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Intelligent Protocol, the platform that fans and financial market activists have been waiting for, has finally been launched! In this article, we are going to check this platform and see why it became popular before it was launched and everyone was waiting for its beta phase. Therefore, be with us to introduce you to this platform and its features.

Intelligent protocol , a brokerage of future

In the financial markets, many projects are launched every year and each one has a purpose, among them, many of them go to destruction and many also commit fraud, and in any case, it is the investors who are destroyed. But what is the main reason that these projects are destroyed?

Some of them enter the financial markets with the sole purpose of fraud and then disappear after a while, but others also enter the financial markets with the right purpose, but for one reason they do not last. what’s the reason?

In order to compete with the giants of the financial markets, projects that intend to compete must have something to offer. A new idea, creativity or solving an existing problem, but otherwise, it is the pioneers of the market that remain and new projects are removed from the competition scene. This is exactly what Intelligent did. This platform is designed to revolutionize the financial markets.

This platform has very attractive features, such as artificial intelligence, which happened for the first time in the financial markets, and is one of several attractive intelligent innovations. We will talk more about this later.

What is intelligent protocol?

Intelligent Protocol is the first multi-asset platform on the Solana platform, which has made it possible to trade all assets such as forex, crypto, commodities, and even the stock and bond markets in one platform. And the surprising thing is that this whole process is done decentralized in the last phase of the project. That is, real stocks like Apple in the decentralized world!!!

Because this network uses the Solana platform, the platform has high speed and high security.

The intelligent team and its idea was designed and collected from 2017 and until 2021 this team was facing many challenges because its goal was a transformation in the financial markets and the ideas they had were very new, but finally these ideas were implemented by The team of experts and specialists of this platform was implemented and in 2022 this intelligent phase, i.e. beta, was launched.

Intelligent is an invite only platform and not everyone has the right to enter it. That’s why you should receive the company’s and referral code in the beta campaign. With this, the number of network operators is minimized, which was one of the attractive ideas of this team.

$200 for those who enter

This platform offers from 5 to 200 dollars for people who enter it and this can be an allowance to start your trading.

Intelligent protocol has several distinct phases.

  • Centralized
  • Decentralized
  • Tokenized share

And this platform is designed to combine the traditional world with the modern one. For example, the first phase is focused, but it has used artificial intelligence and many other features such as fund manager.


Intelligent has given full support at the time of launch and you can see many articles on this project’s website to answer your questions.
Intelligent support is available 24 hours a day and you can talk to the Intelligent team at any time of the day or night.

Fund manager

Capital managers are one of the main parts of the platform that are very attractive among users. If you can’t manage your assets or you don’t have time for capital management, Intelligent has capital managers for you. You enter the platform and provide your asset management to the capital managers, and they will give you the desired profit you need with all their efforts.

If you are an expert in financial markets, Intelligent invites you to cooperate and you can manage capital on this platform and become a member of the large Intelligent team.

Affiliate program

In the beta campaign, Intelligent Fleet is one of the most attractive parts of this campaign, because the audience can receive a code in this part by inviting their friends to the platform. And both of them will receive a reward.

Orb is a point and credit within the platform that you can use to use different parts of Intelligent, or you can even earn dollars by selling your orbs. And the good news is that you can get intelligent orb in the beta campaign. Therefore, follow this project’s social network to be aware of their news.

Artificial intelligence

We have reached one of the most attractive parts of intelligent, artificial intelligence.

Intelligent artificial intelligence is very practical and has been used for the first time in financial markets, in other words, intelligent technology has been fully used in financial markets.

Artificial intelligence is completely at your disposal and offers you attractive services, and this is why Intelligent created its second slogan: A platform where you don’t lose!

Artificial intelligence has been used in all intelligent departments, for example, at the beginning of the platform, you will be tested until your knowledge level is measured, and finally, artificial intelligence will classify users and provide them with tasks from beginner to advanced level. All these services are free.

After the users are categorized by the artificial intelligence, the artificial intelligence offers them assets that can bring them to a favorable profit, according to their risk and interests.

All these sections are derived from the logical risk management systems and methods such as MPT, efficient frontier, etc. are used, which are very attractive. This is the first time this has happened.

In the portfolio section, you have attractive features that will surprise you. For example, Portfolio Optimization: Moisturization and organization of your portfolio is to achieve long-term profitability, and this section is at your disposal for free, or portfolio analysis section: In this intelligence, risk methods such as sharpe ratio, maximum drawdown are used. and according to the initial clustering, the artificial intelligence determines whether you have designed the right portfolio or not and then provides you with the appropriate weight of each asset.

And this is really attractive, isn’t it?

Even if you need to create a portfolio, there are special features for you in the Portfolio Builder section of artificial intelligence, and according to your risk tolerance and the analysis of your transactions and interests, a suitable portfolio will be designed for you.

If you are a trader, you don’t need to spend a lot of time on the chart because artificial intelligence provides you with all the signals on the chart in the smart chart section.

In addition to the features of artificial intelligence, there are also facilities such as reports and trainings, which are very attractive, and when you suffer in the market, artificial intelligence offers you articles according to your loss so that you can gain complete knowledge by reading them.

How to participate in the campaign?

The good news is that the Intelhinet campaign has not yet ended and you can participate in it. To participate in the campaign, you must first log in to Imtelligent’s robot, where you can get the channel link in Intelligent’s social media.

In the following, you can receive a referral link by doing a process, which may take a little time because the number of users is large. And in this robot you can also receive your orbs.

The intelligent platform is a platform of the future and has very attractive ideas that it has implemented well, but for investment, be sure to do your own research to invest with peace of mind.

To learn more about this platform, you can read articles related to intelligent!

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