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There are tons of Star Wars films and shows producing various characters. Some are more enjoyable than others. Over the years of growing up with Star Wars, we have grown to love and hate some characters.

Both lists grew longer when Disney scooped the Star Wars franchise by acquiring LucasFilm. Here is a list of Reddit’s favorite Disney Era Star Wars characters.

10. Kanan Jarrus

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“I’m a big fan of Kanan Jarrus,” one shared. “He’s everything the Jedi should have been. Kind, caring, compassionate, and brave. He didn’t suppress his emotions for Hera and offered excellent guidance to Ezra as his de facto adoptive father.”

“He also had excellent character development, as he went from this somewhat bitter and unmotivated victim of Order 66 to a strong and brave Jedi master and rebel leader who ultimately sacrificed his life to save those he cared about,” said another.

9. Kylo Ren / Ben Solo

kylo ren 3
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One person stated, “Grandson of Anakin Skywalker that is fractured between his obsession with his family’s dark legacy and a draw to the light? Manipulated from his dedication to Luke and the Jedi Order by a mysterious force figure that arrived from unknown regions.”

“To murder this mentor. And take his role when placed at the crossroads of the Dark and Light sides of the force? Partially out of love for another character but with no thoughts for redemption?”

8. Marchion Ro

Marchion Ro
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“I think out of the High Republic characters, Marchion Ro stands out,” shared one. “He’s instantly an iconic villain to me, and he will be the most remembered aspect of the series after it’s over.” ”

Marchion Ro is one of the best villains SW has to offer. He’s in my top three,” a second confessed.

A third added, “Yeah, Marchion is a favorite. He’s a perfect villain, mastermind, and almost perfect enemy for the Jedi. Especially with the Leveler.”

7. Cassian Andor

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Andor came along and showed everyone how it’s done. The show has its high points. But, again, because of the other characters. And it’s mostly drowning in a sea of mediocrity and oddly dumb moments. Andor was just excellent from the start.” 

Another replied, “Cassian was an instant favorite for me in Rogue One – he’s cool without hogging the spotlight. I love watching him lose and find himself in Rogue One and Andor. He’s my guy.”

A third user stated, “It’s refreshing having a main character who’s not a leader. Cassian is right-hand. He inspires people, uplifts them.”

6. Din Djarin/ Madolorian

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“He’s definitely original.,” one said. “Strictly speaking, most character archetypes have all been explored, but Mando is at least unique in the Star Wars universe.”

Another replied, “I have to choose between Mando and Andor? UGGHH… I don’t think I can!”

A third user wrote, “Mando. I always preferred the western space aspects of Star Wars over all the hocus pocus space wizard Jedi nonsense.”

5. Luthen Rael

Luthen Rael
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“‘I burn my life to make a sunrise I know I’ll never see’ is such a beautiful quote,” shared one. “It kind of stuck with me these past few weeks. That’s because it’s basically the old Greek proverb: ‘Society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they shall never sit.’”

“Luthen’s delivery is definitely amazing. I love how awesome he is, especially with his ship. The empire is trying to pull him in, and he’s like, ‘yeah, no, I don’t think so’- what a great character. He’s easily in my top five.”

4. FN-2187/ Finn

finn john boyega force awakens easter eggs
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“Finn is not the first Imperial stormtrooper/pilot/technician/etc. Who’s been significantly humanized (if we’re counting Legends), but before him, that was generally only done in side material, not the mainline films,” one stated.

Another user said, “Finn being an ex-stormtrooper fighting his former comrades is an amazing set-up, but then he becomes ‘REEEeeeyyy!’ I could keep going, but you get the idea.” 

A third stated, “Finn deserves better. Renegade, Force Sensitive Stormtrooper? Dude – that’s got my attention! Finn had the greatest potential of any Star Wars character, and the writers and directors failed him.”

3. Sabine Wren

Sabine Wren
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“Sabine Wren’s story about how she built the weapons that would be used to kill and enslave her people and that her own family rejected her in favor of living under the empire is just crushing,” shared one.

“When you think about what that would do to a teenage girl who just wanted to do her part in helping people.”

“Imagine having the weight of your entire culture and that of a galaxy on your shoulders and navigating that when you’re barely old enough to be considered an adult by most people. I can’t imagine the sleepless nights and the self-loathing she must have had with herself.”

2. C1-10P/ Chopper

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“Chopper is a Hunter Killer unit. He’s a 10,000-year-old assassin Droid from the old Republic, still doing his thing,” said one.

A second user replied, “I know I’m in the minority, but Chopper. He’s such a hilarious little droid. I always imagine he’s muttering curses and death threats.”

Another said, “I love how if you don’t watch Rebels, it might seem odd a Droid in a kids’ show has such a high body count. And if you watch the show, your like, yeah, no, that’s right on brand.” 

1. Hera Syndulla

Hera Syndulla
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One person said, “I cried for Hera and her child. I was sad for days. My husband was like; I was afraid this would happen. To me, that’s some damn good writing, making me care about people who don’t exist.”

The following user wrote, “I remember telling my friend once that I’d take Hera over Han as my pilot if I had a choice, and they were baffled (hasn’t seen Rebels or Clone Wars).”

“A legit argument could be made for Anakin, but he’s Force-sensitive. Hera is the best pilot!”

The third Redditor replied, “I always say that Hera Syndulla is one of the most under-appreciated characters in SW, the other being Qui-Gon.”

What do you think? Did Reddit get this right, or is someone significant missing from this list? Also, check out the Disney Star Wars canon is broken.

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