Ron DeSantis’ remarks on blogger bill shatter yet another breathless BS media narrative about him

Last week, NBC News breathlessly reported that the Florida legislature was considering taking up a bill from a single state senator who wanted to require paid bloggers who cover the governor, his office, and the state legislature to register with the state. Naturally, the featured image for their story was a photo of Gov. Ron DeSantis, who actually had nothing whatsoever to do with the bill and had given no indication that he supported it.

NBC News had their narrative: Ron DeSantis is an authoritarian fascist dictator, and way too many people out there predisposed to hate him swallowed that narrative, hook, line, and sinker. Well, now we have to ask if NBC News plans on doing a followup to their original story, given what DeSantis said today during his State of the State Address:

Not only was there nothing to really strike down, because the state legislature didn’t take up State Sen. Jason Brodeur’s stupid bill, but DeSantis has made it clear that he does not and would not support such a measure — and he’s absolutely right to be disgusted with the media who were more concerned with making him look like an authoritarian fascist dictator than they were with the actual facts.

Yep. That was by design.

And yet another BS narrative about Ron DeSantis shatters into a million pieces.

Is this the clip Rubin is referring to? With noted NBC News “presidential historian” Michael Beschloss sounding off about “Rick DeSantis,” aka the second coming of Mussolini?

How embarrassing for Michael Beschloss. How embarrassing for NBC. How embarrassing for the mainstream media.

Where does Ron DeSantis go for his apology? Because he sure as hell deserves one.

To be fair, the media aren’t sorry, so we really can’t expect them to apologize.

As if they’d ever walk it back.

(3/4 seems pretty generous, honestly.)

And, gluttons for punishment that they are, the media keep going back for more. Don’t expect them to learn any lessons from this. They didn’t learn any the last time. Or the time before that. Or the time before that …

Like we said: gluttons for punishment. And instead of owning up to their mistakes, count on them humiliating themselves even further in order to save face.

Hey, we have faith that the MSM will come up with something.


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