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We’re delighted to announce that today is Koozai’s 17th birthday and we’ve been busy celebrating in style with a special event this week to mark the milestone!

During our celebrations at the Fareham Innovation Centre, our team got together for a brand strategy day and ‘coming of age’-themed party that went down like a house on fire. There was of course plenty of lovely food, party props, and social events too!

Our Managing Director, Sophie Roberts, celebrating Koozai’s 17th birthday in Fareham


During the event, our lovely Managing Director, Sophie Roberts, also revealed some exciting news… that we’ve now surpassed the milestone of 600 long-term client retainers and projects – an amazing feat!

Sophie commented: “It’s been an amazing day and I’m so proud of how far we’ve come over the last 17 years. Investing in the right people, nurturing digital marketing expertise, and looking after our clients has always been key for us, but we know that it’s the combined hard work of all ‘Koozians’, both past and present, that has helped us to stand the test of time. Our longevity is something of a rarity in the digital marketing world.”

Founded in 2006, Koozai offers a full suite of digital marketing services, including SEO, PR, Content Marketing, and PPC. Headquartered at the Fareham Innovation Centre, the agency has additional office locations in London and Preston, and has won multiple national industry accolades and speaker slots, including at the UK Search Awards, The Drum, the DADI Awards, BrightonSEO, and the BIMA awards.

“Enabling our clients to grow, winning awards, and growing the business have all been brilliant moments for us. However, just as important is the fact that people choose to continue working with us, with our client and staff retention levels remaining high,” Sophie continued.

Koozai has an impressive client portfolio, having worked with organisations like Tui, Papa Johns, Cambridge University, the Victoria & Albert Museum, Trevor Sorbie, Travelbag, and Cote Brasserie. The agency has also worked with popular Hampshire companies including Red Funnel ferries, automotive company Protyre, building suppliers Drainfast, and telecoms business Onecom.

17 years of digital marketing with Koozai…

Wow, it’s amazing how fast 17 years goes when you’re having fun! To mark some of the major milestones in digital marketing since Koozai entered the market, we’ve put together a timeline of key events for the digital marketing industry at large…


  • Hampshire entrepreneur Ben Norman sets up an SEO agency called Impact Media (later to become ‘Koozai’)
  • Twitter was launched to the public, providing a new social media platform for businesses to connect with customers.
  • Google acquired YouTube, opening up new possibilities for video marketing.


  • The iPhone was released, launching the smartphone era and opening up new possibilities for mobile marketing.
  • Google introduced display advertising through the acquisition of DoubleClick.


  • Google introduced interest-based advertising, allowing marketers to target consumers based on their online behavior.
  • Facebook introduced its advertising platform.


  • Foursquare was launched, pioneering location-based marketing.


  • Instagram was launched, opening up new possibilities for visual marketing.
  • Pinterest was launched, providing a new platform for visual content marketing.
  • Google introduced real-time search, allowing users to see the latest results for their search queries.


  • Our agency changes name to “Koozai” for the first time.
  • Google introduced Google+, its own social media platform, allowing businesses to connect with customers in new ways.
  • The first Snapchat was launched, providing a new platform for temporary visual content marketing.


  • Facebook introduced its mobile advertising platform, allowing businesses to target mobile users.
  • Google introduced Enhanced Campaigns, which made it easier for advertisers to manage campaigns across different devices.


  • Twitter launched Vine, a platform for short-form video content.
  • Google introduced Hummingbird, an update to its search algorithm that emphasized conversational search and natural language processing.


  • Facebook acquired WhatsApp, opening up new possibilities for messaging marketing.
  • Google introduced the “mobile-friendly” label in search results, encouraging businesses to optimise their websites for mobile devices.


  • Facebook introduced Facebook Live, a platform for live video content.
  • Google introduced RankBrain, an artificial intelligence system that helps to process search queries.


  • Instagram introduced Stories, a platform for temporary visual content marketing similar to Snapchat.
  • Facebook introduced Messenger chatbots, allowing businesses to communicate with customers through messaging apps.
  • Our [now] Managing Director Sophie Roberts started working for Koozai as a Client Services Manager


  • Google introduced the Mobile-First Index, which prioritises mobile-friendly websites in search results.
  • Amazon acquired Whole Foods, signaling its intention to enter the grocery market.


  • Instagram introduced IGTV, a platform for longer-form video content.
  • Google introduced the Google Marketing Platform, a suite of tools for marketers to manage campaigns across different channels.


  • TikTok became one of the fastest-growing social media platforms, offering a new platform for short-form video content marketing.
  • Google introduced BERT, an update to its search algorithm that improves understanding of natural language queries.


  • The COVID-19 pandemic forced many businesses to shift their marketing efforts online, accelerating the trend toward digital marketing.
  • Apple introduced App Tracking Transparency, which requires users to opt-in to allow apps to track their behavior for advertising purposes.


  • Our Managing Director, Sophie Roberts, takes over at Koozai and buys a majority stake in the company.
  • Google announced the phasing out of third-party cookies, which will impact how advertisers target and measure online advertising.
  • Facebook faced scrutiny over its handling of user data, leading to changes in its advertising policies and increased emphasis on privacy.


  • Koozai launches Hampshire Digital, a digital marketing network that was set up last year to support businesses in the region during challenging economic times.


  • ChatGPT launches for the first time, promising to revolutionise how we do digital marketing in the years to come.
  • Feedspot names Koozai’s blog as top 5 worldwide [2nd in the UK]


In case you missed it, we also set up Hampshire Digital, a digital marketing network that was set up last year to support businesses in the region during challenging economic times. It’s free to join, so don’t hesitate to sign up!

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