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One of the greatest advantages of traveling the world is that you encounter many of its best historical places along the way.

These magical attractions range from unsung temples tucked away in remote villages to vast ancient sites of international acclaim. Yet no matter what they are or where you encounter them, the result tends to be the same: your mind is blown, and the beauty, age, and architecture on display make memories.

Whether you’re a history buff or not, these impressive sights help make travel special. For a better understanding of why that’s the case – and for fresh ideas for your travel bucket list – check out the following 20 historical attractions.

1. The Great Pyramid of Giza

Location: Giza, Egypt

Dates from: ~2550 to 2490BC

While its construction date and process remain subject to dispute, the mystique surrounding this historic location is undeniable. An iconic structure and world wonder, the Great Pyramid of Giza sparks ideas of adventure in anyone who lays eyes upon it.

2. The Colosseum

Location: Rome, Italy

Dates from: 72AD

Located in the heart of Rome, the Colosseum is a historical place of global renown. An architectural marvel, this vast oval amphitheater held over 50,000 spectators, all bearing witness to gladiatorial games, public executions, and dramatic performances.

3. The Roman Forum

Location: Rome, Italy

Dates from: 7th Century BC

Intricate, sprawling, and one of Rome’s most notorious historical places, the Roman Forum is a breathtaking set of ancient ruins. Once nothing more than a marshy burial ground, it developed over centuries into the commercial and political hub of the Roman Empire. A superbly restored historic district, few other archaeological sites display the past quite like it.

4. Pompeii

Location: Campania, Italy

Dates from: ~8th Century BC

Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79AD, covering the nearby city of Pompeii in a thick layer of volcanic debris. Effectively mummified by the ash and rock that smothered it, the town lay frozen in time for centuries until its rediscovery in the 18th century. Now unearthed by archaeology, the historic buildings, streets, and monuments offer unparalleled insights into life in ancient Rome.

5. Machu Picchu

Location: Peru, South America

Dates from: ~15th to 16th Century BC

Situated high above the Urubamba River valley in Peru, the remarkable Machu Picchu managed to go relatively unnoticed in the modern world until 1911. Now a UNESCO World Heritage site, it’s one of the best-preserved national historic sites on the planet and, courtesy of its superb mountaintop location, a common feature in movies and books about adventure.

6. Stonehenge

Location: Wiltshire, England

Dates from: ~3000 to 2000BC

Historic landmarks don’t get much more famous than Stonehenge. A national historic site that needs no introduction, the huge monoliths of this stone circle represent a striking display of ancient engineering and mystery that’s yet to be fully solved.

7. The Parthenon

Location: Athens, Greece

Dates from: 447 – 432BC

Few ancient buildings invite as much attention or acclaim as the Parthenon. Dedicated to the goddess Athena, this enormous rectangular temple dominates the hill of the Acropolis in the Greek capital. With its iconic colonnade of fluted columns, the Parthenon cuts a striking image of national significance.

8. Chichén Itzá

Location: Yucatan, Mexico

Dates from: ~600AD

Chichén Itzá is Mexico’s answer to Egypt’s pyramids. A remarkable prehistoric city complete with vast stone temples, tombs, and Toltec statues, it’s another historical landmark that boasts Indiana-Jones-esque intrigue. Tourists from around the globe flock to see it up close and walk in the footsteps of an ancient civilization.

9. The Great Wall of China

Location: Northern China

Dates from: ~3rd Century BC

The Great Wall of China is a series of defensive walls and fortified towers that stretches for a grand total of 13,171 miles along the country’s northern border. Another historical place found high up the bucket lists of travelers everywhere, it remains one of the biggest and most historic structures ever built.

10. The Taj Mahal

Location: Agra, India

Dates from: 1631AD

Welcome to one of India’s most treasured tourist attractions and a national historic landmark of the highest order. A stunning funerary mosque constructed of white marble, the Taj Mahal is an architectural masterpiece erected by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan to commemorate his favorite wife.

11. Tower of London

Location: London, England

Dates from: 1066AD

Home to the Crown Jewels and over 1,000 years of history, the Tower of London is an iconic castle and national monument in the center of England’s capital city. Fun fact: from the 13th to the 19th century, this historic building was home to a menagerie of exotic animals, including a polar bear, which was a gift from the distant King of Norway.

12. The Bimini Road

Location: North Bimini, Bahamas

Dates from: Unknown

For travel-loving history buffs with a penchant for unsolved mysteries, historical places won’t get much better than the Bimini Road. This mysterious “road-like” rock formation is tucked away in the tranquil turquoise waters of the Bahamas. Its origin and function? For some, it’s simply an interesting geological feature. But for others, these huge monoliths on the seafloor are evidence of a lost civilization.

13. Gobekli Tepe

Location: Urfa, Turkey

Dates from: ~9000BC

With structures that predate Stonehenge by six millennia, Gobekli Tepi is a historical site that challenges our modern understanding of civilization. This spectacular ancient temple contains over 20 circular stone enclosures. Some stand 5.5m tall, weigh 10 tons, and are decorated with intricate carvings of animals and headless humans.

14. Cholula Pyramid

Location: Puebla, Mexico

Dates from: ~2000 years ago

The Great Pyramid of Cholula is the largest pyramid ever constructed, complete with multiple levels, platforms, ancient artifacts, and tunnels that weave through its cavernous interior. However, for most of the last 500 years, the casual observer would have had no idea it was there.

Disguised as a large hill (whether on purpose or through happenstance is up for debate) it was only when the dirt started falling away that archaeologists realized its national significance.

15. Serpent Mound

Location: Ohio, United States

Dates from: ~800BC to 1070AD

Although the debate continues about the age and function of this remarkable serpent effigy, there’s no question that it’s one of America’s most striking historic places. Over 400m long, this supposed Native-American historic landmark curves along the top of a plateau in the unmistakable shape of a snake, raising all sorts of questions.

16. Gunung Padang

Location: West Java, Indonesia

Dates from: Up to 28,000 years ago

Gunung Padang has long been a sacred location for the local Sundanese people. A tall megalithic complex close to the village of Karyamukti, its upper surface is covered in uniform stone enclosures and thousands of andesite pillars. Its exact age and function are unknown, yet there’s evidence to suggest this enigmatic hill is actually a vast manmade pyramid that could be the oldest ever discovered. Whatever the case, it’s one of Indonesia’s most important historical landmarks.

17. Ggantija

Location: Gozo, Malta

Dates from: ~3600 to 2500BC

The beautiful island of Gozo in Malta is home to many historical buildings, but none more impressive than the megalithic temple complex called Ggantija. Thought to have been built in the Neolithic era, this striking stone structure is comprised of enormous monoliths, some of which are five meters long and weigh 50 tons. Legend says giants built it, hence the name “Ggantija,” which is a derivative of the word “ggant,” or “giant” in English.

18. Angkor Wat

Location: Angkor, Cambodia

Dates from: ~12th Century AD

South East Asia boasts a huge array of notable historic properties and places. However, few are as impressive as the temple complex known as Angkor Wat. Covering around 400 acres, it’s officially the world’s largest religious structure. Intricate and symmetrical, it’s an architectural marvel and an ideal historic place to watch the sunrise n Cambodia.

19. Petra

Location: Jordan

Dates from: 2000+ years ago

One of the world’s oldest cities and most popular tourist attractions, Petra received its designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985. Half built and half carved out of the red sandstone rocks in the high desert of Jordan, the so-called “Lost City” has been a hub of the Arab world for over two millennia. It’s also one of the new seven wonders of the world.

20. Sigiriya Rock

Location: Central Province, Sri Lanka

Dates from: ~5th Century AD

Towering 180m above the surrounding plain, Sigiriya Rock is an unmissable historical attraction in more ways than one. About halfway up the 1200 steps to the summit, you’ll find remnants of a huge stone gateway carved in the shape of a lion – hence the site’s nickname, “Lion Rock.”

Travel Through Time With These Historical Places

The world is full of breathtaking historical places – traces of the human story that delight and enchant countless lucky visitors every year. These national treasures and significant landmarks come in many forms and enjoy varying levels of acclaim, yet they never fail to leave an impression on those who explore them.

From the Great Pyramid of Giza to the Roman Forum, the ancient attractions on this list promise a unique and fascinating glimpse into history. Visit these historic sights when you can, pay for a guided tour, and revel in the myriad wonders of our past.

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Top 10 Jedis According to Star Wars Fans | Wealth of Geeks

Who is your favorite Jedi, and why? Recently someone asked this question and specified that they could be from any Star Wars movies, TV shows, games, or comics. Here are the top-voted responses. 

10. Ulic Qel-Droma

Image Credit: Wookieepedia

“Ulic Qel-Droma,” said one. “He fell to the Dark Side for good reasons thousands of years before Anakin. Ulic Qel-Droma was ultimately redeemed by being cut off entirely from the Force by his former lover/true love/absolute master, Battle Meditation, Naomi Sunrider.”

“Also, he contributed to defeating Exar Kun and the collapse of an iteration of the Sith Empire on Yavin 4. All around loved the Tales of the Jedi comics, and while I will point to Obi-Wan as the Jedi I’d want to be, Ulic is my dark horse choice for this question.”

9. Quinlan Vos

Quinlan Vos
Image Credit: Wookieepedia

Quinlan Vos,” shared one. “I liked that he had this darkness in him, and it seemed that the Jedi were afraid of him going to the dark side but sent him to assassinate Dooku.” Another exclaimed, “There it is! I was looking for this answer!”

8. Revan

Image Credit: Wookieepedia

“Revan, as described by Kreia,” shared one. “He wasn’t content to let the galaxy burn while the Jedi sat around and thought about it. But, in fighting the war, he turned toward the Dark Side. Kreia described his turn to the Dark Side as a sacrifice he made; to be the conqueror, the Republic needed to stand against the Sith.”

“But maybe she was an unreliable narrator and just playing up her former student, whose work she said she was trying to continue. And it seems like the kind of justification all (would-be) despots and their followers use. Of course, he eventually turns to the light after the Jedi do some shady stuff.”

7. Luke Skywalker

luke skywalker the last jedi darth sidious
Image Credit: Walt Disney Studios
Motion Pictures

One person shared, “Luke is the original. And I have to give love to Legends Luke. You can see why he thought he made the right call even when he blows it.” Another said, “Luke Skywalker. I have loved this character since early childhood. I walked a long way with him, which taught us many things.”

A third person said, “Luke Skywalker. Return of the Jedi Luke is freaking awesome. Since I can remember, he’s been my favorite character. Moisture farmer then gets on the court, and within five years, the emperor and Darth Vader are dead. Like the most significant accomplishment ever.”

6. Anakin Skywalker

Image from the movie Star Wars: Episode II
Image Credit: LucasFilm, Ltd.

“Anakin Skywalker,” said one. “Totally. Most powerful. Anakin hooked up with the hottest senator. He threw off the religious dogma of the Jedi. Did some other stuff, yada yada yada, killed the Sith Lord.” “Anakin, as I grew up watching the original and prequel trilogies and both Clone Wars shows.” 

“Anakin. I’ll never stop examining his Fall, and I love the story of his tragedy. It hurts me so much, but I’ll never stop finding it incredibly interesting how much suffering Anakin endured as a Jedi and a Sith,” another confessed. 

5. Ashoka

Image Credit: Wookieepedia

“I feel like there is no love for Ashoka in here. She’s by far my favorite Jedi.,” said one. “My favorite of the modern stuff. She’s a great character, and I might pee my pants a little when her show comes out.” A second user admitted, “Ashoka. She has the best character arc, and it’s not finished.”

4. Yoda

Image Credit: Wookieepedia

One user exclaimed, “Yoda! He’s a mix of a cute old grandpa and a feral creature eating Luke’s hotdogs. But, then, he suddenly starts spouting the wisdom of the galaxy.” “Not to mention he’s mighty with the Force. Yoda has canonically lifted an entire Mountain without breaking a sweat,” another informed.

“I don’t know about you, but my theatre erupted when Yoda fought Dooku. One of my favorite movie-going experiences was watching Yoda doing wall-flips and hearing people clapping and cheering,” a third commented. “Size matters, not.”

3. Kanan Jarrus

Kanan Jarrus
Image Credit: Wookieepedia

Another user exclaimed, “Kanan Jarrus! Although he didn’t have the formal training he was supposed to have to become a Jedi knight, he was still pure and followed the Jedi ways. And he was a part of the best couple in Star Wars history.”

Another agreed, “Sure, he is not a classic but Kanan Jarrus. He is the perfect Jedi for me. He sacrificed himself to keep the ones he cared about safe. He formed attachments without falling to the Dark Side. He loved, sacrificed, and protected. His son Jaycen will probably be force sensitive. At least that was hinted at, and I hope Ezra will train him in the future.”

2. Plo Koon

Plo Koon
Image Credit: Wookiepeedia

“Plo Koon,” said one. “There were lots of Jedi that the Clones didn’t like serving under; I’ve yet to see one, aside from the 501st, that has troops decorating the sides of their gunships with Plo’s bros.” Another agreed, “Plo Koon. Excellent character design and remarkable development in The Clone Wars and comic books.”

“Plo Koon,” another replied. “As a kid, I liked his design in Jedi Power Battles and the comics. But it changed everything once I heard him tell his clones they weren’t expendable. That’s when I realized the clones were living and thinking beings, not what the Kaminoans said in AotC.”

1. Qui-Gon Jinn

Qui Gon Jinn
Image Credit: Wookieepedia

“Qui-Gon Jinn,” shared another. “Unlike the council members, he didn’t have a stick up his bum.” Another added, As much as I love Obi-Wan, I think in many ways Qui-Gon Jinn would have been a more suited master for Anakin. And that things may have been very different had he survived.”

Finally, a third clarified, “That’s the point. Obi-Wan was more of a brother to Anakin when he needed a father, which would have been Qui Gon. That’s also why the final duel in The Phantom Menace is the Duel of the Fates. It’s a duel over the fate of Anakin, and since Qui Gon died, it sealed the fate that Anakin would become Darth Vader.”

We hope you enjoyed this Reddit picks list of the best Jedis’ from Star Wars. Also, check out these top ten Jedi who deserve to have their own shows.

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16 Best Jobs for 14-Year-olds To Make Money | Wealth of Geeks

As you get older, you want money for various things such as clothes, food, hanging out, etc. A great way to get these things without relying on your parents is to get a job that pays. It’s that simple! Still, finding the right job isn’t always as straightforward as you’d like it to be. Here are the 17 best jobs for 14-year-olds to make money.

Can You Get a Job as a 14-Year-old?

Yes, there are jobs available to 14-year-olds to make money, but some conditions apply. Since you are under 18 years old, you have to follow child labor laws, which vary by state. These laws specify that if you are under 18, you can only work a set amount of hours a week and during a set time of the day.

In addition to child labor laws, getting a job at 14 also depends on the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), which regulates what kind of jobs a 14 can do. For instance, FLSA decrees that 14-year-olds cannot operate heavy machinery, motor vehicles, lift heavy items, etc.

Take a look at various part-time job opportunities that can give you work experience to help when you are much older. If you can get a job according to the state’s laws, you must go through a hiring process. Each job will need you to fill out an application; some will need a resume and cover letter for the application. 

So, there are conditions to getting a job at 14, but there are still plenty of positions within your reach, so let’s check them out.

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1. Work at Movie Theatres

If you love movies, a great place to get a job as a 14-year-old is at your local theater. It can be a small business movie theater or a big chain like AMC. You can do jobs such as checking tickets, selling snacks, cleaning the rooms, etc. It’s a great job for teens in school, so definitely consider it.

2. Work at Grocery Stores

Besides movie theatres, you can also make money as a teenager by working at grocery stores. Chains like Fareway and Publix offer jobs for 14-year-olds to make some extra money. Check with grocery stores close to your home to see if they have any job openings. You will most likely get a position stocking shelves or bagging groceries.

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3. Babysitting

One of the best jobs for 14-year-olds is babysitting younger children for money. You can babysit for family members or neighbors to make some extra cash. You have to ask around to see if anyone needs a babysitter, and you can land this gig.

4. Pet Sitting

If babysitting is not suitable for you, maybe petsitting is. As a petsitter, all you have to do is watch pets while the owners are away; that’s it! It is also possible to take the pet to your home to petsit if the owners are going away for an extended time. Petsitting is a great way to make money as a young teen as well as for many adults, so I highly recommend this option.

5. Landscaping

If you don’t mind some manual labor, landscaping can be a great way to make money as a young teen. You can get landscaping gigs around your neighborhood to do lawn care and get paid for it. It is a job that depends on good weather, so if you live somewhere with bad winters, you will need another gig. You will need a few tools to get started, so definitely think about it. However, once you have established your dependability, this can be a lucrative position.

6. Seasonal Jobs

While landscaping is a seasonal job, many jobs are seasonal, and you can cash in on it. For example, if your town gets snow in the winter, you can remove snow for your neighbors for some sweet cash or a pool cleaner in the summer. Also, many retail stores look for help around Christmas so you can get a temporary job. You can do many seasonal jobs as a 14-year-old so think about what’s possible.

7. Power Washing

Power washing is another seasonal job because it only works in good weather, but you can make some good cash with power washing. You need to invest in a pressure washer and then start power washing yards to make money. It’s not an easy job, but if you don’t mind some physical work, it can be an excellent job for a 14-year-old.

8. Mobile Car Wash

Another physical job that you can do to make money is to have a mobile car washing service. You’ll need soap, a bucket, cloths, and water to start making money, but you will have to put in some elbow grease and sweat. It’s not hard to get started, but it is manual labor, so make sure this job is right for you before you get started. You’ll have to attract cars to wash, so it’s more of a business than a job; keep this in mind.

9. Small Business Helper

Many small businesses would love some extra help, and you can offer assistance in exchange for a paycheck! So, if large retailers won’t hire you as a 14-year-old, check with small businesses in your city/town. Small business owners work hard, and they would appreciate some extra help, so all you have to do is ask. You can get jobs like packing up products, cashier, cleaner, etc. Simply ask and land yourself a job!

10. Survey Sites

It can be hard to get a job as a 14-year-old, and there will be times when you search for jobs and can’t land any, so what do you do? You can do some small tasks like taking surveys, playing games, or searching the web using survey sites to make money from home quickly.

Sign up with some of these legitimate online survey platforms to start earning:

You won’t get rich from taking surveys, and it is not as great as getting a “real job,” but it’s an excellent way to make extra money while you search for one.

11. Re-Seller

A pretty unique way to make money is to re-sell items. It’s not a job where you get a paycheck; you work for yourself, so how much you can make depends on your work. You simply purchase undervalued items and then sell them back for a higher price as a re-seller.

You can find items at yard sales and thrift stores or on websites like eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and OfferUp. For example, you can find a children’s toy for $5 and sell it for $10 to quickly make a $5 profit. It’s a straightforward method, but you need some money to buy items, so keep this in mind.

12. Tutor

One of the best jobs for 14-year-old is being a tutor for those the same age or younger kids. There are many opportunities to become a tutor, so it’s one of the best ways to make money as a 14-year-old. If you are good at a specific subject, check with your school for tutoring opportunities. You can also have your parents check with their friends or co-workers to spread the word so you can land tutoring gigs. It might be hard to land your first tutoring job, but you’ll start to land gigs easier over time.

13. Lifeguard

Being a lifeguard only works if you live in or near a warm state or in the summertime. Still, it’s an excellent way to make money. You might not be able to get a job at the beach due to not being old enough or having enough experience, but there are other places you can land jobs. Check out the YMCA, community pools, etc. Working as a lifeguard can be one of the best summer jobs on this list. It’s a pretty neat way to make some cash, but you need to be a strong swimmer.

14. Virtual Assistant

An excellent job for a 14-year-old is being a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant performs tasks such as sending emails, scheduling meetings, bookkeeping, etc. The duties vary, but the keyword virtual is excellent, which means you can work 100% from home.

The work can be tedious, but you will gain valuable communication skills in the process. Check with business owners if they need some help to land a virtual assistant job.

15. Video Editor

You might have heard that being a YouTuber is a great way to make money as a teenager, but the issue is that it may take a long time to earn money from a YouTube channel. Being a YouTuber is a business, so you will not get paid right away as you would with a job.

Suppose you want to get into the YouTube game without starting your own YouTube channel. In that case, you can become a video editor for other YouTubers. Just reach out to YouTubers to see if they need any help editing their videos, and you can land a job. You will need to know how to edit videos, but this is a skill that you can learn over time.

16. Freelance Writer

Another great job that you can do as a 14-year-old is as a freelance writer. Like YouTube, blogging is a business that can make you a lot of money. Still, there is no guarantee that you will make money, and even if you make money, it can take a long time to make it. So, instead of starting a blog, you can become a freelance writer for bloggers and get paid for every article you write! You need to reach out to blog owners and see if they are currently hiring to land a job.


Applying for jobs can be difficult. There may not be many job postings for 14-year-olds, but if you get hired, take advantage of job training to increase your skills and hourly rate. These new jobs will not be your dream job, but having a first job can do much for your future. The more you learn, the more valuable you will be for future employment. 

It is time to search for job vacancies, update those resumes and cover letters, and apply for jobs.

As a 14-year-old, it can be tough to find a job due to labor laws, but you can use this list as a guide to land a job. The jobs are out there, so you have to look around and find something that works for you.

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Michael is the owner of Savebly (https://www.savebly.com/), a personal finance education website that is dedicated to helping others to improve their finances and live life on their own terms. His work has been featured on Yahoo Finance, MarketWatch, HuffPost, Debt.com, and a variety of other well-known sites.

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Quantum Leap 111: Hedging Tomorrow | Wealth of Geeks

There’s been a lot said about how this first season of the Quantum Leap continuation bears more resemblance to the fifth season of the original show – on other words, a little gimmicky. In some episodes, it’s worked fine, in others, not so much. Thankfully tonight’s episode skews more on the positive side.

Before I really get into the meat of the episode, let’s address what I imagine will be one of the sticking points for many viewers who prefer their fiction more sciency. Yes, the writers for this episode tend to gloss over a lot of the pseudo science of what is potentially happening to erstwhile leaper Ben Song in this episode. And there are others who would shout back – it’s time travel, we’re already stuck in pseudo science. And I hear you. Both of you.

As I’ve said before, I (and most of my genre-happy friends) are okay with twisting things a little outside of the accepted norm for ‘true’ science, as long as the show adheres to the rules they set up. After all, Galileo, Aristotle and Newton all had concepts of physics and relativity based on their observations that were accepted for generations until Einstein obliterated them.

There could be some concept of space and time that goes outside of Einstein’s theories, delves into quantum mechanics and does make some sort of time travel possible. Maybe Samuel Beckett discovered it, etc., and maybe that variation of modified string theory allows for time loops – or causality loops, which is what Ben is leaping forward for. And, sure, maybe Janis Calavicci is the foremost expert on such things.

Or maybe storytellers lately are super fascinated with Groundhog Day. After all, we’ve had Palm Springs, 2 Happy Death Days, Boss Level, Map of Tiny Perfect Things, even Sharknado experimented with it, and of course, the ahem, pseudo namesake of this episode, Edge of Tomorrow (Live, Die, Repeat). Going back even farther, you have 12:01 PM and Le 15 Mai (1969).

Either way, the conceit makes for a fun episode – which is where I’m going to personally extend a lot of grace. 1. The episode didn’t break any of its established rules, from either series, 2. It makes for a rambunctious, exciting ride, and 3. It has echoes of the original show (‘Lee Harvey Oswald,’ ‘Trilogy’), while doing something new, within the rules. And the ultimate reveal of what’s happening only heightens the tension and adventure.

Now, how about that episode?

A Leap in Time

First, Robert Picardo. Our favorite doctor – look it up, he’s played like 10 of them, not just on Star Trek and China Beach – is, ahem, a doctor of nuclear physics, about to host the test of a now forgotten nuclear power plant that he hopes will bring clean energy to the world – and maybe lead to flying cars.

He’s accompanied by his bespectacled assistant, a Colonel, a janitor with his head in the clouds and a reporter hoping for a career making investigative scoop.

Ben’s initial leap puts him in the Colonel’s seat, and feeling at home for once, among a world he understands. Only one problem. As Ziggy quickly brings to light through Jenn, Doctor Woolsey’s about to die – as is everyone in the room.

Even before we hit the first commercial break, the reactor starts overheating, then goes critical, and everyone at the project watches Ben’s life signs flatline.

After a very brief moment of emotional turmoil from Addison, Magic notices that Ben’s brain reconnects – he’s resurrected, at least temporarily.

We get a moment of wonder from the gang back home, then cut back to the elevator where we started. Only this time, Ben’s in Eugene, the doctor’s assistant. Cue opening credits.

After the commercial, everyone’s bombarding Ian with questions, he shushes them and explains, “Obviously we are dealing with a time loop.” To which Jenn responds with what has to be the best line of the season so far – “Obviously?!?”

A Time Loop

Ian continues, explaining how a time loop is highly, highly improbable (something Ben repeats later), comparing it to being struck by lightning twice. “Except the funny thing is, once you’re struck by lightning, you’re more likely to be struck by lightning again.” I’m going to assume he means once you’re in the time loop you’re more likely to repeat in the loop and not waste time explaining first-grade coin flip probability.

Thankfully, the team has the foremost expert on time loops already in the building – Janis. She apparently did her doctoral thesis on time loops. Magic tries to convince Janis to help, which she refuses, until he points out her own causal probabilities.

Piece by piece, mini leap by mini leap, Ben and Addison put together the pieces as he makes his journey through the five people in the facility – while back at home, the team tries to work together with the person they’ve been fighting all season.

During one heated exchange, Ian drops a quiet little bombshell about how Ziggy works – now. I say ‘now,’ because I’m pretty sure if I went back through, episode by episode of the classic show (which I’d love to do, but not in time for this review), I’d find evidence that she did not “selflessly calculate probability outcomes,” based on what the leaper sees. Sure, she was fallible, but… anyway, it’s a minor point, given our current version of Ziggy.

The Die Is Cast

Regardless, now Ziggy knows someone in the elevator triggered the bomb. And, of course, every guess that Ben puts forward is either wrong or unable to be tested, based on whose body he’s in now.

We get the revelation that it was Beth who came to Magic and asked him to kick Janis off the team. Interesting…

Ziggy processes some more data and Janis realizes that it’s not a time loop, it’s a finite series of leaps that will end when Ben runs out of bodies to leap into. Addison goes to explain to Ben…

Then Ben has a revelation.

By the way, kudos to Margarita Matthews for the on-point movie references for Ben throughout. And this one is Rashōmon (羅生門). For the uninitiated, Rashōmon is a 1950s Japanese language film by Akira Kurosawa, wherein the same story is told repeatedly, from different perspectives, all coming together to give the viewer a clearer picture. The movie itself is excellent, but the term ‘Rashomon’ now refers to any story told in that manner, aka, three sides to every story. Or in this case five.

As Ben’s putting the final pieces together, the team back home has a huge debate about how to save him – against everyone’s expectations, Magic sides with Janis, announcing that they will let Ben finish the leap.

And once again – the writers do a fantastic job of having the two halves of the leap look at the same theme (albeit a little on the nose in this one). In this case, are we truly heroes, doing the right thing? Or are we the villain, even unknowingly?

Finally, Ben leaps — somewhere. For the first time this season, we don’t see where.

Finally, in the episode denouement, we have one final revelation – Janis agrees to tell Addison the name of the person who first told Ben he needed to leap…

And we’ll save that for next time.

Rating: 7/10 SPECS

New episodes of Quantum Leap air Mondays at 10pm on NBC and stream the following day on Peacock.

This article was produced and syndicated by Wealth of Geeks.

Paul Rose Jr has worked as TV News Producer, Forensic Analyst, and Train Conductor, among many other things. He’s the former TV Editor for InfuzeMag and owns more books, DVDs, and comics than most people have seen in their lifetimes. When he’s not writing or editing on Wealth of Geeks, he exercises his creative muscle writing screenplays and acting in film and television in Los Angeles, CA.

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The Best Movies Streaming on Paramount Plus | Wealth of Geeks

Since its debut in 2021, Paramount+ has quickly risen to become one of the greatest subscription-based streaming platforms you can currently find online. Combining a range of properties from CBS, Paramount, Nickelodeon, and Comedy Central, it boasts a rich library of beloved movies, TV series, and documentaries.

Like all the most noteworthy streaming platforms, Paramount+ also has a ton of exclusive content at its disposal, such as Star Trek: Picard, 1883, and The Good Fight.

Along with those exclusive titles, the platform also has a dense catalog of movies streaming on the service, from newer films like Scream and Casino Royale to classics like RoboCop and Bull Durham.

Here are some of the best movies you can find playing on Paramount+ right now.

Updated: January 30.

Thriller: Casino Royale

Shortly after obtaining 00 status, MI6 secret agent James Bond (Daniel Craig) is sent undercover to Montenegro to compete in a high-stakes poker tournament against criminal financier, Le Chiffre (Mads Mikkelsen).

After the promise shown by Pierce Brosnan’s GoldenEye gave way to the utter catastrophe that was Die Another Day, it seemed that James Bond’s best days were behind him by the beginning of the 2000s. But in 2005, the series promptly managed to course-correct, revitalizing the name James Bond and re-establishing it as a viable critical and commercial franchise on par with Mission: Impossible (the public’s new go-to spy thriller).

Returning to the more grounded realism of the original Ian Fleming novels and initial Sean Connery films, Casino Royale was the most critically well-received Bond film in years, ushering in a new golden age for the gentleman super spy that would only continue with Skyfall.

Sci-Fi: RoboCop

After being tortured to death, murdered police officer Alex Murphy (Peter Weller) is resurrected by a tech company as the cyborg policeman, RoboCop. As Murphy takes to the streets to combat the increasing levels of crime in dystopian Detroit, he begins experiencing memories from his previous life.

The genius behind Paul Verhoeven 1987 masterpiece, RoboCop, lies in its ability to skewer genres. At once a sci-fi dystopian film, it contains subtle satire of everything from modern society’s indifference to everyday atrocities to cutthroat business ethics in the tech industry (two thematic subjects only too relevant today).

But even more than that, RoboCop is also an intense study of law and order, as well as what it means to be human. At once a compelling superhero story mixed with a revenge film, it’s one of the finest achievements in the sci-fi genre there is.

Horror: Scream

Twenty-five years after the Woodsboro Massacre, a new Ghostface killer once again begins terrorizing the town, targeting individuals with familial connection to the original massacre.

After the lukewarm reception to Scream 4 and the passing of director Wes Craven, it seemed that Scream 5 was fated never to see the light of day, languishing next to the other great what-if sequels like Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 4 or George Lucas’s Star Wars sequel trilogy.

But against all odds, directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett managed to take the Scream franchise and introduce it to a new generation of viewers, cementing the slasher series’ place in the current Gen Z culture. Just as sharply written and every bit as meta-aware as its predecessors, it was the perfect way to revitalize Scream for a new era of film.

Action: The Warriors

In the years since its release, The Warriors has evolved from a moderate sleeper hit into one of the most beloved cult movies of all time. Perhaps it owes an obvious debt to its video game adaptation, Rockstar’s The Warriors, but even without the popularity of Rockstar’s game, it still makes for a enjoyably campy crime film.

Framed for the murder of an influential criminal figure (Roger Hill), a small gang spend the night traveling home through the streets of New York City to their home turf on Coney Island, dodging the pursuit of various rival gangs out for revenge.

The Warriors may seem dated by today’s standards (after all, it’s hard to view any of the antagonistic gangs as genuine threats compared to the actual gangs populating New York today). But the movie’s over-the-top nature is part of its appeal, triggering the same nostalgic reaction as other hardcore ‘80s movies like Escape from New York, The Terminator, and even RoboCop.

Comedy: Barbershop

One of the great comedies you’ve probably never heard of, Barbershop is a lesson on how to use a large ensemble cast. Though each actor who appears in the film should be singled out for praise, the movie continuously cycles through them with ease, no single actor stealing the show, all of their performances complimenting each other like a fine garnish.

Resolving to sell his father’s failing Chicago barbershop business, the money-savvy Calvin (Ice Cube) experiences a day at the shop, interacting with some of its most eccentric customers and staff members.

Relying on a cleverly written script, Barbershop is an incessantly funny movie where the jokes don’t ever let up. Filled to the brim with memorably hilarious, vivid characters, each character who appears in the movie is perfectly capable of headlining their own movie. (God, what I wouldn’t give to see a spin-off film about Anthony Anderson’s J.D., Cedric the Entertainer’s Eddie, or Keith David’s Lester.)

Romance: The Duchess

It’s hard to make a historical period film exciting for all audience members. Thankfully, while The Duchess may not enrapture all viewers, it does a good job presenting the true story behind Georgiana Cavendish (a direct ancestor of Princess Diana) with enough style, empathy, and intimacy to catch the attention of more patient viewers.

Marrying into the British aristocracy, the newly-named Duchess of Devonshire (Keira Knightley) maintains an exciting but tumultuous marriage with her unfaithful husband (Ralph Fiennes). Focusing on her own happiness for a change, the Duchess pursues a romance with the Earl Charles Grey (Dominic Cooper), leading to some unexpected consequences for all parties involved.

Like nearly all big-budget period movies, The Duchess features some exquisite outfitting and set design that makes it truly seem like you’ve wandered into 18th century England. Aside from its Oscar-winning costume design and art direction, the movie is a fascinating look at the life and decisions of Georgiana, led by some inspired performances from the three main cast members.

Drama: Inside Llewyn Davis

With how many successes they’ve had, it’s hard to pinpoint the most underrated film in the Coen brothers’ career. As remarkable as Blood Simple or Miller’s Crossing is, though, our money would probably have to go to Inside Llewyn Davis, the most original and stylistically unique movie in the brothers’ career to date.

Aspiring folk singer Llewyn Davis (Oscar Isaac) navigates the Beat scene in Greenwich Village, all the while trying to make it as a musician in the unforgiving world of 1960s New York City.

To be sure, the subtle humor found in most Coen brothers films is present in Inside Llewyn Davis, as is the more downbeat quality of the duo’s later work on Fargo and No Country for Old Men. But aside from appearances from frequent Coen collaborators like John Goodman, it’d be hard to tell this was a Coen brothers movie at all.

Anchoring their fictional hero with all the intricacies and complexities of a real person, it’s a moody and sordid film that analyzes the harm inflicted by your aspirations (both on yourself and on others).

Sports: Bull Durham

One part sports drama, one part romance film, Bull Durham crafts a narrative capable of drawing in viewers of every background and interest imaginable, appealing to those who alternatively either love or despise baseball, romcoms, and drama films alike.

Playing for the minor league Durham Bulls, aging catcher Crash (Kevin Costner) is assigned to mentor the team’s new pitcher (Tim Robbins) prior to his departure to the major leagues. Before very long, both men enter a love triangle with an ardent baseball fan (Susan Sarandon).

Bull Durham can be best described as a film following a young man who receives guidance from the most unlikely of sources, evaluating how the positive and negative experiences he encounters shape him into the best version of himself. Buried underneath its hardcore baseball-centered exterior is a surprisingly moving film full of drama and emotion, expertly balanced by its talented trio of players.

Classic: The Most Dangerous Game

One year before they changed the face of horror with King Kong, producers/directors Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack took the world by storm with their adaptation of Richard Connell’s widely-read short story, “The Most Dangerous Game.”

Washing upon the shore of a remote South American island, a shipwrecked sailor (Joel McCrea) and several other stranded survivors are hunted by a sadistic Russian count (Leslie Banks) for sport.

Retaining the literary quality that made Connell’s story the beloved classic it is, The Most Dangerous Game is an intelligent and well-made early horror film from Hollywood’s Pre-Code era. With a smooth-cheeked McCrea as the hero, a dastardly Banks as the villain, and Fay Wray (who would become the proto-scream queen just a year later) as the leading lady, it’s as suspenseful a thriller today as it was 90 years ago.

Underrated: But I’m a Cheerleader

Seventeen-year-old Megan (Natasha Lyonne) is a happy-go-lucky high school student who begins developing homosexual feelings for her fellow cheerleaders. Staging an intervention, Megan’s conservative parents send her to a conversion camp to “cure” her lesbianism.

Over the past decade, Natasha Lyonne has gone from a noteworthy character actor to one of the most exciting stars of her day, as seen with her award-winning performances in Orange is the New Black and Russian Doll (not to mention her starring role in Rian Johnson’s new Poker Face).

However, it’s worth remembering that years before she received her breakthrough on Orange is the New Black, Lyonne was winning hearts in numerous indie films throughout the late ‘90s and 2000s.

Take, for example, But I’m a Cheerleader, a fiercely clever tongue-in-cheek look at homosexuality in a straight-laced environment. With its heavily satirical presentation, the whole of But I’m a Cheerleader comes across as a feature-length SNL skit, headlined by a notably strong performance from Lyonne.

This article was produced and syndicated by Wealth of Geeks.

Richard Chachowski is a freelance writer based in New Jersey. He loves reading, his dog Tootsie, and pretty much every movie to ever exist (especially Star Wars).

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How To Choose The Right Business Structure | Wealth of Geeks

Business structure describes the organizational structure, legal status, and how much liability an owner assumes. It is a crucial part of dictating a company’s legal and operational framework.

Choosing a business structure that is efficient, practical, and suited to a company’s best interests is fundamental to its success.

When a business undertakes commercial activities – such as capital raising, marketing, and tax payments – its structure becomes integral to both immediate and long-term success.

Knowing which options are on offer and the pros and cons of each is important when making the right choice. In the US, there are several key legal entities a business owner can be capable of forming. The most common ones are Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Limited Liability Company (LLC), and Corporation.

In relation to initial setup, ongoing administration, and balance sheet implications, each business structure has varying levels of complexity which must be taken into account by owners.

Entrepreneurs must consider the ongoing implications of a truly effective business structure. It is a decision that can change the entire direction of a company. This article will document some of the business structures available, including examples of each, as well as pros and cons, to illustrate their effective use.

Business structures that feature the simplest setup processes are Sole Proprietorships and Partnerships. However, Corporations and LLCs can provide greater legal protection for owners.

Sole Proprietorship

A Sole Proprietorship is the simplest business structure to establish. The unincorporated structure revolves around a registered person, officially responsible for the operational effectiveness of the business, as well as ongoing adherence to relevant laws and regulations.

Perhaps the most distinctive aspect of being a Sole Proprietor is that the business and the owner are not separate legal entities. This can result in the registered owner being held personally liable for the enterprise’s assets and liabilities.

For a company in financial distress, this can put the owner in a difficult position. Personal assets could be used to offset outstanding debts or obligations. However, a Sole Proprietorship does have its benefits. The business structure is the least complicated to establish, including minimal fees at the outset and low barriers to entry – almost anyone can be a Sole Proprietor.

Furthermore, the business owner is likely to benefit from tax write-offs, simpler tax filings, and no requirement for shareholder meetings.

Sole Proprietorships are smaller in scale and used by those who want to maximize control over their business. Important organizational decisions can be made by the owner(s), so control of the business can remain in the owner(s) hands. Examples include small independent stores, freelance contractors – such as writers and IT Consultants – and couples who run a business together.

Lower initial and ongoing costs also mean Sole Proprietorships can encourage business owners to launch regardless of the size of their budget.


The key characteristics of a Partnership are somewhat obvious – it is a business structure designed for two or more people. When a person wishes to embark on a joint enterprise, they will come to a simple agreement as part of an official Partnership.

Several positives come with this type of business structure, and many of these pros overlap with the benefits of establishing a Sole Proprietorship. For this reason, there are multiple similarities between a Sole Proprietorship and a Partnership.

The most notable similarity – which doubles up as a potential drawback – is that the participants in a Partnership do not have a separate legal identity from the company. In financial distress, the partners of an organization will be personally liable for any of the outstanding debts and obligations incurred by the company.

The owners and the business entity are treated as one and the same. In addition, any profits or losses will be directly passed on to the partners.

A negative which does not exist as prominently within a Sole Proprietorship is the potentially adverse effect of entrenched collaboration. If a disagreement, or something more serious, were to occur between partners, the operational effectiveness of the business – as well as its capacity to generate profitable cash flows – could be seriously impacted.

However, as with a Sole Proprietorship, Partnerships are relatively easy to set up. Partnerships are also more likely to benefit from special taxation arrangements.

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

As the name suggests, a Limited Liability Company (LLC) describes a business structure that limits the legal liability of the relevant person, equivalent to the sum of their investment or stake in the company. During periods of financial distress, an LLC will directly protect a business owner from the debts or obligations incurred by the organization.

Although regulation in the US varies from state to state, most owners will not be held personally responsible when a company’s liabilities are recalled.

Generally, most persons are eligible to become “members” of an LLC. This can include individuals, corporations, foreign entities, and even other LLCs. The exception to this is banks and insurance firms, which are prevented from becoming members of LLCs. As well as limited liability, there are multiple other benefits to successfully establishing an LLC.

In comparison to establishing a Corporation, an LLC is easier and less complex. Furthermore, flexible business structures can be combined with a lower rate of tax.

Businesses that may prefer to register with their chosen state as an LLC can include professional services firms, such as accounting and law firms. However, despite similar benefits to a Partnership or Sole Proprietorship, LLCs can incur additional complications.

Company accounts will be made public, and owners will not have as much control as Sole Proprietors, and compliance with regulatory and legal requirements may make it necessary to hire a registered agent.


A Corporation is an entity distinct from its owners, taking on a new legal persona. The new legal identity can enter into contracts, be sued, initiate litigation, own assets, and pay taxes. Corporations possess many of the same rights and responsibilities as individuals. Similar to an LLC, a Corporation offers owners limited liability.

It is the Corporation itself that will be pursued for its assets if in financial distress and shareholders are largely protected (although they may lose their investment).

Larger businesses would most likely choose to structure themselves as a Corporation. Giants such as Microsoft, Apple, and Alphabet Inc. (Google) are all Corporations. Corporations are established when a group of shareholders incorporates the business as a result of their stake in the company and the pursuit of a common goal.

Not all Corporations have to be created in pursuit of profit. Charities are often registered as Corporations and are, of course, Not-for-Profit organizations.

Establishing a Corporation is a complex, expensive, and time-consuming process. This would be an inappropriate business structure for a small business owner with a low revenue stream and no prospect of growth. Corporations can also either be private or public.

Private corporations are normally incorporated companies whose shareholders can be as many as a few or several dozen. Public companies have thousands of shareholders. Floating a company is a process with substantial regulatory requirements.


The type of business structure an entrepreneur chooses is a direct reflection of the industry they are in, the size of the company, and the direction the owner(s) want to move their business towards. Sole Proprietorships tick numerous boxes for those seeking complete control and generous tax write-off opportunities.

However, if business owners instead want to prioritize protection from personal liability in the event of financial distress, as well as a flexible business structure, an LLC or Corporation might be appropriate.

An intimate awareness of what a business needs and how the owners want to interact with the entity will result in an informed choice being made in relation to the business structure, which is crucial for the success and viability of any company. Ultimately, the primary function of a business – regardless of structure – is to generate cash.

Choosing the right business model will directly impact the ability of the company to generate revenue effectively. It requires thought, planning, and careful implementation. So choose wisely.

This article was produced and syndicated by Wealth of Geeks.

Michael launched Wealth of Geeks to make personal finance fun. He has worked in personal finance for over 20 years, helping families reduce taxes, increase their income, and save for retirement. Michael is passionate about personal finance, side hustles, and all things geeky.

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Top 10 Star Wars Characters From The Disney Era | Wealth of Geeks

There are tons of Star Wars films and shows producing various characters. Some are more enjoyable than others. Over the years of growing up with Star Wars, we have grown to love and hate some characters.

Both lists grew longer when Disney scooped the Star Wars franchise by acquiring LucasFilm. Here is a list of Reddit’s favorite Disney Era Star Wars characters.

10. Kanan Jarrus

Image Credit: Wookieepedia

“I’m a big fan of Kanan Jarrus,” one shared. “He’s everything the Jedi should have been. Kind, caring, compassionate, and brave. He didn’t suppress his emotions for Hera and offered excellent guidance to Ezra as his de facto adoptive father.”

“He also had excellent character development, as he went from this somewhat bitter and unmotivated victim of Order 66 to a strong and brave Jedi master and rebel leader who ultimately sacrificed his life to save those he cared about,” said another.

9. Kylo Ren / Ben Solo

kylo ren 3
Image courtesy of Lucasfilm Ltd.

One person stated, “Grandson of Anakin Skywalker that is fractured between his obsession with his family’s dark legacy and a draw to the light? Manipulated from his dedication to Luke and the Jedi Order by a mysterious force figure that arrived from unknown regions.”

“To murder this mentor. And take his role when placed at the crossroads of the Dark and Light sides of the force? Partially out of love for another character but with no thoughts for redemption?”

8. Marchion Ro

Marchion Ro
Image Credit: Wookieepedia

“I think out of the High Republic characters, Marchion Ro stands out,” shared one. “He’s instantly an iconic villain to me, and he will be the most remembered aspect of the series after it’s over.” ”

Marchion Ro is one of the best villains SW has to offer. He’s in my top three,” a second confessed.

A third added, “Yeah, Marchion is a favorite. He’s a perfect villain, mastermind, and almost perfect enemy for the Jedi. Especially with the Leveler.”

7. Cassian Andor

Image Credit: Disney+

Andor came along and showed everyone how it’s done. The show has its high points. But, again, because of the other characters. And it’s mostly drowning in a sea of mediocrity and oddly dumb moments. Andor was just excellent from the start.” 

Another replied, “Cassian was an instant favorite for me in Rogue One – he’s cool without hogging the spotlight. I love watching him lose and find himself in Rogue One and Andor. He’s my guy.”

A third user stated, “It’s refreshing having a main character who’s not a leader. Cassian is right-hand. He inspires people, uplifts them.”

6. Din Djarin/ Madolorian

Image Credit: Disney+

“He’s definitely original.,” one said. “Strictly speaking, most character archetypes have all been explored, but Mando is at least unique in the Star Wars universe.”

Another replied, “I have to choose between Mando and Andor? UGGHH… I don’t think I can!”

A third user wrote, “Mando. I always preferred the western space aspects of Star Wars over all the hocus pocus space wizard Jedi nonsense.”

5. Luthen Rael

Luthen Rael
Image Credit: Disney+

“‘I burn my life to make a sunrise I know I’ll never see’ is such a beautiful quote,” shared one. “It kind of stuck with me these past few weeks. That’s because it’s basically the old Greek proverb: ‘Society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they shall never sit.’”

“Luthen’s delivery is definitely amazing. I love how awesome he is, especially with his ship. The empire is trying to pull him in, and he’s like, ‘yeah, no, I don’t think so’- what a great character. He’s easily in my top five.”

4. FN-2187/ Finn

finn john boyega force awakens easter eggs
Image Credit: Lucasfilm Ltd./Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

“Finn is not the first Imperial stormtrooper/pilot/technician/etc. Who’s been significantly humanized (if we’re counting Legends), but before him, that was generally only done in side material, not the mainline films,” one stated.

Another user said, “Finn being an ex-stormtrooper fighting his former comrades is an amazing set-up, but then he becomes ‘REEEeeeyyy!’ I could keep going, but you get the idea.” 

A third stated, “Finn deserves better. Renegade, Force Sensitive Stormtrooper? Dude – that’s got my attention! Finn had the greatest potential of any Star Wars character, and the writers and directors failed him.”

3. Sabine Wren

Sabine Wren
Image Credit: Wookieepedia

“Sabine Wren’s story about how she built the weapons that would be used to kill and enslave her people and that her own family rejected her in favor of living under the empire is just crushing,” shared one.

“When you think about what that would do to a teenage girl who just wanted to do her part in helping people.”

“Imagine having the weight of your entire culture and that of a galaxy on your shoulders and navigating that when you’re barely old enough to be considered an adult by most people. I can’t imagine the sleepless nights and the self-loathing she must have had with herself.”

2. C1-10P/ Chopper

Image Credit: Wookieepedia

“Chopper is a Hunter Killer unit. He’s a 10,000-year-old assassin Droid from the old Republic, still doing his thing,” said one.

A second user replied, “I know I’m in the minority, but Chopper. He’s such a hilarious little droid. I always imagine he’s muttering curses and death threats.”

Another said, “I love how if you don’t watch Rebels, it might seem odd a Droid in a kids’ show has such a high body count. And if you watch the show, your like, yeah, no, that’s right on brand.” 

1. Hera Syndulla

Hera Syndulla
Image Credit: Wookieepedia

One person said, “I cried for Hera and her child. I was sad for days. My husband was like; I was afraid this would happen. To me, that’s some damn good writing, making me care about people who don’t exist.”

The following user wrote, “I remember telling my friend once that I’d take Hera over Han as my pilot if I had a choice, and they were baffled (hasn’t seen Rebels or Clone Wars).”

“A legit argument could be made for Anakin, but he’s Force-sensitive. Hera is the best pilot!”

The third Redditor replied, “I always say that Hera Syndulla is one of the most under-appreciated characters in SW, the other being Qui-Gon.”

What do you think? Did Reddit get this right, or is someone significant missing from this list? Also, check out the Disney Star Wars canon is broken.

This article was produced and syndicated by Wealth of Geeks.

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Experience Hyatt Regency Bellevue, One of Washington’s Finest Hotels Catering To Luxury Shoppers | Wealth of Geeks

More than an ordinary urban hotel, Hyatt Regency Bellevue crafts the perfect blend of luxury accommodations with high-end shopping, endless entertainment options, and world-class eateries. This four-star, award-winning property is at the heart of one of America’s best mid-sized cities and serves as an upscale respite for guests enjoying the local amenities.

Located less than ten miles from downtown Seattle, the Hyatt Regency is part of the 6-million-square-foot, state-of-the-art hospitality, dining, and shopping district known as The Bellevue Collection.

High-End Shopping with Luxury Accommodations

Hyatt Regency Bellevue is one of three luxury hotels anchoring The Bellevue Collection, along with The Westin Bellevue and the W Bellevue. The Hyatt alone offers more than 700 rooms, four restaurants, an indoor lap pool, and a 7,000-square-foot fitness facility. Three pedestrian sky bridges provide seamless connections between the hotels and The Bellevue Collection, offering a first-class shopping experience in the immediate vicinity.

“Our contemporary hotel caters to discerning guests who value a clean, safe and sophisticated environment with immediate connections to what matters most,” says Kristi Kosmata, Director of Sales & Marketing. “The Hyatt Regency Bellevue is a ‘One Stop Experience’ providing a variety of restaurants, nightlife, entertainment, galleries, and personal services within The Bellevue Collection.”

People Come From Afar to Shop and Stay

Locals aren’t the only ones enjoying the amenities available in Bellevue.

Kemper Freeman, owner and developer of The Bellevue Collection explains, “Research shows Bellevue has become a shopping destination for people of the same demographic who live in other states but don’t have access to the shopping options Bellevue offers. For instance, visitors fly in from Alaska on average three times a year to shop and stay at The Bellevue Collection.

Bellevue is right up there with Chicago and San Francisco as one of three shopping destinations high-end clientele regularly fly to.”

Freeman continues, “I go out to meet people shopping and staying here and find they come from Canada, Wyoming, Montana, Alaska, Oregon, and Idaho. Twenty percent of the visitors who come here travel from those areas.”

Hyatt Regency Bellevue Offers Upscale Amenities

The Hyatt Regency Bellevue hosts 731 rooms, including 38 suites. You’ll find Hyatt’s signature luxury pillowtop mattress and a 60″ smart flat-screen TV in each room, along with all the amenities guests have come to expect from this high-end brand. Turn-down service is available upon request.

For a view of the Olympic and Cascade mountain ranges, the Seattle skyline, and Lake Washington, be sure to reserve a high-floor room.

“I’ve traveled many places around the world, and the Hyatt Regency Bellevue was a delight to stay in,” says Palle Bo with The Radio Vagabond. “My room was spacious with a beautiful view, and the hotel had all the comforts needed for a very pleasant stay. The best part, though, is the location. You simply can’t beat it!”

Fitness and Recreational Facilities

Guests are invited to use the 25-meter indoor heated swimming pool, best used for laps with its five lanes. There’s no need to skip your workout with free access to the Hyatt StayFit gym. It offers 3 Pelotons, free weights, and a variety of cardio and strength training equipment. Cooled towels are provided complimentary, adding a posh touch to your training.

Three golf courses are nearby, and close access to many outdoor adventures, such as biking, kayaking, and skiing. Guests will find miles of hiking trails in and around Bellevue.

First Class Dining Options

When it comes to dining, guests have many options to contemplate. While breakfast isn’t included in the stay, the hotel’s award-winning breakfast restaurant is an excellent choice. Eques offers diners an extravagant Pacific Northwest-themed buffet, as well as mouthwatering, a-la-cart dishes made with locally sourced ingredients.

Margarita Ibbott of Downshifting Pro shares this about a recent visit to Eques, “One of the most luxurious breakfast buffets I’ve ever had in my life. I’m not sure what l loved more, the copious Pacific salmon (baked or smoked) or the raw honey. Every part of the honeycomb – from the honey to the beeswax – is edible. Nothing compared to this delectable treat.”

Other nearby options include Daniel’s Broiler, Seattle’s only major steakhouse that’s open all three meals a day. It features a piano bar, an extravagant list of wines, and the option of heated outdoor dining. 13 Coins is perfect for ordering room service, while Suite serves up a club-like atmosphere for those wanting some nightlife.

Arts and Entertainment

While shopping is undoubtedly a major draw for guests of the Hyatt Regency, the city of Bellevue offers plenty of entertainment options. Guests can walk to nearby venues such as the very popular Forum Social House, Lucky Strike Lanes, Power Play Arcade, and an IMAX theater.

Other local choices include Bellevue Arts Museum, Bellevue Botanical Gardens, and the Bellevue Downtown Park, a 21-acre setting with a half-mile promenade perfect for spending time outdoors.

Major Events Near Hyatt Regency Bellevue

For some, staying at the Hyatt Regency Bellevue at Christmas time is an annual tradition. Each year, The Bellevue Collection hosts Snowflake Lane, a high-energy 20-minute parade that runs for 30 days leading up to Christmas Day.

Base Camp To Explore Washington

Bellevue is uniquely situated in the center of western Washington, making it the perfect location to stay while making day trips to explore nearby attractions. Mt. Rainer is less than two hours south, while the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival is just over an hour north, with many exciting points of interest in between.

Washington has plenty of beautiful locations for visitors to explore, and Hyatt Regency Bellevue stands ready to welcome all who do.

This article was produced by Our Woven Journey and syndicated by Wealth of Geeks.

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The 19 Best Subscription Boxes That Are Worth Every Penny | Wealth of Geeks

If you’re looking for a subscription box for yourself or a gift, you’ll find something you’ll love here. We’ve gathered the best subscription boxes for kids, adults, and pets in a wide range of categories.

This list wasn’t easy to narrow down, as there is a lot to choose from. That’s why we’ve only included the ones we love and are the best subscription boxes available right now.

Best Subscription Boxes for Kids

We know kids have a wide range of interests, and even the busiest kids will love to open one of these boxes every month. You can find a complete list of the best subscription boxes for kids here.


KiwiCo has to be at the top of our list as the best subscription for kids. They have a subscription for a wide range of kids to adults, all focusing on STEM education (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).

They provide all the materials for their hands-on projects, from making robots and rockets to engineering catapults. KiwiCo has nine lines of boxes dedicated to different subjects and ages from 0 to 100 years old. You can find a review of KiwiCo’s entire offering here.


Lovevery is a toddler subscription with toys designed to stimulate and challenge your little ones. Everything Lovevery provides goes through rigorous testing to support your child’s brain development.

What makes Lovevery different? The high-quality and well-considered subscription packages focuses on babies to kids up to four years old. To see inside the boxes, check out this review of Lovevery.

Green Kid Crafts

If your kids love science and art, this is their subscription.

Green Kid Crafts is a fantastic blend of education and arts. Each box includes activities for kids incorporating science and technology with an arts and crafts project. With two lines for kids 3 to 5, and 5 to 12, you’ll surely find something they will enjoy.


Kidpik is a clothing subscription box for kids. Signing up is easy after a short questionnaire of what your kids like and their style. From this, Kidpik will send you a box of eight items that offer total comfort and style from head to toe, including the option of shoes!

What if they don’t like something? Well, that’s fine; after your kids try it on, you can still return any item with free shipping.

Best Subscription Boxes for Moms

Moms have a lot of responsibilities and activities to manage. As if that weren’t enough, it can sometimes seem like there’s not enough time in the day for them to treat themselves. Sometimes moms just need to be spoiled, and we’re here to help!


TheraBox is a monthly self-care box containing activities and products that promote joy and relaxation. Therapists curate the box for mothers that need a break.

TheraBox also makes a great gift for any woman. It will give the person you care about something to look forward to every month, knowing they are getting some great self-care products and activities to help relieve stress.


Who doesn’t love fresh burning candles that fill the air? Each month you’ll receive two candles and another gift from Vellabox that any mother would love.

These aren’t regular candles; they have crafted scents that elevate the experience through scent, design, and quality. Best of all, they match the scents to the seasons.

Stitch Fix

It’s challenging to gift clothes, but with Stitch Fix, all the guesswork is done for you.

Stitch Fix sends a box of clothing made to your mother’s desired style, either monthly, bimonthly, or on demand. By answering a friendly quiz and using her measurements, she’ll get the help of a personal stylist to obtain fashionable clothing.

Best Subscription Boxes for Dads

Are you looking for a great gift to give the dads in your life? Look no further! With so many options out there, it can be difficult to know what subscription box will make the best impression. We’ve narrowed down the best ones.

Dollar Shave Club

Does the Dad in your life shave? Of course he does! So why not get them a gift that keeps on giving? Not only does this ensure they are well taken care of, but it also keeps him from over-buying expensive razors for himself and letting them sit in the bathroom cupboard to be forgotten.

The Dollar Shave Club delivers razors and accessories tailored toward an individual. After a small survey of their needs and habits, Dollar Shave Club will supply them with everything they need. Too much of one thing and not another? Not a problem; Dollar Shave Club will adjust times and supplies.

Craft Beer Club

Craft Beer is all the rage, so why not jump on board with a subscription of your own? Find something you like by receiving 12 to 24 different brews each month. With thousands of microbreweries starting over the past few years, you’ll never have the same order twice, and you’ll be sure to find your new favorite brew.

Mystery Tackle Box

Just about every Dad loves fishing – it combines the peacefulness of the outdoors with the excitement of catching a prize-winning fish. Whether you are a seasoned angler or just starting out, having the right fishing tackle can make all the difference. Fortunately, with the Mystery Tackle Box fishing subscription, you can get your hands on the best gear without breaking the bank.

Best Subscription Boxes for Foodies

If you consider yourself a foodie, you know that trying new culinary experiences can be an exciting adventure. Thanks to subscription boxes, finding foods that you like and finding something new has become easier than ever.

Subscription boxes are a great way for foodies to explore flavors and ingredients from different regions without leaving their homes.


HelloFresh is a food subscription for your family, and you can adjust the subscription to any size. First, you’ll decide on your food preferences, such as meat or only vegetables. You decide on how many meals, and if you prefer something quick and easy or don’t mind longer preparation for more options.

Based on your preferences, HelloFresh will send you delicious ingredients needed for a few meals. It comes in an insulated box with ice blocks, so don’t worry about the quality; everything will stay fresh!


ButcherBox is the best gift for a meat lover! Great cuts of meats delivered to your door, from 100% grass-fed beef, free-range organic chicken, pork-raised crate-free, and wild-caught seafood options. You’ll always have something to grill or prepare in your favorite way.

They also have fantastic meal planning and recipes for preparing your meat.

Seasonal Pasta

It’s always the perfect time for enjoying delicious pasta dishes. Whether you’re a pasta connoisseur or just beginning to explore the world of Italian cuisine, a seasonal pasta subscription box is an excellent option for discovering new flavors and recipes.

This pasta subscription is 100% organic Brooklyn-made small-batch pasta. Each month you’ll enjoy a shipment that includes two 16 oz. boxes of pasta, recipe cards, and a monthly letter. It’s a great way of trying something new!

Best Subscription Boxes for Pets

Having a pet can be an amazing experience, and it is important to make sure that your beloved companion gets all the care they deserve. One way to do this is to sign up for subscription boxes specifically designed for pets. These boxes come with various items, such as toys, treats, grooming supplies, and more!


BarkBox is designed by dog people, for dog people. Each monthly BarkBox comes with treats and chew toys. What we love is that each box is themed. Our favorite is the Star Wars theme, where your beloved hairy pet gets to chew on Chewey from Star Wars!

You choose the treat they enjoy the most, chicken, beef, or turkey, and the size of the chew toys is designed for the size of your dog.


PupBox is another pet subscription like BarkBox, but they will customize the toys and treats to your dog’s age. As your pup ages, PupBox will update what’s delivered as long as you’re still subscribed.

Dogs, like us, have many different needs. From potty training and teething to learning to play fetch and loving car rides. PupBox provides everything they will ever need, including treats, chew toys, training material, and accessories like leashes, collars, and grooming goodies.


Meowbox is a monthly or bimonthly subscription that provides your cats with loads of fun items specially curated to match each pet’s individual needs. Cat treats, toys, and, of course, a box for your cat to play in!

Something fun about Meowbox is its adorable monthly themes. You can choose or let Meowbox surprise you.

Best Book Subscriptions

Are you always looking for new books to add to your collection? If so, consider trying one of the many book subscription services available today. With a book subscription service, you can get great books delivered right to your door each month.

Once Upon a Book Club

Once Upon A Book Club is a unique subscription that brings a novel to life. Each box features a new book and 3-4 accessories adapted from the story. Post-it notes on the pages indicate when to open one of the accessories.

We love that this is a twist to the normal subscription of just receiving a new book every month. Once Upon a Book Club goes the extra mile by adding gifts inspired by the story.

Owl Crate

Owl Crate offers two book subscriptions, one for middle school-aged kids and another for young adults.

What’s included? A new book signed by the author with a handwritten letter from them. Unique bookish goodies, collectible pins, and Owl Crates monthly magazine. The same is included for the younger book subscription with an additional book, games, and stickers. To get an idea of how your crate will be, look at their past crates.

Hunt a Killer

Hunt a Killer subscription isn’t your typical book club. It is more of a game for murder mystery fans.

Each month, you’ll receive a box that contains items such as autopsy reports, witness statements, and many more. Investigate the killer with the help of these clues. The final episode concludes with the culprit being caught!

Examine documents, dig into suspects’ motives and relationships, and establish a timeline of events. From there, put all the clues together and bring the murderer to justice.

Wrapping up Best Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are an exciting way to explore new products and get surprised with exciting goodies every month. You can find a subscription box tailored to just about any interest, from kids, moms, dads, and food, to pets. Not only do they make great gifts, but they also provide an easy way to access and discover new products!

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Krystal DeVille is an avid believer in the power of education, particularly in STEM fields. She is a dedicated homeschool mom to three amazing children and the founder of STEM Education Guide. Her mission is to make science, technology, engineering, and mathematics accessible to everyone by providing resources for teachers, parents, and students alike.

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19 Fun Springtime Toddler Activities | Wealth of Geeks

Spring is here, and it’s time to get your toddler outside to explore the world around them.

To help you out, we have put together a list of 19 fun toddler activities to keep your toddler entertained while helping them learn something new. From outdoor nature scavenger hunts to indoor art projects, these activities will surely be a hit with your little one.

So grab some snacks and head outdoors or stay inside for creative play – either way, your toddler will love these springtime activities!

1. Nature Treasure Hunt

Springtime is an ideal time to get your toddlers outdoors and explore. One fun family activity to try is a nature treasure hunt. Provide each child with a bag or an egg carton that they can fill with treasures they find as they explore.

Encourage them to point out things they encounter, such as a flower or an acorn. If you live near a park or area with plenty of trees and plants, they’ll be able to explore while learning more about flora and fauna around them.

A nature treasure hunt is a great way to get your little ones exploring the outdoors while teaching them about different plants and animals.

2. Vegetable Painting

Grab some non-toxic paint (or make edible paint using water, cornstarch, and food coloring), paper, and vegetable scraps such as lettuce ends or cut-up bell peppers. Let your toddler dip the veggie slices in paint colors of their choice, and then press them onto a sheet of paper.

This activity for toddlers may be just as messy as finger painting, but it’s sure to bring out their creative side as they explore different colors and textures while making fun prints. After they finish creating their masterpiece, hang up their art in their playroom for them to admire their artwork.

3. Have Your Child Help With Simple Chores

Have your toddler help with simple chores around the house that are age-appropriate.

For example, have them climb up on a learning tower and help make orange juice. This simple activity can help develop hand-eye coordination while being a stimulating activity for your little one. It not only teaches them about food preparation but also allows them to join in on the family’s daily activities and feel like they are part of something important.

4. Plant Flowers or Vegetables

Planting flowers and vegetables can be one of the most rewarding pastimes to do with your toddler in the spring. Sow seeds in small pots and have your toddler help in watering them daily. It is a great and easy practical life activity for your child.

By helping water the plants, your child can practice pouring out water intentionally. Then, watch with your toddler as the seeds start to sprout.

5. Paint Rocks

If you are looking for unique activities for toddlers, why not gather some colorful stones from your local park or beach and get creative?

Give your toddler the freedom to choose which colors they would like to use to paint and design the rocks they found. They can paint stripes, polka dots, hearts, or whatever comes to mind – it’s all up to their limitless imagination.

Keep in mind that this might be a messy activity for toddlers. However, it’s a great sensory activity that they will surely enjoy. Once the rocks are completely dry, you can use them as fun decorations in your toddler’s room or the garden.

6. Play in The Jungle Gym or The Playground

As a parent, I’m always looking for ways to keep my toddler entertained during the spring. Playing in the jungle gym is a great way to engage your toddler while helping with their gross motor skill development.

Playtime at the jungle gym gives them the freedom to move while getting fresh air if they are playing outside. Plus, they will have lots of fun experiencing the different ways to maneuver around the obstacles like bridges and tunnels.

Alternatively, if it’s raining outside or you do not want to leave home, you can let your baby play in a pikler triangle instead.

7. Bird-watching

Grab binoculars and head outside for a fun bird-watching session with your toddler! Identify different types of birds that are near you, teach them about their habits, or explore what kind of food they like to eat.

This toddler activity is educational and a great way to instill a love of nature in your toddler from an early age.

8. Create a Fort

Why not build a fort if you are looking for indoor activities on a rainy day? Find a spot indoors (the best place is the living room!) and use bed sheets, pillows, and other materials you have around the house to make a cozy little toddler fort.

Let your toddler take the lead on making the fort, but ensure you are there to assist them. This toddler activity will surely provide hours of fun!

9. Have a Picnic

Pack a picnic basket with snacks and drinks for the family, and head outdoors for a picnic with your toddler. Let your toddler help you pick out the food you will bring, and ensure that you get their favorite snacks and toys.

Once you are at the park, lay down on the blanket, take out the food and drinks you packed, and be amazed by the beauty of springtime. This toddler activity will bring a smile to everyone’s faces as you enjoy some quality family time together in the warm sunshine.

10. Blow Bubbles

Head to your toddler’s favorite spot in the garden and let them help you blow bubbles! Springtime is the perfect time to blow bubbles outside, especially if your toddler starts getting bored indoors.

This toddler activity encourages sensory play as they try to pop all the bubbles before they drift away. Use store-bought bubble wands and teach your toddler how to blow small and big bubbles.

11. Fly a Kite

Take your toddler out on a windy day for some kite-flying fun!

First, let them pick the colors and design of the kite, or buy kites with unique designs at your local store (Walmart or the dollar store should have them). Then, when you’ve picked out the perfect kite, show them how to fly it safely.

This toddler activity is educational and a great way to get outdoors and enjoy the fresh spring air.

12. Color With Sidewalk Chalk

Grab some colorful sidewalk chalk and let your toddler go wild! They can draw whatever they like – the possibilities are endless. This toddler activity encourages creativity while teaching them about colors and shapes, so it’s a win-win for everyone involved.

13. Play Dress-up

Take out your toddler’s favorite costumes and let their imaginations run wild! Have pretend tea parties with stuffed animals, explore superhero powers, or try out different accents – this toddler activity will keep them entertained for hours!

14. Go on an Insect Hunt

Take a walk in your local park or nature reserve and hunt for different insects. Let your toddler observe the bugs and creatures they find, ask them questions about what they see, and let them explore their surroundings with you. This toddler activity encourages curiosity and appreciation of nature while also being fun!

15. Play Catch With Bean Bags

Encourage your child to practice their gross motor skills during toddler playtime with this activity. Set a target, or throw the bean bags back and forth for family fun.

16. Build Fairy Houses

Gather some natural materials – like leaves, twigs, stones, and moss – and help your toddler build their own fairy houses. They can decorate them with whatever they’d like or try to make a bridge out of sticks.

Building fairy houses is one of the super fun toddler activities that help develop creativity, problem-solving, and fine motor skills.

17. Arts and Crafts

For those rainy days when you just want to stay indoors, take out your art supplies (such as crayons or watercolor) and blank pieces of paper and let your child’s imagination run wild!

For younger toddlers, guide them and give them prompts on what kind of art they want to make. If your child is older, give them the freedom to figure out what they want to draw or paint. Once they’re done, remember to display their precious toddler art.

18. Jump in Puddles

The classic toddler activity – there’s nothing quite like jumping in puddles on a spring day! Help your busy toddler find all the biggest (and muddiest) puddles to splash around in, then take photos of their silly faces. This toddler activity is perfect for getting outdoors and having fun together.

19. Bake Something Yummy

Let your toddler help you bake something delicious – it can be as straightforward or complicated as they want. Let them measure the ingredients, stir and mix in the bowl, and lick the spoon afterward!

Baking is a great toddler activity that helps develop fine motor skills while teaching them about measurements and the importance of following directions.

This article was produced by Wealth of Geeks.

Arnie is the founder and creator of ArnieNicola.com, a website resource for first-time moms about pregnancy and motherhood. She is a CPA and a financial analyst by trade, and writes articles and runs her blog on the side. When she is not working or blogging, you can find her running after her very active toddler.

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