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Ever heard something about a popular thing or person and rolled your eyes so hard they could have fallen out of their sockets? Or maybe, you’ve heard one that made you go, “Yes! Why don’t more people choose to believe this?”

Either way, you’re not alone. I personally think conspiracy theories make the world so much more fun. And the fun thing about them is you never know if they are just “crazy” or if they are facts, hiding in plain sight.

Everyone has one of those hills they are willing to die on, and these Redditors feel strongly about their theories, as well as why they believe in them. Take a dive in.

1. Joe Jackson Exploiting Michael Jackson

Joe Jackson is the father of pop king Michael Jackson and talent manager of the Jackson family, but not many good words can be said about him. He was tagged “one of the most monstrous fathers in pop,” and was accused numerous times, even by the late Michael, of abusing and exploiting his children, amongst other heinous crimes.

u/peezle69 wrote, “100% believed Joe Jackson drugged Michael Jackson with puberty blockers to prolong his career.”

“‘Joe Jackson absolutely was the type of person to do that. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, JJ was a s***bag and I’m not even a little bit sorry he’s dead.”

2. Lip Balm Makes Your Lip Drier

How crazy is that?

u/typeA_sushi said, “A more plausible one (but still rather silly) is lip balm ingredients like phenol, menthol and salicylic acid actually making your lips drier, thus encouraging you to use more lip balm.”

And apparently, it’s no joke. “Totally believe this! I have a friend that started using Chapstick and was never able to stop using it….her lips were perpetually dry lol,” someone said.

3. Frozen is a Cover Up for Disney’s Secret

This one is a personal favorite.

“I love the idea of Disney making Frozen so that when people search “Disney Frozen” they’ll see the movie instead of the theory Walt Disney’s head was frozen and hidden somewhere in Disney land,” a Redditor wrote.

Believe it or not, many people actually do.

4. Cougars Are Not Extinct…Are They?

Someone’s been doing a lot of research:

“There are breeding populations of cougars in the US East of the Missouri River.

The US Fish and Wildlife Service has maintained that the population went extinct in 2011 and that all cougar sightings since that point have simply been individual vagrants that have wandered hundreds of miles East of their breeding grounds.”

Another replied: “There has to be. My husband I saw one in the Shawnee forest near Pomona Winery (Illinois). We would bring it up to locals and too many people had photos and game camera footage for there not to be at least a small number of them.”

More people reported sightings of cougars.

5. Ugly Sonic Was a Marketing Move

Ugly Sonic is the name of the original design for the Sonic The Hedgehog movie. It received major dislike from the public that it had to be reworked. Ugly Sonic regained attention as he is said to be a supporting character in the 2022 hybrid film Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers.

“They knew Ugly Sonic version one was going to get meme’d to h*ll by the internet. It was free marketing and hype,” a Redditor said.

6. Men’s Deodorant Trumps Women’s Deodorants

I believe in this, too.

u/UrgentlyOrnery knows the truth, and wants everyone else to know it, too.

“I’m like 99% sure women’s “clinical” super expensive deodorant is the same as men’s regular deodorant. I’ve been using men’s unscented deodorant for years and have had great results. I know the truth!”

7. Mattresses Stores Are Huge, Fluffy Fronts

“Mattress stores are fronts for money laundering operations,” u/xxplodingboy said.

“Locations ridiculously over-saturating the market, never hiring, no advertising, sales, or customers, yet open day in and day out without fail. If not money laundering, then something else shady.”

“I’ve heard the statement ‘the best financially strategy is hiding your money in your mattress’ maybe they just left out the last part: mattress store,” u/LifeBuilder replied.

And now, I’m really intrigued.

8. Women’s Clothing Lack Pockets for a Reason

Someone’s theory is: “The reason why women’s clothing still doesn’t have pockets is to sustain the entire bags industry.”

u/Svanbiird didn’t think so: “For anyone that actually believes this, answer me why brands that make jeans but not bags would ever go along with it? They wouldn’t, they would just make jeans with pockets, which there are tons of brands that do, but women don’t buy them. This conspiracy is just a reddit meme.”

9. It’s The Rich vs Poor, Always

u/LawRecordings believes, “That after Occupy Wall Street, the rich feared the new French Revolution and are now investing heavily in artificially inflating tensions (race, sexual orientation, trans, conservative vs progressive, etc) via the media.”

“The peasants won’t overthrow the king if they’re fighting each other. Remember guys, the media is a tool to keep us divided. Its really about rich vs poor, not group A vs group B.”

10. Michael Jackson’s True Parents Are Not Who You Think They Are

Yup, according to a Redditor, who provided a lengthy post to support their claim. While the Google only has records of Joe Jackson and Katherine Jackson being the pop star’s parents, u/jarjarmario strongly believes otherwise.

“I am convinced that Diana Ross and Smokey Robinson are Michael Jackson’s actual parents. (All credit to YouTube channel An American Scheme).”

“That’s why he was the talent in the Jackson family and why there were rumors that he was Evan Ross’s father (they both look like Diana). Smokey would’ve been 18 and Diana 14 years old when Michael was born so Berry Gordy arranged to have the kid given to his old boxing buddy and fellow musician from Chicago, Joe Jackson, who he would fund leading to the formation of the Jackson 5.”

Unfortunately, Michael passed on in 2009 and can neither acknowledge nor dispute the claim.

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