Why Are People Dying?

Dr. Campbell must choose his words carefully. But what if it turns out that, from about September of last year, from about the time that governments, including Canada’s, were unaccountably imposing vaccine mandates, from about that time, the vaccines were killing more people than the virus?

There may be hell to pay if and when this gets out.

This may be why Trudeau wanted to call an election last fall–to grab a safe majority before the truth came out.

This may be why his government became so insistent that everyone be vaccinated at this point–to eliminate any control group to reveal the problem with the vaccine.

This may be why there are rumours Trudeau wants to call an election against this fall–for which he seems indeed to have been campaigning all summer.  Because they feel there is still a chance, if they move quickly, to grab a safe majority before the word gets out.

With a majority, at worst, they get four more years in power before they get cashiered. At best, they can manage and control the flow of information. Let someone else into power, without a vested interest in keeping all this quiet, and things could get much worse for them./

Okay, a conspiracy theory, but anyone who does not believe in conspiracies by now seems naive.

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