Vietnam Bans Barbie Movie, Because ‘Map’

If there’s one thing we learned from “The West Wing,” it’s that Democrats need to find Republicans of goodwill who are willing to put America above partisan bickering, and … wait, that’s bullshit. But the episode where the “Organization of Cartographers for Social Equality” explained that maps can be very political, that one holds up pretty good. The Mercator projection really has encouraged “an imperialist European attitude for centuries and has created ethnic prejudices against the Third World,” and anyone who says otherwise is itchin’ for a fight.

Naturally enough, that brings us to the new Barbie movie directed by Greta Gerwig and starring Margot Robbie as the eponymous fashion doll. The trailer is ridiculously fun, but includes a detail that seems to have led the nation of Vietnam to ban distribution of the film. Namely, a cartoony world map includes a little bitty dashed line off the coast of “Asia,” and Vietnam says that means the movie endorses China’s territorial claims in the South China Sea. Here’s the trailer; the blink-and-you’ll miss it offense to Vietnam’s sovereignty appears at roughly the 1-minute mark, when Laurie Anderson Barbie Kate McKinnon Barbie advises Main Character Barbie she must go to the Real World and learn how human feet operate, we think.

The movie had been scheduled to open in Vietnam July 21, but Vietnam’s state media announced that the government banned the film Monday, as the AP explains:

The reports cited Vi Kien Thanh, director general of the Vietnam Cinema Department, as saying the National Film Evaluation Council made the decision. It said a map in the film shows China’s “nine-dash line,” which extends Beijing’s territorial claims far into waters that fall within areas claimed by Vietnam and other countries.

The “nine-dash line” is an arcane but sensitive issue for China and its neighbors that shows Beijing’s maritime border extending into areas claimed by other governments and encompasses most of the South China Sea. That has brought it into tense standoffs with the ASEAN nations of Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei and the Philippines, with Chinese fishing boats and military vessels becoming more aggressive in the disputed waters.

Here’s a map, drawn by professors Mark Raymond of the University of Oklahoma and David A. Welch of the University of Waterloo, in Canada-land, for their paper “What’s Really Going On in the South China Sea?” You can see why Vietnamese officials mockingly call the area claimed by China the “cow-tongue line.”

Map by Mark Raymond and David A. Welch

We should also point out that the map in the trailer only has eight dashes, so perhaps it depicts some other planet altogether.

State newspaper Vietnam Plus said that the inclusion of the squiggle in a cartoon map “distorts the truth, violates the law in general and violates sovereignty of Vietnamese territory in particular,” although it remains unclear how exactly the Barbie movie could in practical terms make the international boundary dispute any worse. The UN seems unlikely to determine that China can fish in the area because International Incident Barbie said so in a one-second clip.

Still, national pride and all that; no doubt patriotic Americans would be very put out if a Saudi-owned “news” network depicted part of the United States as belonging to a foreign country.

Screenshot of a 2020 Fox News map with Michigan's Upper Peninsula labeled

The AP reports that Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning, when asked about the matter Tuesday, did not consider life in plastic so fantastic, adding that

“China’s position on the South China Sea issue is clear and consistent.”

“We believe that the countries concerned should not link the South China Sea issue with normal cultural and people-to-people exchanges”

For what it’s worth — very little, since China ignored the decision altogether — a 2016 international tribunal in the Hague found China’s territorial claims to the waters had no merit, but as we just said in what’s now a redundant part of this sentence, China rejected the judgment and continues to claim the area.

So far, nobody involved with the movie has commented on how the controversial squiggle came to be included, although China is notorious for having its own angry reactions to western entertainment or sportsball players who express support for Hong Kong or Taiwan. Our own very deep foreign policy analysis concludes that somebody on the production staff said “well, better include the squiggle if we want to show this in China,” figuring that revenues from China would more than make up for any losses in Vietnam.

There’s nothing terribly new about this, either: Vietnam previously banned the 2022 film Uncharted and 2019’s Abominable for maps showing the Chinese Domination Squiggle. In fact, the scene in the latter completely forgettable kid flick led politicians in the Philippines to call for a boycott of all DreamWorks films, and Malaysia refused to distribute the movie until the scene was cut altogether.

As it happens, Vietnam also launched an investigation this week into the K-Pop group “Blackpink” because a website for its Vietnamese tour included a similarly offensive map. The tour organizer called the incident an “unfortunate misunderstanding” and pledged that the website had been updated, although the site remains down, Reuters reports.

Also, in the latest wrinkle of this developing international crisis, the Philippines is debating whether to ban Barbie as well.

How silly all these foreigns are, launching boycotts and censoring an innocent entertainment over such a nothingburger!

Meanwhile, in the Freest, Greatest, Most Liberty-est Nation on Earth, we’re firing teachers and banning books over the fear that encouraging everyone to get along and accept each other’s differences will lead to nine-year-olds falling into a life of depravity, or because schools might accurately depict our very real history.

Also, Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tennessee) has now twice condemned the Barbie movie, tweeting yesterday that

Leftist Hollywood’s new ‘Barbie’ movie shows a map that supports Communist China’s territorial claims to the South China Sea.

Looks like ‘Barbie’ is bending to Beijing to make a quick buck.

Blackburn followed that up today by insisting that we all take her seriously, since a fun summer movie about a pop culture icon is actually causing human rights abuses, no really she is serious, if that squiggle were removed, the camps would be opened and the Uyghurs would be freed.

Hollywood & the Left are more concerned with selling films in Communist China than standing up to the regime’s human rights abuses.

The ‘Barbie’ movie’s depiction of a map endorsing Beijing’s claims to the South China Sea is legally & morally wrong and must be taken seriously.

Strangely, not a single Republican has stepped forward to demand that Mattel include realistic genitals on Ken and Barbie, since surely the dolls as they’ve existed for 70 years encourage androgyny.

[AP / NYT / CNBC / Reuters / Sage Journals]

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Elon Musk’s Twitter caves to Turkish demands of censorship

Let’s start with something basic: Freedom of expression is absolutely essential to democratic or republican government. The syllogism works like this. If you have a right to vote freely, you have a right to have as informed a choice as possible. In order to make such an informed choice, you have to be able to receive information freely, and if people cannot speak freely, you cannot receive information freely. Therefore, freedom of expression is absolutely essential to free elections. Frankly, by this metric, few world governments are truly democratic or republican.

Turkey is one of those countries that isn’t truly republic (as they claim) because they do not have free speech. For instance, Article 299 of their penal code literally punishes you for insulting the president of Turkey. That significantly impairs the ability of any opponent to actually challenge the incumbent (but it doesn’t limit incumbents), because it hems in how one can criticize the persons currently in power. After all, if that law was enacted in America, Donald Trump would have racked up probably 200 years in prison by now! And Joe Biden wouldn’t have been too far behind by the time he took office in 2020. And that is only scratching the surface of Turkish censorship.

With that in mind, we are nonetheless coming up on an election in Turkey this Sunday that promises to be close, despite the competition being hobbled by censorship:

And with that election looming, Twitter has caved to Turkish demands of censorship:

Taking them at face value, they are saying they have prevented certain accounts from being heard in Turkey. They are available in the rest of the world, but for some reason, people in Turkey are not allowed to see … whoever these people are and whatever they are saying. Twitter seems to be saying that some kind of legal process had been initiated and there was a belief that if they didn’t censor these people, then all of Twitter might have been prohibited. So, we can see what the people in Turkey are not allowed to see.

Of course, one person has a theory about how people in Turkey could get around this problem:

We have no idea if that would work.

Naturally, this got some pushback:

We should find out what exactly the people of Turkey are not allowed to see.

For making your country less democratic?

We don’t know if that would work, but censors tend to be dumb, so … maybe?

And of course, a great deal of it involved calling out Musk himself:

We have some sympathy for the difficult position Musk finds himself in. If we take Twitter at face value, it was either allow the entire platform to be censored, or censor a few voices. They might have also deduced that if Twitter was available in their country, that the messages might get through. Further, you might hope that the fact that Turkey was demanding censorship on the eve of the election might create something similar to the Streisand Effect, making people turn against Erdogan even more.

Still, we can’t help but think that the ideal answer would be to tell the government of Turkey to pound sand and then do something like offer free Starlink in the country, just to take a stand.

But Twitter might not be able to afford that, these days, in part because of the liberal campaign to degrade it, motivated by their own hostility to free speech. The ugly truth is tyrants don’t like free speech, and tyrants will not confine their censorship to their own borders. If they think they can use their economic power to censor the world—as China has—they will do it.

It’s not a cheerful thought, but it is the reality we deal with.

Update: via @filmladd, we discovered that we missed Musk’s response to Mr. Yglesias’ tweet above:

He also promised further transparency:

Still, we think the ideal response is to tell the world’s censors to pound sand.


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‘Moms For Liberty’ Now Against Mother’s Day

Someday when the current wave of ridiculous moral panics subsides (and is replaced by some other shiny new ridiculous moral panic), the rightwing astroturf book-banning group “Moms for Liberty” will have an entire wing devoted to it in the Museum Of Why We Can’t Have Nice Things. Since the group’s founding in 2021 — initially for the purpose of hounding one Florida woman who beat co-founder Tina Descovich in a Brevard County school board election — the Mad Moms have become fulltime combatants in the Culture Wars, seeking to ban books about the Civil Rights Movement because they accurately depicted white opponents of integration as bigots, challenging scores of books at a time so they’ll be pulled from shelves under Florida’s ban-first policy, and occasionally fantasizing about gunning down librarians who are luring children into reading books containing Wrongthink.


ACHTUNG! TN Moms Have Found The Critical Race Theory, And It Is Ruby Bridges’ Children’s Book!

100 Year Old Lady At Florida School Board Better Patriot Than All Book Banners Put Together

‘Moms For Liberty’ Leader Wistfully Shares Dream Of Gunning Down Librarians

Naturally enough, a Tennessee chapter of the Moms For Purity has now declared victory against a Chattanooga school librarian who attempted to destroy America by proposing a Mother’s Day book presentation aimed at teaching that families come in all shapes, including families with one, two, or zero mommies. The Washington Post’sGreg Sargent (gift linky) explains:

Caroline Mickey, the librarian at Alpine Crest Elementary School outside Chattanooga, just learned this the hard way, when her idea for a Mother’s Day-themed lesson came under sudden and heavy fire from parents in the area. The vitriol of the attack, and the school district superintendent’s rapid decision to cancel her lesson in response, caught her off guard.

“It was overwhelming,” Mickey told me. “I didn’t realize it was going to be quite this intense.”

Ms. Mickey — already a suspicious character since she shares a name with a dangerous groomer mouse in Florida — sent a notice to parents that she had planned a pre-Mother’s lesson that would be “sensitive to the fact that not all students live with a mother” and that would “[celebrate] those who fill the motherly roles in our lives: those who make our lunches, who kiss away our hurts, and who teach us to fly.”

No, that’s not sweet, it’s indoctrination, because only REAL mothers can do that, and besides, I learned to fly from an FAA certified flight instructor; my mother wouldn’t know an aileron from a baguette.

Ms. Mickey planned to read two books aloud on the theme; Miriam B. Schiffer’s Stella Brings the Family, a tale of a little girl who’s worried about her school’s Mother’s Day party because she has two dads, and Ryan T. Higgins’s Mother Bruce, a goofy story about a grumpy bear whose Uber Eats order goes terribly wrong and is sent a bunch of goose eggs that aren’t boiled, but instead hatch, and so the goslings treat him as their momma. In the Wonkette Sekrit Chatcave, Rebecca said it’s a darling book, and Evan said he was pretty sure he’s known at least one bear named Bruce. “‘Why are these goddamned goslings following me?’ said Bruce, yeah sounds about right.”

The reaction from Moms for White Evangelical Nationalism — to the school activity, not to Evan — was swift and furious. On a local message board, one woman accused Mickey of trying to “erase motherhood on Mother’s Day,” explaining that only women are mothers, and if a man is a caregiver, he’s a father, and look what’s happening to our “once wonderful” local school with all this indoctrination! (She also took issue with the library website’s “Reading changes your life” slogan, because why is the library trying to change children, huh?)

The rant even got angry about the notice that parents could opt out if they wanted, because “Why are opted out students, whose parents believe in traditional family values, going to be moved to another location so as to not disturb the supposed feelings of others?” And will the alternative lesson plan teach the “biblical definition of gender,” or some other horror?

The piece closes, “Please pray for the children of Hamilton County. The schools are coming after their hearts” and for good measure cites that line from Luke about how anyone who would lead children astray should “have a millstone hung around his neck and to be thrown into the sea.”

The note was followed by a distraught statement from Tonya Dodd, the local Moms for Liberty chair, who insisted that both books wouldn’t even be fit for middle schoolers, let alone second graders, because of all that gay and gender and evildoing, and also the “Social Emotional Learning (Cultural Marxism).” Dodd warned the school board that “As elected officials, you know you are appointed by God and you should be doing everything you can to keep children safe in their learning environment,” which, if you want to be technical, is not how school board elections actually work.

For extra cluelessness points, the Mad Moms chair complains that the librarian could have instead chosen books to

represent women who are moms that may not have given birth to their children; such as, grandmothers, aunts, stepmoms, adoptive moms, or any women that may be a mom to a child.

Which is actually pretty much the point of Stella Brings the Family, in which Stella’s friend suggests she invite both dads, her Nona, her uncle, her aunt, and a cousin, and everyone has a fine time except for the one kid who stands up, calls them all heathens and groomers, and says the Proud Boys are his real mother. (I am not allowed to write children’s books.)

The Post reports that some loving Christian parents in the area sent Ms. Mickey “long rambling rants” in emails in which they declared her a “groomer” and a literal enemy of motherhood.

Worse, as the Tennessee Holler tweeted, Mickey’s superintendent, Justin Robertson, didn’t even make a token attempt to defend her, and instead apologized and cancelled the lesson. No word on whether the books have yet been pulled from the school library.

Following the publication of the WaPo story, Dodd, the Moms for Censorship chair, took to Twitter today to reflect on her “success” and how lots of mean people not even from Chattanooga thought they had any right to have an opinion on the matter, but thank goodness she and her supporters fought against the ugly attempt to erase motherhood.

“Keep on cloud seeding and geoengeneering and see what happens. It never fails we have clear nice days, then a day full of trails in the sky, then crazy weather.”

Mind you, that was several hours after a middle-of-the night reply to a local TV weather report in which Dodd suggested that chemtrails are causing “crazy weather,” so thank goodness we have very calm normal people influencing what’s taught in schools.


[Washington Post (gift link) / Vice News / Chattanoogan]

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CBC #TwitterFiles? The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation tried to get Twitter to censor critics (video)

This isn’t about an official ‘Twitter Files’ report, but it is very similar. Rebel News, a conservative-leaning, pro-free-expression news platform in Canada has obtained documents showing how the CBC used its money and cozy relationships with the Canadian government to try to force Twitter to censor its critics.

You will recall that Elon Musk labelled the CBC as 69% government funded (heh)—so that would be public money that they were threatening to withhold.

Seriously, the report is only part of the show and is worth watching in its entirety:

The thread also posts many of the documents:

Indeed, Twitter Files veteran Matt Taibbi lent a helping hand:

The reactions were swift:


We aren’t surprised, either, but it is nice to have proof.

The Canadian Constitution says ‘Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms: freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication.’ That sounds good enough but, in practice, their conception of freedom of expression is pinched compared to America’s.

We concur.

They mentioned about five blanked out pages. I wonder if Twitter has a copy of them on their hard drive?

Notice also, there are also the constant calls on Twitter to censor itself, because government regulation would be worse. This is a common tactic for imposing censorship when the government might not get away with doing it directly. For instance, the Motion Picture Association of America didn’t want to institute a ratings system for American movies, but explicitly cited the fear that the government would try to regulate them as the reason why they instituted one. The same can be said for the Entertainment Software Ratings Board or ESRB which rates video games and the Comics Code Authority which stifled creativity in comic books for years. The latter contained absolute prohibitions that lasted for decades which included rules like:

Crimes shall never be presented in such a way as to create sympathy for the criminal, to promote distrust of the forces of law and justice, or to inspire others with a desire to imitate criminals.

Policemen, judges, Government officials and respected institutions shall never be presented in such a way as to create disrespect for established authority.

Special precautions to avoid references to physical afflictions or deformities shall be taken.

Divorce shall not be treated humorously nor represented as desirable.

One might feel that these different ratings boards and even the content restrictions slapped on comic books are a good idea, but they should never be adopted facing down the barrel of government regulation. They should be adopted freely, with at most social and economic pressure from parents, not the government.

Further, these tactics are insidious. One might say, for instance, “if you are a game company, why not just fight any regulations?” The answer is that it costs money to have that fight, so even assuming they would win, they would be out the costs associated with litigation—and that assumes they would win. The Supreme Court has not always been very supportive of free speech in modern forms of communication. So, yes, self-regulation might be better, except when we consider the damage done to freedom of expression.

It’s also an answer to the David Frenchs of the world who pretend all this social media censorship we have seen in the last few years is just private action. Very often it is actually the product of government pressure.

Finally, readers with long memories will remember the name Ezra Levant from his own struggles with Canadian censorship:

The CBC almost sounds disappointed.


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#TuckerTwitterFiles: Tucker Carlson censored for complaining about big tech censorship

About a year ago, Tucker Carlson wrote an opinion piece on the Fox News website complaining about big tech censorship:

To quote from his piece:

[T]he WHO’s latest finding — that the vaccine is not safe for children — threatens everything that reckless creeps like Zeke Emanuel and the pharmaceutical industry have been working for….

Facebook has just censored a woman called Michelle Coriaty-Herbst for sharing the WHO’s bulletin on vaccines word-for-word. She just posted it. Facebook deleted it. ‘Your comment goes against our community standards on spam,’ Facebook wrote. So, this is Silicon Valley’s new policy: everything about vaccines is good. Period. You are not allowed to suggest otherwise. No matter what data you might have. No matter what data you might have, no matter what a health organization might tell you.

You got that? The WHO cast doubt on vaccines for children but if someone dares to quote them … Facebook was deleting the post.

And if, like Mr. Carlson, you quote the WHO, while complaining about how big tech censored a person just for quoting the WHO, well … that is double plus ungood. For that, Tucker was put on double-secret probation by Twitter, as Paul D. Thacker just revealed:

He understates this. Not only was the WHO website stealth edited, but according to the substack linked at the end of this thread, it was immediately stealth-edited after Mr. Carlson cited them in his piece, which might have contributed to calls to suppress his column. After all, by citing what the WHO had said the day before, they were contradicting what the WHO was saying the day after. From the substack post:

When Tucker’s June 2021 report on the WHO’s vaccine recommendations hit Twitter, the WHO stealth edited their COVID vaccine page to remove language Tucker cited in his op-ed. The following day, Twitter officials began discussing Tucker’s essay and how to limit its impact without calling attention to Tucker and creating ‘political risks’ for Twitter by directly censoring Fox News.

Back to Mr. Thacker’s thread:

To review, a platform (Twitter) with an advertising deal with a vaccine manufacturer, did their best to suppress a story that, if enough people were persuaded by it, would reduce the sales of vaccines. But they also did their best to keep Mr. Carlson from finding out what they were doing, to prevent them from being called out for this corrupt behavior.

In the long arc of history, the people who try to silence critics are almost never the good guys.

Mr. Carlson, for his part, does not seem to be down about his dismissal from Fox News. Here he is laughing at someone in the media for filming him and his wife:

When he gets back ‘on the air’—and he might have a non-compete agreement that prevents him from doing that for a while—we suspect he will say some very interesting things. It might not be that he has been deplatformed, so much as unleashed.


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Matt Taibbi’s #TwitterFiles Part 19 takes deep, disturbing look at ‘The Great Covid-19 Lie Machine’

Earlier this month, Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz accused independent journalist Matt Taibbi of profiting off the “Twitter Files.”

Taibbi and journalists like Michael Shellenberger and Bari Weiss have been instrumental in bringing government and media corruption to light through their work on the “Twitter Files,” despite the Democratic Party and liberal media’s coordinated campaigns to kneecap and smear them. So we’re pleased to see that Taibbi hasn’t let the likes of Debbie Wasserman Schultz deter him from lifting heavy boulders and exposing corruption.

And that brings us to the “Twitter Files,” part 19. Taibbi dropped it today, and this particular thread focuses on “The Great Covid-19 Lie Machine, Stanford, the Virality Project, and the Censorship of ‘True Stories.’”

Get comfortable — but not too comfortable. You’re in for quite a ride:

There’s been enough corruption to fill 19 of these things! And we expect that there’s still a lot more where all that came from.

So stay tuned.


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Matt Taibbi uses the latest #TwitterFiles to call out and EMBARRASS the mainstream media and OUCH

At this point in the whole #TwitterFiles world, we’d be more surprised if Matt Taibbi or the other journalists involved WEREN’T exposing another Democrat who tried to use their office and authority to pressure Twitter into silencing/censoring the Right. It’s becoming a trend really.

And sure, the Left is shrieking about the Trump admin asking Twitter to remove a mean tweet Chrissy Teigen wrote (which was silly but whatever), and claiming this proves it’s not just Democrats doing this, but give us a break. Wanting Twitter to remove a tweet because it hurts your feelings or pride is VERY different from an elected official trying to silence an entire group of people based on a narrative they believe could hurt them politically.

Taibbi used this thread to mock, humiliate, and embarrass the media … and it’s a beautiful thing:

Don’t recognize this guy? Don’t feel bad, we didn’t at first either.

Keep going.

Which is really the big story BUUUUUT gosh, golly, and gee, the mainstream media just doesn’t want to cover THAT part.



Forget that Adam Schiff literally got a journalist kicked off Twitter in essence violating his First Amendment rights … TRUMP didn’t like a tweet from Chrissy Teigen and that’s the real news y’all.

We’re not holding our breath.

Angus King.


Why would King care about someone being excited over a Rand Paul visit?

Don’t answer that.

Oh, and he wanted people his rival followed removed.


Crickets this morning, FYI.

See, media. They’re even exposing a few Republicans who did stupid crap too.

Watch, this will be the one angle they cover other than Trump.


You’d think?

Adam Schiff is by far the worse. The very worse.

So media are staying far, far away from that story.


ALL of this.

Dangit, we’re not on the list so no t-shirt for us.



Pfizer thinks John Legend smiling at the camera pushing boosters is SMART (holy COW were they wrong!)

Rachel Levine emails reveal push to PROFIT on ‘gender clinics’ at Children’s Hospitals (damning thread)

WaPo LAHOO-ZAHER Philip Bump brings knife to a gunfight STILL pushing Russia collusion and HOO boy


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PhD. discovers conservatives are ACTUALLY saying whatever they want on podcasts and REEE (thread)

Conservatives … saying whatever they want?! OH NOEZ!

Not WHATEVER they want.


WHATEVER they want!

How can this be?!

You know the face you make when you look to see where your DoorDasher is and you see they’re going the wrong direction and they’ve already picked up your food? Yeah, just made that face. Seems this PhD. spent a long time collecting data about conservatives saying whatever they want on podcasts.

Can’t make this up.

Now, she claims this study was done over 36k shows from across the political spectrum.

But it’s interesting how she only seems to focus on mean ol’ conservatives saying whatever they want.

Which external fact-checks did she use?

Which dictionary?

Wanna bet it was PolitiFact or Snopes?

In fact, there are even MORE conservatives than she documented out there saying WHATEVER they want.




This though …

We’ve seen firsthand what the government and public health were doing with messaging, narrative, and media … did it ever occur to this doctor that maybe these ‘false claims’ were conservatives trying to get the TRUTH out there?


Two years doing this.

Holy cow, did someone pay for this?

Yay academia. *eye roll*

The Guardian.

Because of course.

Guess how her data is going over?

Psh, sense of humor?! NEVER.



Yeah, we notice these deep dives ever really only go one way, and then when the Right does their own deep dive we see garbage like this.

She spent two years collecting this data.


Ruh-roh, there’s someone else saying whatever they want.

Better write that down.

The nerve.



TikToker hilariously DECIMATES trans-activists hating on Hogwarts Legacy over J.K. Rowling (watch)

THIS –> Matt Taibbi takes Democrat’s big ‘Chrissy Teigen censored’ GOTCHA apart in 1 perfect tweet

HUGE: Whistleblower exposes St. Louis Children’s Hospital Gender Clinic in DAMNING thread


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Michael Shellenberger digs into the #TwitterFiles to fact-check testimony of ex Twitter officials

Now that the Republicans control the House it’s time to have hearings about how Twitter collaborated with government agencies to censor people and tightly control the narratives about everything from “Russia collusion” to Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Today the House Oversight Committee is focusing on Twitter and how the company under previous ownership took marching orders from the FBI/DOJ to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story. We told you earlier that Dem Rep. Jamie Raskin referred to the House probe into the suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story and revelations in a few rounds of Twitter Files as a “trivial” matter and a waste of time.

Democrats flailing and trying to dismiss the Twitter Files as a trivial bunch of nothing is the best evidence that what’s known is damning and they sure don’t want anybody digging deeper.

Michael Shellenberger has been sharing some Twitter Files to fact-check and highlight testimony and claims being made during the Oversight Committee hearing:

And here we go…

Sometimes what isn’t said is as telling as what is said:

Can’t say we’re surprised.

There’s also been a fair amount of attempts to change the subject (which Dems on the committee certainly support):

The Republicans are, however, remaining focused:

Oh, well that was nice of Roth.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is still clinging to the original narrative:

What a shocker.

It was also confirmed that while Twitter was running interference on behalf of the Bidens, the Ayatollah’s account remained untouched:

Check Shellenberger’s Twitter feed as the thread continues.



AOC uses House hearing on Hunter Biden story to promote ‘stochastic terrorism’ against @LibsofTikTok


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WHOA: #GoogleLeaks thread tells #TwitterFiles to hold its beer listing bombshell after bombshell

Could Google be even worse than Twitter? We don’t use the term ‘bombshell’ lightly.

We’ve all been watching as the #TwitterFiles are released bit-by-bit by Elon Musk and his chosen journalists, but this from Kanekoa about the leaked Google files seems like it’s as big of a deal, if not bigger.

If nothing else, it just reiterates what Big Tech has been doing (and continues to do) to manipulate what people see, read, believe, and ultimately even how they vote. Used to, when we wrote something like that we’d talk about putting on our tinfoil hats but now, this doesn’t even seem CRAZY.

Just corrupt.

Take a gander:



Sounds familiar, right?


Lost their minds is the key phrase there, folks.

What an a-hole.

People who think differently from them were the bad guys.


Came from Google.

What a tangled web they weaved.

That Trump won at all is simply amazing. They were really playing dirty.

Look at Netflix.

The worst of the worst.

Anything they don’t like is fake news.

Training algorithms to control an election.

Pissed off yet?

We knew this was happening but it’s still shocking to actually SEE it.

The irony of Google calling anyone else ‘programmed’.

Any of those blacklisted look familiar to you guys?



They all lied to Congress.

Marking Republican fundraising emails as spam, but not Democrats.


We’d be cool with that.

… used by Twitter to subconsciously swing election results.

What we’ve seen so far with the #TwitterFiles is clearly only the tip of the iceberg. Big Tech is dirty.

Just how dirty we hope we’ll soon see.



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