AHRC underwhelmed by FIFA’s response to report into Australia’s human rights record ahead of Women’s World Cup

Significant human rights risks identified as part of an analysis ahead of this year’s FIFA Women’s World Cup have been ignored by the sport’s international governing body, raising concerns for the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC).

Commissioned by FIFA, the AHRC analysis identified 57 risks associated with Australia’s co-hosting of the event to be staged in numerous cities around the country from July.

Risks raised include the rights of athletes, workers, First Nations people and children, with 21 of them earning a “tier 1” ranking, the most serious of three tiers.

“In and of itself, that’s not surprising,” AHRC commissioner Lorraine Finlay told The Ticket.

“When you do an in-depth risk analysis like that you will identify a wide variety of human rights issues to think about.

“What’s important is what comes next — what do you do when you identify those risks? How do you address them? How do you actually put things into action to make sure that those risks aren’t borne out? That’s the critical thing.

“And that’s where I do have concerns coming into the Women’s World Cup.”

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