Queer Sporting Alliance boosting gender diversity in sport

In March this year, the Queer Sporting Alliance (QSA) took out the Outstanding Contribution to Sport Award at the Victorian Pride Awards.

The QSA is Australia and New Zealand’s largest LGBTIQA+ sporting club, and the award recognises its ongoing efforts to provide queer-friendly sporting environments and events.

They have included Australia’s first and largest queer basketball tournament, which featured more than 180 players from around Australia and took place on Wurundjeri Country in the northern suburbs of Naarm/Melbourne in January 2024.

The QSA’s focus is on participation and creating a space for those who have previously been excluded from sport.

The QSA focuses on creating safe spaces for those who have previously been excluded from sport. (Supplied: Kirsty Marshall)

Some participants had not played basketball in many years before the tournament, and for some it was their first time stepping onto a court.

The tournament, and all QSA programs, welcome queer folk as well as straight allies.

“It was like Mardi Gras but for gays who love sport,” participant Jethro Athlas said.

“It was my dream come true.”

QSA president Stella Lesic said the tournament was significant because it ensured players of any gender identity could participate.

Queer Sporting Alliance President Stella Lesic defends the basketball

Queer Sporting Alliance president Stella Lesic said the tournament did not require players to out themselves.(Supplied: Monique Clarke)

“The tournament didn’t require any player to out themselves [unless they wanted to] or have a referee assume their gender for the purpose of applying mixed/gendered basketball rules,” they said.

“Particularly for players taking steps to gender affirmation or who have experienced transphobia in sport, our tournament and the QLeague are game-changing.

“For the first time in basketball’s history, players could just play.”

Associate professor Ada Cheung is a clinician, scientist and endocrinologist specialising in the treatment of transgender individuals and sees the benefits the QSA brings to the community.

“What QSA does is beneficial, not just for queer people, but for everybody,” she says.

“[At] the grassroots level, there needs to be much more of a focus on participation [for gender diverse people].”

Woman with short hair wearing a red shirt and black jacket, sitting in an office.

Ada Cheung says there should be more focus on the participation of gender diverse people in sport. (ABC News)

Bringing queer people back to basketball

Athlas started basketball at 11 years old and played until they came out as non-binary at 23.

“I felt I couldn’t show up as me with the binary rules of a regular competition and I didn’t have many other queer friends at the time to make a team that felt safe,” they said.

Fellow tournament participant Leigh Seelie had a similar story of dropping out of sport after coming out as trans.

“I played on and off during my adulthood and stopped around four years ago as I started to transition,” she said.

“I did not feel that the captain of my team would accept me as they had made a number of transphobic posts on Facebook.

“I did not find a new team as I was concerned about how people would react to me playing and I did not want to be spotlighted.

“When the [QSA] tournament came up, I was very excited to play … It felt like a great opportunity to play a sport I loved again.”

The referee awards a four point shot in the QSA basketball tournament

Many QSA tournament participants have similar stories of dropping out of mainstream sport. (Supplied: Kirsty Marshall)

While at first Seelie felt “overwhelmed” about playing in the tournament after time away from the game, she said her team made her feel very welcome.

“I felt a huge amount of joy just being able to be me and play a game I loved,” she said.

With more than 1,000 members registered around Australia, the QSA has also seen an influx of straight, cisgender men and women joining the club.

“QLeague is a joy,” QSA regular and ally Greg Craske said.

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Chris Hayes is furious at the prospect of Florida kids not being physically and chemically mutilated

We’d suggest that someone at MSNBC do a wellness check on “All In” host Chris Hayes, but we already know what they’ll find when they show up at his house: a broken man in a fetal position, ranting incoherently about Ron DeSantis. And crying into his sweater, of course.

DeSantis has broken poor Chris’ already-fragile little brain by — *checks notes* — officially criminalizing the physical and chemical mutilation of minor children in the name of “gender affirmation.”

This was Chris last night on his show:

If you look closely enough, you can see the spittle forming in the corners of his mouth.

That’s an important point. It’s not as though Ron DeSantis pulled a Joe Biden and did an end-run around the legislature and issued a decree. The state house and senate passed the law, and DeSantis signed it.

And you know what? DeSantis was right to sign it. Because not only does it defend parental rights, but it defends the rights of minor children as well. Minor children who are not old enough to consent to radical surgery and chemical interventions.

Honest answer: Chris Hayes is pro-child-mutilation. Don’t take our word for it; take Chris’. His meltdown spilled over onto Twitter, where he continued to shame the people who are taking action to protect minor children. Action that is sadly necessary in 2023 because there are sickos out there like Chris Hayes who think 12-year-old girls need elective mastectomies and 12-year-old boys need their penises chopped off and the scraps twisted into something resembling a mangled vagina.

If we have kids, and we have to choose between trusting Chris Hayes or Ron DeSantis to have their best interests at heart, we’re picking Ron DeSantis every time. We’re picking the guy who isn’t fighting for the nonexistent “right” to wreak lifelong havoc on children’s developing bodies and brains.

Maybe when Chris was a kid, he needed someone to care about his developing brain, and nobody did. That would certainly explain how he ended up where he is now.

For Chris, it’s very simple: if it’s not woke, he’s against it.

Do you, though, Chris? How can you truly oppose it if you think it’s wrong for Ron DeSantis to give parents the right to know what medical procedures are being performed on their kids?

Ding, ding, ding!

Because he’s a hypocrite who, like Karine Jean-Pierre and Joe Biden et al., thinks all your children are belong to the State.

Spoiler alert: They’re not the good guys.

No! Mutilate them, says Chris. It’s healthy!

“It’s entirely about the ideology and not the medicine.” And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call shameless projection. The medicine says that puberty blockers are not only not reversible, but that they can cause lifelong health problems, including sexual dysfunction and sterility. It’s the people whose chief concern is pushing the ideology who pose a threat to vulnerable children who may or may not genuinely be struggling with their sexuality. Chris falls into that latter category. Chris is one of those people.

Again, it’ll be a cold day in hell before we allow Chris Hayes to have a say in what is and is not healthy for our kids.

Just admit it, Chris. Or — and we cannot emphasize this enough — you have the right to get bent.



Texas mom’s reaction to Texas bill banning ‘gender-affirmation care’ has us terrified for her kids


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Oliver Willis goes corncob in fight with Jesse Singal over NYT’s ‘bigoted coverage’ of trans issues

As we told you, New York Times publisher A.G. Sulzburger told employees yesterday that last month, one employee was allegedly spat on by a passerby angry about the Times’ coverage of trans issues, which, in including perspectives from people critical of things like transitioning children, somehow renders the paper transphobic.

That’s complete BS, of course, but plenty of tolerant lefties out there are either dismissing the alleged incident as no big deal or outright defending it. And it’s only natural that Oliver Willis would be one of them:

Journalist and podcaster Jesse Singal, who is very much a liberal, has nonetheless done a great deal of research on the dangers — physical, emotional, mental, and psychological — of “gender-affirming care” for children. And he took issue with Willis’ insinuation that the New York Times’ skirt was too short. So, like any good and reasonable journalist, he asked Willis to provide some supporting evidence:

And you’ll never guess what happened next! OK, you will. Because this is Oliver Willis we’re dealing with and he literally cannot help himself.

Uh-oh … Oliver’s projecting again.

Challenge accepted, Jesse:

Wait … that’s it? That’s the proof that the New York Times hates trans people?

Not that you needed any further proof that Oliver Willis is not a serious person, but that right there is further proof that Oliver Willis is not a serious person.

Uh-oh, Oliver … looks like that swipe at Jesse Singal didn’t work, either. Singal’s clearly no right-wing radical by any stretch of the imagination. So.

Apparently Oliver is unfamiliar with the old adage “quit while you’re behind.”

Oliver Willis has only one setting, and it’s “GLUTTON FOR PUNISHMENT.”

Come on, Oliver. If the New York Times is pushing so much anti-trans propaganda, it shouldn’t take you any time to find numerous examples. Just answer the question, Oliver.

Media Matters? Yeah, OK. We’re officially done here.

Wonder why that is.



‘Transphobic grifter’ Jesse Singal outed as a proponent of ‘trans genocide’

Jesse Singal: Libs just can’t imagine anyone objecting to gender-affirming care for kids


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Daily Wire host’s thread takes deep, disturbing dive into Lia Thomas’ social media circle

Last year, University of Kentucky swimming star Riley Gaines spoke out about being displaced by trans UPenn swimmer Lia Thomas on the awards podium despite tying for fifth place in the NCAA women’s championship 200-meter freestyle race. Thomas received a trophy that day, while Gaines did not:

Speaking with The Daily Wire in a phone conversation, Riley Gaines said that as NCAA officials were handing out trophies on the podium following the race, he said:  “Hey, I just want to let you know, we only have one fifth place trophy, so yours will be coming in the mail. We went ahead and gave the fifth place trophy to Lia, but you can pose on the podium with the sixth place trophy.”

“I just want you to know that we respect you and admire your swim so much, but we just want Lia to hold the fifth place trophy,” the official responded, according to Gaines, who The Daily Wire said  “laughed incredulously… as she repeated his words.”

“I was probably running my mouth a little more than I should,” she said. “I told the guy, ‘I don’t think that’s that’s right, and I don’t think that’s fair. There’s no dispute that only one of us can hold the trophy, but I think given the circumstances, you’re just trying to save face a little bit.’”

Gaines went on to be increasingly outspoken about what she viewed — correctly — as an affront to women’s sports. She even got suspended from Twitter for a while for her vocal opposition to Thomas being allowed to compete as a woman despite being biologically male.

Lia Thomas was nominated last July for NCAA’s Woman of the Year. So was Gaines. But of the two of them, only Gaines had earned her nomination.

Gaines recently sat down for an interview on The Daily Wire’s sports-focused show “Crain & Company,” and apparently the interview lit an investigative fire under Jake Crain et al. In an extensive and disturbing thread, Crain reveals some of the material they found in their quest to learn more about Lia Thomas — and the company Thomas allegedly keeps:

You can read Wawro’s thread here. It’s quite disturbing in its own right.

Here’s the interview:

Now, to be clear, we’re not here to pass judgment on Lia Thomas’ or Gwen Weiskopf’s being trans. That’s their prerogative. But their decision to live their lives as trans women becomes a problem when it interferes negatively in the lives of other people, people like Riley Gaines. Thomas’ presence has disrupted Gaines and other elite female college swimmers’ athletic careers, not to mention made Gaines et al. feel physically uncomfortable and violated, as was the case when Thomas was allowed to change in the women’s changing room. The NCAA should take serious issue with that as well as with the troubling and genuinely problematic social media posts done by and involving Thomas.

Is Thomas really NCAA Woman of the Year material? Or would she be better intensive therapy material? It would appear that the answer can only be the latter.

The sooner, the better.


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