PhD. discovers conservatives are ACTUALLY saying whatever they want on podcasts and REEE (thread)

Conservatives … saying whatever they want?! OH NOEZ!

Not WHATEVER they want.


WHATEVER they want!

How can this be?!

You know the face you make when you look to see where your DoorDasher is and you see they’re going the wrong direction and they’ve already picked up your food? Yeah, just made that face. Seems this PhD. spent a long time collecting data about conservatives saying whatever they want on podcasts.

Can’t make this up.

Now, she claims this study was done over 36k shows from across the political spectrum.

But it’s interesting how she only seems to focus on mean ol’ conservatives saying whatever they want.

Which external fact-checks did she use?

Which dictionary?

Wanna bet it was PolitiFact or Snopes?

In fact, there are even MORE conservatives than she documented out there saying WHATEVER they want.




This though …

We’ve seen firsthand what the government and public health were doing with messaging, narrative, and media … did it ever occur to this doctor that maybe these ‘false claims’ were conservatives trying to get the TRUTH out there?


Two years doing this.

Holy cow, did someone pay for this?

Yay academia. *eye roll*

The Guardian.

Because of course.

Guess how her data is going over?

Psh, sense of humor?! NEVER.



Yeah, we notice these deep dives ever really only go one way, and then when the Right does their own deep dive we see garbage like this.

She spent two years collecting this data.


Ruh-roh, there’s someone else saying whatever they want.

Better write that down.

The nerve.



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