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Chart from Betdata.io

The chart above from Betdata.io reflects how badly Rishi Sunak blew his opportunity last night, it was his last major opportunity to damage Liz Truss before the ballots go out to Tory members. Past form suggests Tory members send their ballots back quickly so even if Sunak damages Truss later in the later hustings it won’t have much impact.

I know betting markets have been spectacularly wrong before, but I don’t think so in this instance, based on the several Tory WhatsApp groups I’m a member of it looks Rishi’s treachery towards Boris Johnson has damaged him with Tory members whereas former remainer, republican and, Lib Dem Truss has earned the support of Tory members for her fidelity towards Boris Johnson.

Last night Sunak needed an Operation Overlord instead he delivered an Operation Jubilee with his hectoring and mansplaining approach.


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