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It’s the time of year for holiday cheer and getting your digital holiday campaigns ready for your business. This Christmas is sure to be the best ever on Instagram!

Instagram is perfect for small businesses that don’t have the time or capital to spend on expensive marketing strategies. Social media marketing benefits you to broaden your target market without a specialised marketing team or a considerable budget. Any business can flourish on Instagram, whether it be a small beauty store, e-commerce store, local cafe or automotive-related shop.

With more than one billion users per month, Instagram is a priceless marketing tool for advancing your small business. It has proven to be conducive for businesses with studies revealing that almost 50% of people buy a product or service after seeing it on Instagram.

Every year, Instagram is proving to be an increasingly significant shopping destination for the holidays; its visually-appealing displays are an invaluable tool for customers looking for the ideal presents. To further aid businesses in transforming their profiles into online stores this Christmas, Instagram has optimised its features.

To make things easy, here are some of the best marketing tips for small businesses on Instagram this Christmas season. Marketing on Instagram commences with creating a business profile, which provides access to features like tracking analytics and product sales. An excellent strategy for your business profile will go a long way in advancing your business, and you can begin with these competent tactics:

Start a Business Account

Once you have created your Instagram business profile, the next step is to set it up as a business account. The major benefit of a business account is the accessibility to Instagram analytics. Here, you can examine key insights and analyse which posts are more vital to gaining followers on Instagram.

Identify Your Goals

Before getting started with your business profile, you should ask yourself why use Instagram for your business marketing purposes. If you have a solid answer, then you are in the perfect place. Otherwise, it might be better to look at a platform that suits your needs more. . Perhaps you are on Instagram to make your business grow by posting engaging and helpful images or videos.

In order to be outstanding with your brand in the long run, you must define your business and identify your marketing goal first. You should determine all the parameters for your brand from a marketing viewpoint.

Leverage the Instagram business account to build brand awareness, establish a community, display your brand values, and market your products and services. Use your targets as a benchmark to make sure that your Instagram activity is in line with what you want to attain.

Instagram’s analytics can track your advancement in bringing about these goals by auditing follower growth rate, outreach, post reactions, engagement and conversion rates, and client engagement and retention.

Create Christmas Themed Content in Advance

Increase customer engagement with your brand and seasonal offerings in advance. Make sharing their images of your goods during the Christmas season enjoyable for them. The more emotionally invested a customer is, the more probable it is that they will purchase from you and spend more money as well.

Instagram makes it simple to share pictures. Use a hashtag that is specific to your Christmas campaign and ask your customers to tag you so that their shared photographs include your name. This potent type of social evidence can significantly increase your sales.

Post Consistency

A great Instagram marketing strategy for businesses is about handling Instagram’s algorithm optimally. One idea to do this is to post your holiday content frequently, no matter if it is an image or reel. With the advancement of machine learning, the algorithm takes a look into an individual’s activities to personalise their feed.

You aim to crop up on the feed of potential users as much as possible so that they can reach out to your account and convert engaged users into clients. You can always save some content set to post in advance to keep your account buzzing with engagement even if you are unavailable during the holiday time. Scheduling posts is also an efficient way of seeing the best time to post content to reach a wider range of potential audiences.

Community Engagements

Instagram is an exceptionally interactive social channel that favours you to engage with your clients by reacting to their comments or profile mentions and posting their positive feedback.

One of the simplest and most efficient ways to drive visitors to your website is by using a discount code. And that is true all year long, not just around Christmas.

This Christmas, why not design a unique offer only for your Instagram followers? It is straightforward yet effective, and if you make it just available to them, it will make them feel foolish if they don’t utilise it.

Christmas advertising is a very effective strategy from a sales perspective, despite being challenging due to the increased competition throughout the holiday season. 75% of Instagram users have acted after viewing an Instagram advertising post, such as visiting a website.

Using Christmas Hashtags

A branded Christmas hashtag is a powerful method to share holiday cheer, improve your seasonal content, and advance your business. Choose your favourite among a few straightforward hashtag concepts that are distinct, related to your promotion, and recognisable to your business.

To get traction, be consistent and use your selected hashtag in every holiday post you post. Encourage your fans to use it in competition entries and mentions so you can monitor the hashtag’s effectiveness.

Some specific hashtags can increase your followers. Tap on the Instagram search tab, select tags and search for something connected to your industry and select the hashtag you need to explore. You can then go through the top and recent posts with this hashtag. Instagram also provides suggestions for related hashtags. This is where you can explore and check if there is a hashtag related to your field of business that you can use!

It is always better to find hashtags with less than 10k posts, so your post will be easily recognised as the hashtag is not being flooded with content. Instagram also provides the opportunity to follow hashtags – which is certainly impressive because you can quickly connect with new profiles and users in your niche.

When you conduct hashtag research, just be careful when choosing the right hashtags. You can include up to 30 hashtags in each post.

Small business marketing on Instagram during the holiday season is about utilising its algorithms to connect and engage with a huge audience. Instagram has unravelled a comprehensive consumer base for businesses that you can leverage by using the techniques mentioned above.

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