Heroes!!!!” replied the emotional Mrs. T.

No doubt Meadows was pleased to see that his friend had recovered from her wee bout of spleen two weeks earlier when she texted the chief of staff to enquire if the rumors were true that “Biden crime family & ballot fraud co-conspirators (elected officials, bureaucrats, social media censorship mongers, fake stream media reporters, etc) are being arrested & detained for ballot fraud right now & over coming days, & will be living in barges off GITMO to face military tribunals for sedition.”

But Rudy continued to be a problem for our man Mark in the White House.

“Frigging Rudy needs to hush…” Rep. Chip Roy groused on November 22, annoyed by Giuliani’s incontinence, both verbal and follicular, adding later that “If we don’t get logic and reason in this before 11/30 – the GOP conference will bolt (all except the most hard core Trump guys.”

Oh, ye of little faith! Those people hid in a bunker from an angry mob sacking the seat of government, and even that didn’t make ’em “bolt.”

Trump campaign advisor Jason Miller also had issues with the president’s lawyer.

“Chief – need your advice here. Rudy sent me this draft GA legislature petition this evening and asked me to put together a release for Sunday morning blast out, but you’ve made clear who is running our GA efforts,” he texted on December 6. “I’m the only one Rudy sent this to besides Jenna and Boris, so it’s not like a bunch of people know about it, but I don’t want to screw up our other efforts. All guidance appreciated, as the legal turf war thing is new to me!”

Presumably the “legal turf war” was between the competent counsel and the Elite Superfriends, who were more of the “wild allegations first, verify never” school of litigation. Meadows promised to run it up the flagpole with Trumpland attorney Cleta Mitchell, which is perhaps outside the normal duties of a public servant, but probably Meadows was too busy texting to notice.

A week later Miller was back, seeking advice about a press release Roodles wanted to put out in which he regurgitated all the loony conspiracy theories about Dominion Voting Systems and Antrim County and Dead Hugo Chavez. As it turned out, Miller wanted him to do … not that.

Hi Chief – sorry to be a stalker, but I wanted to make sure you saw the Dominion/Michigan release I emailed to you for review. The Mayor wants to put it out right away, but Eric (rightfully) thinks it doesn’t make any sense. This would be the first time shooting down a Rudy press release request, so I wanted to get your take on this as well. Thank you, Jason

Meadows response is not in the cache of documents provided to the House January 6 Select Committee, so let’s just assume that it’s really fuckin’ bad.

Meanwhile Rudy was trying and failing to get paid.

“Sir, we are airborne on the way to Michigan from Arizona. We’re going to need a hotel for the team and two vehicles to pick us up,” Giuilani’s pal Bernie Kerik texted Meadows on December 1. “Christina Bobb, Who is our coordinator back in DC does not have a credit card or authorization for these logistics. I reached out to Mike Glassner who Apparently is no longer on payroll. Can you I have some money coordinate with Christina to handle? Thank you sir.”

And Kerik wasn’t the only member of Rudy’s entourage with Meadows on speed dial. His girlfriend Maria Ryan also had lots of advice for Trump, which she relayed through his chief of staff. Here she is advising Trump to appoint Ken “No Butt Stuff” Cuccinelli as special counsel to investigate the election hacking

Dear Mark, I hope you are doing well. I am very happy POTUS has such a smart and honest man as you by his side. I strongly believe in a special counsel for election integrity. I strongly believe it CANNOT be Powell who leads it . K. Cuccinelli or someone of equal prominence. Powell can be named lead investigator or given another title. Also the issue with cyber security. Strongly recommend Radcliffe put out a statement that it was foreign interference, likely cast of characters is China, Iran and maybe Russia. ( unfortunately the media is saying definitively it was Russia but my sources say it is just as likely China- Radcliffe could shed light on this) Our President has been tough on all these nations and we will continue to seek to hold them accountable. These opinions expressed are my own. If I can be of help to you or our President please let me know . Dr Maria Ryan

It’s not clear what “sources” the hospital administrator had that gave her special insight on foreign election interference, but it is pretty funny that even she knew Sidney Powell was too crazy eyes to have any public facing role.

And speaking of funny, get a load of Sean Hannity yelling at TPM for breaking the “rules” by asking him for comment on his personal texts with the chief of staff:

“Number one, you’re not allowed to get my number,” Hannity said, adding, “What are your questions?”

When he was informed about the subject of this story, Hannity declared, “You want any interview with me, you have to go through Fox PR.” After assuring Hannity that we would also contact Fox News’ spokeswoman, Irena Briganti, TPM asked him if he thought it was “appropriate” for a member of the political media to do business deals with associates of the former president.

“You think it’s appropriate when you know Fox’s rules to bypass Irena and call me directly?” Hannity asked incredulously, before adding, “You can take your predetermined outcome, which is already written in your head, and write whatever the hell you want. I don’t give a shit. You knew the rules and you didn’t care.”

Hannity subsequently hung up the phone. Briganti did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Whiny snowflakes, the lot of them.


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