Chris Hayes is furious at the prospect of Florida kids not being physically and chemically mutilated

We’d suggest that someone at MSNBC do a wellness check on “All In” host Chris Hayes, but we already know what they’ll find when they show up at his house: a broken man in a fetal position, ranting incoherently about Ron DeSantis. And crying into his sweater, of course.

DeSantis has broken poor Chris’ already-fragile little brain by — *checks notes* — officially criminalizing the physical and chemical mutilation of minor children in the name of “gender affirmation.”

This was Chris last night on his show:

If you look closely enough, you can see the spittle forming in the corners of his mouth.

That’s an important point. It’s not as though Ron DeSantis pulled a Joe Biden and did an end-run around the legislature and issued a decree. The state house and senate passed the law, and DeSantis signed it.

And you know what? DeSantis was right to sign it. Because not only does it defend parental rights, but it defends the rights of minor children as well. Minor children who are not old enough to consent to radical surgery and chemical interventions.

Honest answer: Chris Hayes is pro-child-mutilation. Don’t take our word for it; take Chris’. His meltdown spilled over onto Twitter, where he continued to shame the people who are taking action to protect minor children. Action that is sadly necessary in 2023 because there are sickos out there like Chris Hayes who think 12-year-old girls need elective mastectomies and 12-year-old boys need their penises chopped off and the scraps twisted into something resembling a mangled vagina.

If we have kids, and we have to choose between trusting Chris Hayes or Ron DeSantis to have their best interests at heart, we’re picking Ron DeSantis every time. We’re picking the guy who isn’t fighting for the nonexistent “right” to wreak lifelong havoc on children’s developing bodies and brains.

Maybe when Chris was a kid, he needed someone to care about his developing brain, and nobody did. That would certainly explain how he ended up where he is now.

For Chris, it’s very simple: if it’s not woke, he’s against it.

Do you, though, Chris? How can you truly oppose it if you think it’s wrong for Ron DeSantis to give parents the right to know what medical procedures are being performed on their kids?

Ding, ding, ding!

Because he’s a hypocrite who, like Karine Jean-Pierre and Joe Biden et al., thinks all your children are belong to the State.

Spoiler alert: They’re not the good guys.

No! Mutilate them, says Chris. It’s healthy!

“It’s entirely about the ideology and not the medicine.” And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call shameless projection. The medicine says that puberty blockers are not only not reversible, but that they can cause lifelong health problems, including sexual dysfunction and sterility. It’s the people whose chief concern is pushing the ideology who pose a threat to vulnerable children who may or may not genuinely be struggling with their sexuality. Chris falls into that latter category. Chris is one of those people.

Again, it’ll be a cold day in hell before we allow Chris Hayes to have a say in what is and is not healthy for our kids.

Just admit it, Chris. Or — and we cannot emphasize this enough — you have the right to get bent.



Texas mom’s reaction to Texas bill banning ‘gender-affirmation care’ has us terrified for her kids


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NY Mag senior writer explains how ‘parental rights movement’ is so dangerous to kids and democracy

Apparently we missed this little gem from New York Magazine’s Sarah Jones over the weekend. And we’re worse off for it, because it was actually an impressive display of weapons-grade insanity with a healthy dose of projection.

You’re gonna love this, you guys:

Jones writes:

State laws passed by conservative Republicans have made LGBTQ children in particular more vulnerable to abuse at home by practically requiring schools to out them to their parents. The denial of gender-affirming care is another act of violence. Far-right activists invent tales of wanton surgeries on minors and irreversible hormonal treatments. In doing so, they obscure the high suicide rate among LGBT youth who need gender-affirming care as a matter of life or death. Children who work may be exposed to adult dangers, like workplace injury or sexual harassment. In the home and at school, children must also fear gun violence in the name of the Second Amendment. Adults who encourage the proliferation of guns do so knowing well that children will die. In their hierarchy, the adult right to a gun is worth more than the child‘s right to live. Reduced to the level of a collectible or a beloved pet, the child is not a person to the right.

Only the unborn are spared the right’s cruelty. Conservatives claim personhood for the fetus, who cannot disobey and requires nothing but a womb. The fetus is more valuable than the child because the fetus is a means to an end: the subjugation of women. Once born, a child’s value depreciates. The parental right to “train” the child takes precedence over the child’s basic rights. There are ways to circumvent a child’s established right to an education, as conservatives know. Homeschooling laws are so lax in the U.S. that thousands of children have essentially disappeared into an academic void. Even if a child goes to public school, chronic underfunding deprives many children, especially in poor areas, of a sound education. In much of the country, trans youth aren’t treated like people with medical needs but political targets. This is ownership, and the U.S. rarely interferes. There is one exception to the right’s belief in absolute parental rule: trans-affirming parents. A defiant parent is a threat to the right. They’ve stepped out of place and must be subdued.

There is no way to control a child forever. My parents learned that much. I hid books from them and discovered different ways of thinking through literature and furtive online searching. In relatively short order, I became an atheist and a socialist, a fate so dire that a former trustee at my Evangelical college told me he hoped my parents died before they knew the truth. (They did not share his sentiment.) If my example means anything, it’s this: Children are not dogs to train but adults in formation. They will learn, someday soon, that the future belongs to them. What they do with that knowledge matters to everyone. Children aren’t private property, then, but a public responsibility. To expand our democratic project to children is to grant them the security the right seeks to deny them: education, health care, shelter, food. A better America begins with the child.

Isn’t that special?

Congratulations on making The List, Sarah. You’ve definitely earned your spot on it.

Sarah really, really doesn’t want parents to look out for and take care of their kids. Not when The State — and lefties like Sarah, of course — knows better.

Go on, Sarah. Just try it.


Parents, don’t let your kids grow up to be Sarah Jones.



‘Please keep talking’! NY Mag’s Sarah Jones explains how the GOP is the party of far-Right ‘household tyrants’ who want a say in their kids’ educations


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