Tom Nichols wrote whole thread about how ‘East Jesus’ red staters are obsessed with people like him

According to our records, we haven’t done a post about Tom Nichols in just over two months. And, frankly, we’re starting to miss him. Or at least we’re starting to miss kicking him around.

So let’s check on him and see what he’s up to these days. Something expert-y? You bet your boots, it is!

This time, it looks like it’s GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s dumb “national divorce” tweet that got his creative juices flowing:

Greene’s tweet got Tom to thinking about rage in the red states, and he decided to do a whole thread on the subject:

“As I explain in my last book.” This will not be the last time in Tom’s thread that you hear about his last book.

“East Jesus Pancake House” is definitely a line worthy of an Area Expert™ like Tom Nichols. He never disappoints.

Eh, not that similar … after all, Tom Nichols is better than you. Don’t forget that, you red-state rubes.

And if you’d like to hear more of Tom’s thoughts about how the people of East Jesus who feel overlooked and dismissed by the dominant liberal culture are just obsessed with blue states, be sure to read his book:

That was quite a thread, wasn’t it?

Now let’s talk about how stupid and embarrassing and projection-y it was.

“Could make a black hole choke.” See now, Tom, that’s a good line.

Tom wrote a whole thread about how people in East Jesus, USA, are obsessed with people like him, because Tom doesn’t care what people in East Jesus, USA, think.

Tom is not going to be winning any prizes for self-awareness anytime soon.

Just perfect.


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