IND vs ENG 1st Test Day 1 Highlights: Yashasvi Jaiswal, Spinners Shine As India Dominate England | Cricket News

IND vs ENG 1st Test Day 1 Highlights: Yashasvi Jaiswal scored unbeaten 76 on opening day.© BCCI

India vs England, 1st Test Day 1 Highlights: Yashasvi Jaiswal and spinners shone on the opening day as India posted 119 for 1 by the end of play on Thursday. Getting an invitation to bowl first in Hyderabad, the hosts bowled out England for 246 with the home team spinners sharing eight wickets between them. Stokes top-scored for the guests with 70 off 88 balls. Ravindra Jadeja and Ravichandran Ashwin bagged three wickets apiece while there were two each for Axar Patel and Jasprit Bumrah. In reply, Jaiswal’s impressing knock made sure India remained on top. (Scorecard)

Here are the Highlights of India vs England 1st Test Day 1, Straight from Hyderabad

  • 16:44 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: Stumps on Day 1!

    That is Stumps on the first day of the 1st Test between India and England in Hyderabad. The Rohit Sharma-led side will be really happy with the kind of performance. They first bowled England out for 246 and then posted 119/1, thanks to Yahsasvi Jaiswal’s 76 off only 70 balls.

    IND 119/1 (23)

  • 16:41 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: FOUR!

    A full toss from Rehan Ahmed and Shubman Gill flicked it away for a four to wide of long-on. It was put well in the gap from the right-handed batter. That is also the first boundary from the bat of Gill. More 5 balls remaining in Day1’s play.

    IND 115/1 (22.1)

  • 16:37 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: SIX!

    That is a superb shot from Yashsavi Jaiswal for a six. He came down the track on the bowling of Rehan Ahmed and slammed the ball over the long-on fence for a big six. India are bossing this game at the moment. They trail England by 136 runs with two overs left in the innings.

    IND 110/1 (21)

  • 16:20 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: India aim to rebuild!

    The duo of Yashsavi Jaiswal and Shubman Gill have added 7 runs off 23 balls for the second wicket so far. Gill is taking his time as he is on 3 off 19 balls.

    IND 87/1 (16)

  • 16:12 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: England lose all 3 reviews!

    With a lot of dare, England used their only remaining review on an LBW call against Shubman Gill and it failed. The ball did hit Gill’s front pad but ball projection showed that it would have went over the stumps. Gill is lucky there and so unlucky are England.  

    IND 83/1 (13.2)

  • 16:07 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: OUT!

    Here is the first breakthrough for England! Rohit Sharma jumps out of his crease to play a big shot but instead lost his wicket. He hit the ball high in the air before Ben Stokes took the catch at around the mid-on region. Rohit departs at the score of 24 off 27 balls.

    IND 80/1 (12.2)

  • 15:59 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: Fifty!

    Fifty for Jaiswal! A four and that is the fifty for Jaiswal. He gets there in only 47 balls. What a knock this has been. He has completely dominated the England bowlers.

  • 15:55 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: FOUR!

    Fuller ball outside off stump from Jack Leach and Yashasvi Jaiswal drives it away for a four. The ball whizzed past the mid-off fielder for the boundary. Jaiswal is on 46 now.

    IND 72/0 (10.5)

  • 15:51 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: FOUR!

    A fuller ball from Tom Hartley and Rohit Sharma sweeps it for a four through the square leg region. Hartley has been really expensive for England, conceding 44 runs in 4.1 overs. 

    IND 68/0 (9.1)

  • 15:38 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: Expensive over!

    Tom Hartley conceded two fours in his third over. First Jaiswal hit a four down the ground before Rohit Sharma boasted his wristly flick to get another four in the over. A total of 9 runs came off it.

    IND 48/0 (6)

  • 15:28 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: FOUR!

    Short ball from Tom Hartley and that was pulled away for a four from Yashasvi Jaiswal. He is playing his shots here Jaiswal and that is a good strategy considering an older ball will not be easy to score runs.

    IND 29/0 (3.2)

  • 15:22 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: Foakes with a spear!

    This is hilarious! Ben Foakes crashed into the stumps and took out all three pegs. He was collecting Pope’s throw and lost his focus. Even the England players are having a laugh about it.

  • 15:16 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: Six runs!

    Jaiswal takes the aerial route! He welcomes Hartley to Test cricket with a six. Jaiswal didn’t get to the pitch but went through to clear wide long-on.

    IND: 12/0

  • 15:12 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: What a shot!

    Jaiswal is off the mark in a flash! He  is away in a jiffy as he whips him over square leg for four.

    IND: 4/0

  • 15:01 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: End of innings!

    That’s it! Bumrah knocks over Stokes (70) to end the innings. England are all out for 246. Three wickets each for Ashwin and Jadeja. Bumrah and Axar also bag a couple. 

  • 14:53 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: Stokes is on a mission!

    Stokes over the umpire’s head! Sweet timing on that one as it lands over long-off. Stunning shot. Rohit is scratching his head. Stokes moves to 65

    ENG: 241/9

  • 14:48 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: BOWLED HIM!

    Ashwin has knocked Wood over. He went for an expansive slog sweep, but misses it altogether as he’s way too early into the shot

    Mark Wood b Ashwin 11 (24)

    ENG: 234/9

  • 14:38 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: Stokes goes out of the park!

    50 up for Stokes with that six! This has been a calm and composed innings from the England captain. He has upped the tempo after the last wicket.

    ENG: 226/8

  • 14:36 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: Play resumes!

    We are back! So, the third and final session begins. England, with Stokes out there in the middle, have a realistic chance of touching 250. However, he needs Wood and Leach to bat deep with him.

  • 14:15 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: End of the session!

    England 215/8 in 59 overs (B Stokes 43*, M Wood 7*; R Jadeja 3/17) against India at Tea on Day 1.

    Good session of play with five wickets falling for 107 runs. Jadeja took two while Axar also bagged a couple. No wicket for Ashwin in this session.

  • 14:07 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: Stokes on fire!

    Stokes moves to 43! Three boundaries in that Jadeja over. The England captain has made up his mind. He is not going down without a fight. Looked really calm before Hartley got out

    ENG: 210/8

  • 14:00 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: Off-Stump Flattened!

    Catches Hartley off guard! He goes for a sweep but Jadeja manages to sneak in with a sharp turner. The ball drifted across from around the stumps and ripped back in from the rough

    Tom Hartley b Jadeja 23 (24)

    ENG: 193/8

  • 13:52 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: Six runs!

    Hartley goes the distance! No one at deep square and he has walloped this slog sweep for six.  We have the first six of the match. Excellent shot

    ENG: 184/7

  • 13:48 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: Stokes holds key!

    Stokes has looked very composed despite wickets falling at other end. Need someone to bat with him. Considering the reach he has, Stokes might be the only one who can tackle the Indian spinners.

    ENG: 174/7 (53)

  • 13:33 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: WICKET!

    Bumrah joins the party! Just kisses the inside edge and carried through to Bharat, who dives forward to complete an excellent catch. Ahmed departs

    Rehan Ahmed c Bharat b Bumrah 13 (18)

    ENG: 155/7

  • 13:25 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: Four runs!

    Just goes over Shreyas Iyer! Charges down the ground and hits it sweet enough to beat mid-on. Excellent shot from Rehan Ahmed

    ENG: 154/6

  • 13:08 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: WICKET!

    Edged and gone! Foakes had trusted his method but Axar gets the better of him. Axar gets his second and England are now six down

    Ben Foakes c Bharat b Patel 4 (24)

    ENG: 137/6

  • 13:00 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: Stokes-Foakes Key!

    Stokes and Foakes are taking this slow and easy! England need a partnership here. Anything over 200+ would be a bonus for England. Batting on this track will only get difficult

    ENG: 135/5 (41)

  • 12:46 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: Another one bites the dust!

    WICKET! England have lost half of their team. Root sweeps, Jadeja strikes… top-edged to short fine leg! India in complete control now

    Joe Root c Bumrah b Jadeja 29 (60)

    ENG: 125/5

  • 12:33 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: Bowled him!

    BOWLED HIM! Axar cleans up Bairstow with a jaffa. He was trapped on the crease and can’t cover the spin. The partnership is broken

    Jonny Bairstow b Patel 37 (58)

    ENG: 121/4

  • 12:27 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: Bairstow nearing his 50!

    Bairstow is 13 runs away from a hard-fought half-century. However, the Indian spinners have put their best foot forward after lunch.

    ENG: 118/3 (32)

  • 12:15 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: Play resumes after Lunch!

    We are back for the second session. England resume at 108/3. Bairstow is on 33 while Root is unbeaten on 18.

  • 11:50 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: Lunch time!

    We have to an end in this morning session. Root and Bairstow partnership coming up nicely. Three quick wickets for India after Duckett and Crawley’s fiery start for England

    ENG: 108/3

  • 11:24 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: Cut away by Bairstow!

    Flashed past slip! Bairstow shows quick wrists to find the gap. He’s played that late cut very effectively so far today

    ENG: 99/3 (24.3)

  • 11:16 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: Crunched to long-off!

    Ashwin misses his length! Another full toss and Bairstow obliges. He beats mid-off comfortably to his right. Excellent control on that shot

    ENG: 92/3 (21.6)

  • 11:09 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: Ball being changed!

    India have asked the question about the state of the ball. The umpire agrees that it has gone out of shape. They are changing it at the moment.

    ENG: 80/3 (20)

  • 10:52 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: What a catch!

    Ashwin strikes again! Crawley drills this straight to mid-off. The ball was dying on Siraj, but it looks like he managed to get fingers under it. Given out after a TV check from the third umpire

    Zak Crawley c Mohammed Siraj b Ashwin 20 (40)

    ENG: 60/3

  • 10:41 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: WICKET!

    Edged and taken! Turn, bounce, finds the outside edge and Rohit takes a good low catch. England have been rocked after a flying start

    Ollie Pope c Sharma b Jadeja 1 (11)

    ENG: 58/2

  • 10:27 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: OUT!

    Ashwin strikes! India finally have the breakthrough as Ashwin beats the inside edge of Duckett. Hit on the pads and umpire raises his finger. Duckett isn’t quite sure so he opts for DRS. Ashwin gets the umpire’s call. Duckett has to walk back 

    Ben Duckett lbw b Ashwin 35 (39)

    ENG: 55/1

  • 10:20 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: Duckett on the charge!

    Swept away by Duckett! He fetches it from middle-and-off, races to the square leg boundary. Has swept almost everything this morning

    ENG: 52/0 (10.5)

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