The western powers, especially the USA and UK are becoming reckless in their desperation as their rabidly desired goal of maintaining western patrician control and even raising its level back again to unipolar status is slipping ever faster from them. 

Their goal of global hegemony, primarily having its most recent genesis in 9/11 drives them to distraction. They foresaw themselves in control of what would in fact be a prison planet under constant surveillance in order to feel safe again. For them they are the natural warders of our planet and no other status is acceptable to them. Hence their current state of reckless desperation.

The current ‘war mode’ of the leaders of what has been called ‘The Collective West’ regarding Russia and Ukraine has made them redouble the level of condition of western populations which they deem necessary. This has been assisted to an enormous extent through the alacrity with which the entirety of western media has complied with this need. The level of conditioning of western populations through a totally one-sided and therefore totally skewed reporting of the history of the Russo-Ukraine situation and the everyday reality of events on the ground in eastern Ukraine has delivered populations that are now conditioned to an extent not seen since World War Two.

Due to the factors above I see no hope for any change in the current extremely dangerous situation unless one of two things happen.

The first hope lies in those who are currently in power at the highest level of western politics are removed from power by some means. The first means is of course the ballot box. The second would require internal changes to the upper echelons of the political and intelligence spheres of influence within the standing administrative services of western nations.

The changes envisaged above are uncertain in a western world that since 9/11 has become propagandised to an extremely pervasive extent. It is far from certain that enough awareness of the true nature of the causes of the dangers faced is realised among the general public. Secondly, the most powerful administrative positions within the political and intelligence spheres since 9/11 have primarily been filled by those with hardline views on western foreign policy and they hold sway to this day. Those who are generally defined as neoconservatives have a virtual stranglehold on power across western nations and will be determined to maintain their hold at all costs.

The combination of extreme views and a conviction that they are absolutely right in their views and that it is absolutely vital (as they see it) for them to stay in place and complete their task means that both the political and administrative neoconservatives are hardly likely to allow themselves to be removed from their positions without an extremely hard fight. We can see their totalitarian responses now permeating down through all western nations currently.

The second hope is the one I believe stands the greater chance of eventually succeeding in removing the neoconservatives from power or at the very least quarantining them to the degree that their power to dominate the world is significantly lessened to the point where it becomes virtually negligible. This process is underway currently but still has quite far to run before its full effect will be felt. This is the process of a continuing shift in power form west to east, from semi-unipolarity to full multipolarity. We can see in this current moment how the nations of what is loosely called ‘The Global South’ and has previously been known as ‘The Developing World’ or ‘The Third World’ are demonstrating a new determination to stand on their own feet and not be coerced in any way by the western powers as was so often the case in the past.

The process of moving from the semi-unipolarity to full multipolarity has been described by Professor John J. Mearsheimer as the moving of global ‘glaces plates’ comparing these shits in political alliances and allegiances to the movement of tectonic plates and having as great an effect on the geopolitical world as they physical plates do on the geographical. Unfortunately for us the first process is of a much greater and slower duration than the second which is devastating in its power and brevity. The movement of power and influence from unipolarity to multipolarity is very gradual and has already been underway for several decades. However, we see in this moment that the process has at last begun to pick up speed.

The Eurasian axis is cohering to an ever greater degree and this process appears unstoppable at this point. The nations involved are cohering at significant speeds currently. We van see this in the extraordinary number of nations that are applying to join the BRICS economic grouping currently. This group, primarily led by China, Russia and India is clearly rising to become an every greater source of cohesion among nations that are clearly evidencing their unwillingness to be dominated by the western powers in all future years.

The current recklessness of the western powers due to their desperation regarding the above, primarily those of the USA and UK, is becoming more obvious by the day. The more they struggle to even maintain their current position let alone boost it to total global control in a reconstituted unipolar dictatorship the more the leaders across nations not within the collective West eye them with increasing anxiety, disapproval, fear and ultimately… disdain. I see no likelihood of these circumstances diminishing as the factors involved appear hard-wired to remain. The hard-liners now in power in the West are as religious zealots with a mission they feel they MUST deliver to the world. Their fixity of view appears to offer no hope of any light of awareness of the consequences of their disastrous policies in pursuit of that mission entering their minds to any significant degree. And currently to no degree at all if my perception of their mindsets is correct.

Considering the two possibilities for fundamental changes within western society that might defuse the present extreme danger of increasing and spreading conflict potentially leading to a wider and much more deadly war it seems clear to me that we cannot escape the fact that conditions will worsen without limit in the short term. The possibilities for more hope in the medium term are uncertain and depend on some currently unexpected change in the level of political and media recklessness across the western political and media elites.

In recent days a somewhat more realistic and objective trend has been seen in western mass media regarding Ukraine. Doubts are now being expressed about certain policies compared with on the ground realities and I would predict that such scepticism that exists now about the western state policies regarding Ukraine will only increase. I do not feel this factor will prove most crucial in diminishing the primal danger that faces us now however. Electoral defeats will help in the medium term if enough awareness concerning the disastrous policies of the present political incumbents in reference to Ukraine is realised broadly enough in time. But for the long term the glacial movement that is now quickening for power to migrate steadily from west to east will, I feel certain, prove the final route to an assurance that we will move to calmer waters and a safer world overall. Surviving the short and medium term storms is not certain however due to the remaining vast power and determined will of western elites to maintain their position and perceived mission. 

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