6 Best Places to Find Free Car Reports in 2023

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6 Places to Find Free Car Reports


VehicleHistory.com is a web-based comparison site that offers a free vehicle history online check, as well as compares different car models. For instance, in terms of owner reviews, car features, expert reviews and local prices.

Its reports are free, well-structured, informative and detailed—it doesn’t matter if you want to buy a vehicle or just learn more about it. As a result, you can leverage this information to make a wise decision that can save you about $39.99 per report.

Some of the details in the free report include:

  • Multiple owner histories
  • Damages from different environmental issues such as impacts, flood and fires
  • Service history
  • Odometer readings
  • Gas mileage

Researching a vehicle using the site is pretty straightforward.

You simply:

  1. Pop in a valid VIN within the free preview dialogue box
  2. And then obtain a full VIN report for free.

VehicleHistory.com Pros

  •  Provides a full free car report by just inputting its VIN
  • Offers accurate reports enabling responsible car selling or purchasing decisions
  • The website is free to use
  • Has a friendly user interface
  • Guarantees no spamming
  •  Doesn’t require any login information

VehicleHistory.com Cons

  •  Does not provide buyback protection
  •  Not available on Messenger or Facebook

VehicleHistory.com Summary

  •  Provides a free thorough report
  •  Offers a limited search per day
  • Well-known for its customer service satisfaction

The National Insurance Crime Bureau

The National Insurance Crime Bureau is another web-based site that provides free VINCheck indicating stolen, lost or salvaged vehicles. You can check up to 5 free VIN reports in a day.

The site provides a Free VIN check tool that will inform you if the vehicle you’re searching for has been:

  • Salvaged
  • Reported as stolen or lost
  • Proclaimed a total loss after an accident

You can utilize the following easy steps to get your report:

  1. Head to the website’s page
  2. Under the “Look Up a VIN” search box, type in your Vehicles VIN
  3. Accept the  site’s terms and conditions by clicking on the user’s check box
  4. Verify that you’re not a robot
  5. Lastly, click on the search VIN  to start the search process

The National insurance crime bureau summary

  • The website limits the searches to five in a day per IP address
  • Provides a free VIN check

car buying service


iSeeCars is a web-based platform you can use to search and compare around 4 million new and used Cars for Sale from different sites. For instance, you can weigh up various types of vehicles from eBay, Craigslist, AutoNation, CarMax and cars.com. As an example, Hybrids, Sedans, Sports Cars, and used cars, among others.

An iSeeCars VIN report provides you with the following details:

  • Accident history
  • Price analysis
  • Estimated Market value
  • Projected depreciation
  • A Free theft check
  • A Free recall check
  • A price VS Mileage graph

On top of that, you can obtain “the best times to buy and sell reports” if you accumulate 200 data points.

To obtain your completely free VIN check from the site, you only need to:

  1. Type your VIN in the search box provided at the top of the page
  2. And click on the search button.

Alternatively, you can use the iSeeCars VIN reports mobile app to get a free VIN check online report by scanning your vehicle’s VIN.

Other information you can get from the site includes:

  • The fastest-selling used and new cars from the previous month
  • The best cars to sell
  •  The most popular used electric vehicles by state
  • Worst Cars to purchase currently as used car prices continue to increase, etc.

iSeeCars Pros

  • The site puts together a comprehensive list of about 75 percent of all the used cars in the US
  •  Each of its listings is scored, analyzed and ranked with dealership and pricing information
  •  Allows you to check out a vehicle based on different data points and specs, such as legroom, automatic transmission or manual, and power to weight ratio, etc.

iSeeCars Cons

  • Flood-damaged vehicles are not explicitly detailed

iSeeCars summary

  • Allows 5 searches per month
  • Aggregates car listings from different seller websites

free vin check


AutoCheck is also a web-based platform that can provide you with a free VIN check service.

For an Autocheck vehicle search, you can use two ways to get your free car report.

That is:

  1. By inputting your vehicle’s VIN in the search box and clicking on the check VIN button


  1. By typing in your Car’s US license plate in the search box, selecting your state and finally clicking on the check plate button.

A free Autocheck VIN check can provide you with invaluable information about a vehicle which can enable you to make an important purchasing decision. 

An Autocheck search will provide you with the following information:

  • Information on whether any person has made an insurance claim on the car after being involved in an accident
  • A vehicle’s registration by state

Alternatively, you can use vincheck.info to obtain a free AutoCheck report. The only requirement is to type in the vehicle’s VIN or license plate number and click on the corresponding buttons.

Doing so will generate a report with the following information:

A vehicle’s specificationsOdometer readings
Salvage historyBrand history
Title historySafety ratings
Recalls and warranty issued for the vehicleTotal loss history

Autocheck Pros

  • Offers an easy way to identify any issues with a vehicle
  • Has a buyback protection feature that can add an extra layer of confidence to your buy for the paid version

Autocheck Cons

  • The free version may not provide you with a vehicle’s full details. For instance, the minor issues associated with it like its previous repair without the use of an insurance claim.

Autocheck summary

  •  Excellent customer care service
  •  Offers a BuyBack protection program if paid for


carfax logo

CARFAX Summary

  • Dealerships compete for your car
  • Free tool to accurate price your car
  • Receive accurate offers within 3 days
  • Carfax connects you directly with dealerships

CARFAX is a web-based platform that can provide you with a free car history report.

The company is well known for its comprehensive and detailed car history reports. As a result, you’ll be able to save on what you could have used on repairs.

A simple Carfax free VIN decoder check will provide you with the following helpful information:

  • Model year
  • Car usage, model, body type, and make
  • Owner history
  •   And accidents reported

Similarly, you can get a free vehicle history report using the CARFAX Used car listings.

In fact, most automobiles enlisted on websites like Cars.com and AutoTrader.com can feature a free CARFAX report. Therefore, you can check out the free report links and obtain similar information you can purchase from CARFAX.com.

If there are no links to free CARFAX reports, you can contact your dealer’s website and ask for the same.  Or ask your car seller for the details.

CARFAX.com Pros

  • Has access to numerous relevant data sources concerning a vehicle’s details; hence provides more accurate data.

CARFAX.com Cons

  • The platform’s paid service is fairly expensive. For instance $39.99 for a single report, $59.99 for 3 reports and $99.99 for 6 reports.

CARFAX summary

  • Provides detailed reports with maximum data accuracy


The last alternative is the VINCheckPro, a web-based platform where you can get a free car report.

What makes the platform unique is that you can request the car owner’s reports and personal details. Doing so can prevent you from getting into trouble, especially if the previous owner was some shady character.

You can use a 4 step simple process to generate an absolutely free car history from the platform.

For instance:

  • Visit the VinCheckPro.com website
  • Select the Free VIN check option from the provided menu
  • Click on the “Run a VIN check button (Just below the site’s mission statement)
  • Enter a valid VIN on the search box provided and click on the “Check this VIN” button

The website will generate a VIN check report from its data sources at the end of the process. And to make it understandable, the site will highlight all the important information.

You can choose to create an account with the platform to save your reports for future references.

Examples of information you can get with a free VINCheckpro include the following:

  • Finance offers
  • Insurance saving
  • Specifications
  • Safety ratings
  • Liens
  • And accident reports, etc.

Such information can help you avoid purchasing a vehicle with pre-existing issues or problems. Or help you settle for a reasonable price.

VINCheckPro Pros

  •   Uses an AI-powered search technology that makes it work at lightning speeds
  •  Uses an uncomplicated and simple method to search your car’s details

VinCheck pro summary

  • Excellent customer service

Free Car Reports FAQs

What is the best free VIN check online platform?

CARFAX is the best among the top free car report givers. It offers detailed and comprehensive car reports that can enable you to make a sound purchasing decision.

Is a free car warranty check worthy?

Yes, a warranty check is always important when buying a used vehicle. It can help you fix any eventualities such as breakages or malfunctions after purchase.

This explains why a VIN check report provides a manufacturer’s warranty information.

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