Michael Shellenberger takes Hunter Biden APART for demanding his dad’s DOJ investigate whistleblower

Nobody ever accused Hunter Biden of being that smart … well, except his dad.

What exactly does Hunter think will happen if they go after the whistleblower? It only makes Hunter look worse, and that he’s trying to use his dad’s DOJ to make it happen kinda sorta totally proves corruption and abuse of power.

Just sayin’.

Michael Shellenberger of course said it far better in a thread:

And it’s about more than Hunter just being a degenerate perv.

Or, you know, Hunter leaving the laptop there without ever coming back to get it did that … just sayin’.

Ukrainian businessmen.

Sort of goes back to that crazy article we wrote about what America is really doing in the Ukraine.

Which led to the whole cover-up …


… the FBI’s former counsel-turned-Twitter deputy counsel, Jim Baker.

They had to know the laptop was real.


All of that.

Why not both?

And since Sleepy Joe should reject it … he probably won’t.



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