Despite the ubiquity of the almost hallucinatory coverage of the situation in Ukraine by western mainstream news outlets, the reality is just about ready to burst through the veil of wishful-thinking and heavily-doctored, PR-based, Ukrainian morale-boosting verbiage.

Russian forces are grinding through the increasingly unfit and over-aged Ukrainians that Kiev is throwing as cannon-fodder at them. In acts of desperation reminiscent of the Hitler youth fighters that were sent to confront the rapidly approaching Red Army in the suburbs of Berlin at the end of the war they are dying in numbers approaching one hundred per day it is reported.

This situation cannot go on very much longer. The vast majority of Ukrainian troops are locked in areas where Russian troops have them surrounded. Their means of resupply have been reduced and Russia is now concentrating with increasing force on Ukraine’s remaining supply routes and transportation infrastructure. The military junk the West talks of with phoney seriousness being sent to Ukraine either fails to function, is too old/difficult to operate, too bulky and slow, or finds ever fewer well-trained candidates to take up these offers with any degree of effectiveness. These are being destroyed almost as soon as they arrive or, if they do get loaded onto carriages along with civilian carriages Russia, instead of attacking them, destroys the bridges/track and electronics systems needed to bring them to their required destination.

With May 9th, Victory Day for Russia against the Nazis fast approaching and with the reality (as opposed to the Western political and media fantasy) in Ukraine looking ever more positive for Russia I suspect we will see the much anticipated Russian offensive occur in the days leading up to that extremely important date in the Russian calendar. The pincer movement of Russian troops from both north and south after the continuing softening up operations occurring now, will surely deliver the final coup de gras to all remaining Ukrainian troops in the Donbass, and to the fast receding hopes of the Kiev president, his regime and the western powers that control them, that their utterly fanciful (but extremely deadly) delusions of grandeur and victory can survive this very final reality.

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