WaPo tech journo asserts with zero evidence that there’s ‘zero evidence’ TikTok is a ChiCom spy tool

TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew testified today before the House Energy and Commerce Committee. And it’s been quite a spectacle. Lots of stuff happening.

Fortunately, we’ve got Washington Post tech reporter Drew Harwell on the hearing beat to break down the proceedings for us. And who better to cover this than the Washington Post?

It’s important to stick to reporting on what you know. And that’s exactly what Drew’s doing. Just look:

Must’ve been some lunch. Based on Drew’s tweets about the hearing today, we’re guessing Chew picked up the tab.

“Not nearly true,” you guys.

Don’t worry. Drew Harwell’s not nearly finished:

“Zero evidence.”

OK, that seems like a good enough place to stop. The floor’s getting wet from all the water splashing out of the buckets Drew’s carrying.

Yeah, look at him! Such a good little soldier.

Well, yeah. They kinda do, remember?

Maybe it happened when Drew and Chew went to lunch.

We won’t hold our breath for Drew to press him on that.

Well, he clearly doesn’t know what journalism is.


Bless his heart.

Well, that’s exactly what it is, so.

Good question.


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