Astro Bot Rescue Mission


Sony Computer Entertainment

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PlayStation 4 –

ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission is a brand-new platformer developed exclusively for use with PS VR. Take control of Astro the captain Bot and go on an epic VR rescue mission to save your fellow crew who are dispersed all over space. The game takes full advantage of PS VR to invigorate the platforming genre with gameplay unfolding around you in 360 degrees. Your character reacts instantly, and your jumps are ultraprecise thanks to the increased depth of PS VR. While seated, moving your body lets you lean around corners to get a better view on the action and discover secret paths. You can also use your body to weave through the scenery and create a path for your character. You will be running and jumping through city skylines, lush jungles, dark caves, and golden sandy beaches in 20 unique levels that all take advantage of PS VR. Each level features original traps and enemies and contains eight lost Bots for you to save.


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