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The opportunity to witness Ozzy Osbourne’s onstage shenanigans seldom knocks twice and we’re making sure you get to tick that experience off your bucket list. This year we’re excited to present Decentraland’s Metaverse Music Festival with performances from Soulja Boy on the Limewire Stage, Dillon Francis, CryptoPunk Rapper Spottie WiFi, and, of course, Ozzy himself on the Ozzfest stage. The event will run from Nov. 10 to Nov. 13.

What’s the occasion? This year we are celebrating the upcoming launch of Kraken NFT with this immersive Web3-enabled musical experience, one designed to capture the exhilarating chaos that happens at a physical festival.

We’re also hosting a special afterparty where you can experience an Infinite NFT gallery and claim your limited-edition wearables to celebrate our upcoming NFT marketplace. The festival is free to attend — no tickets, no lines, and no need for a crypto wallet (although it’s handy to have one so you can receive daily rewards and attend exclusive events at the festival).

All aboard the Crazy Train

Set in a cyberpunk city of the future, this year’s festival will feature elaborate virtual stages and musical performances by avatars of beloved artists from around the world.

“Get Low” with Dillon Francis as he opens the festival with a mega club experience in collaboration with one of Decentraland’s gaming districts, Vegas City. The opening will be projected across multiple screens all weekend, making it the very first act festival-goers see when they enter the festival grounds in Decentraland. Attendees will also be able to play Smash the Piñata with Dillon’s infamous piñata sidekick Gerald while chasing him all around this virtual cyberpunk city.

The centerpiece of this year’s festival is our Tower of Babel stage, which will host CryptoPunk Rapper Spottie WiFi, London-based afro and funk band Amadis & The Ambassador, award-winning Chinese group SNH48, and Israeli DJs and producers Erika Krall & Lian Gold. This year we’re expecting to see over a hundred other artists on the metaverse stage, a truly staggering number.

Redefining IP and ownership

​​The Metaverse Music Festival is not just about coming together from around the world to enjoy a uniquely immersive musical experience. It’s also about celebrating the artists and curators who are redefining IP ownership while using artificial intelligence and Web3 to transform the music industry as we know it today.

We believe artists and content creators should be compensated fairly for the enjoyment they bring to our lives. With NFTs, artists no longer have to rely on middlemen in order to engage with their fans and get paid. 

NFTs have the potential to empower artists to monetize their creations in ways they never could before. As a result, the space has seen a tremendous influx of both new and established creators looking to explore this new medium. However, recent market conditions and industry sentiment have led to artists being deprived of the secondary market royalties that were previously paid to them by NFT marketplaces. Kraken NFT will continue to strive for creator-led initiatives that will give artists the opportunity to bypass barriers that have historically prevented them from engaging with their fans directly and monetizing their art.

While real life tours and gigs continue to recover from delays and cancellations, Kraken is gearing up to put on a virtual concert you won’t forget. You won’t need a ticket to join us at this year’s Metaverse Music Festival. Simply save the date by clicking below.



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