The Great Reset: Discovering the Truth Will Set You Free

In the video above, I’m interviewed by Jason Shurka, author of several books1 about sacred knowledge, the raising of consciousness and the power we have within.

While my focus has always been to help people take control of their health and achieve optimal well-being by addressing basic lifestyle factors, in recent years, it’s become necessary to also enlighten people about the global forces that are trying to seize control, with the ultimate goal of eliminating human rights and freedoms, including your medical freedom.

It’s become imperative to understand what these larger forces are trying to achieve, because they’re driving The Great Reset agendas, which encompass every aspect of our lives, including food and health care. If you don’t understand what their goal is, you will naively go along and become an unwitting victim.

Google Is at the Core of the Global Cabal

As I explain in the interview, Google is a core powerbase of this global cabal, often referred to as the Deep State — a hidden power structure based on wealth and financial influence behind (and above) the individual governments of the world — because the cabal’s control powers hinge on electronic surveillance and social engineering.

Both require massive amounts of data on each individual, and artificial intelligence to predict and control behaviors. Google is the largest controller of data and owns the most advanced AI company in the world. Through their search engine alone, Google controls at least 93% and possibly over 95% of what people are able to see.

They hold the keys to the knowledge of humanity, stored on the internet. And if they don’t like what you say, they can bury you to the point where you basically cease to exist. You have no reach, no voice.

I’m no stranger to this censorship process, as I’ve been under attack ever since I started my website 25 years ago. In 2018, Google finally pulled the plug on me and buried my articles in the deepest recesses of its search engine.

Now, what you find about me are articles that discredit me. You also have to dig deep into the search results to find good information relating to health, nutrition and medicine in general.

There Are Many Levels of Censorship

While more and more people are becoming aware that censorship is happening on social media, there are many other levels of censorship that people don’t hear much about.

Payment processors, for example, are deplatforming people for views expressed online. PayPal can fine you $2,500 for infractions involving wrongthink. Banks are shutting down credit cards and bank accounts. Domains are booting people’s websites. YouTube is banning and taking down accounts.

Mainstream media publishes smear pieces that get top billing in search results, which drives people away from you. Social media platforms can shadow ban you, which throttles your reach, and they can bar articles from certain websites from being shared. Google buries search results that go against a given narrative.

If you have the URL to the webpage you’re looking for, you can get it. But most people don’t have that. They’re searching without knowing who has the answer. And, by default, 93% of the world’s population use Google, not realizing that Google has been progressively filtering access to articles it believes you should not have access to.

Many times, you can’t even go past six pages or so of search results. It just ends there and everything on page seven and beyond is unreachable. What this means is that the days of laypeople conducting their own research online are over. You can’t do it because the results are so tightly curated. You need to know, very specifically, what you’re looking for. The answer to this dilemma is to identify sources you trust, and follow the rabbit trails they give you.

Cyberwarfare Is Now Par for the Course

On the extreme end, they’re using cyberwarfare to take out the opposition. My site was cyberattacked and taken offline in late September 2022. They also destroyed our email servers.

While we’ve been unable to identify the hackers, my website was labeled a “national security threat” by British and American intelligence agencies back in January 2021, and they were reportedly collaborating to eliminate “anti-vaccine propaganda” using sophisticated cyberwarfare tools.2,3,4

We’ve since migrated to using Substack as the main repository for articles, as the subscription option provides us with some level of protection from censorship, while our online store is still on Articles are only viewable for 48 hours on After that, they’re migrated onto the paid subscription platform.

We made the decision to do this after I started getting a lot of threats, against myself, my family and my business. It pained me to do that, but this way, subscribers of the newsletter can still read everything for free. You just must read or download it within 48 hours of getting the newsletter in your inbox.

Those who want access to the archive can sign up for a subscription on Substack for $5 a month. (Substack revenues are used to fund partner organizations such as the National Vaccine Information Center and several others.)

Websites created by physicians trying to get information out about early COVID treatments were also hacked and deleted early on in the pandemic. They’re also banning and shadow banning books sold online, and they manipulate ratings and reviews of books to thwart sales.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren actually demanded Amazon ban the sale of my book “The Truth About COVID-19.” She didn’t succeed and it became a No. 1 seller. I ended up suing Warren over that. I also sued Google and YouTube for breach of contract when they deleted my account for a community guideline violation they’d implemented that same morning.

The Disinformation Dozen Hoax

In the summer of 2020, a one-man organization with undisclosed funding5 and suspect connections6 popped onto the scene. The organization, called the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH), immediately started publishing a series of fabricated reports claiming a small number of individuals were responsible for creating “vaccine hesitancy.”

In “The Anti-Vaxx Playbook,”7 published in July 2020, the CCDH identified six leading online “anti-vaxxers” — Barbara Loe Fisher, Joseph Mercola, Del Bigtree, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Sherri Tenpenny and Andrew Wakefield — and our alleged “plan to attack a forthcoming COVID vaccine.”

In March 2021, the CCDH published its most widely circulated report, “The Disinformation Dozen,”8 in which I was again elevated as the leading misinformation spreader. According to the CCDH, a mere 12 people were responsible for nearly two-thirds of all anti-vaccine content on social media.

In August that year, Facebook’s vice president of content policy, Monika Bickert, issued a rebuttal9,10 to the CCDH’s report, saying there was no evidence to support its claims. After conducting its own investigation, Facebook found that we, the so-called disinformation dozen, were in fact responsible for only a tiny fraction — 0.05% — of all vaccine content on Facebook.

Needless to say, media and government officials completely ignored Facebook’s correction and “The Disinformation Dozen” report has been regularly used to justify the censoring of us ever since. In January 2022, the CCDH published yet another report11 claiming Substack generates more than $2.5 million in revenue annually from “anti-vaccine newsletters.” I was again the primary target.

Funny enough, in that report, the CCDH claimed that “The New York Times described … Joseph Mercola as the most influential spreader of coronavirus misinformation online in 2021.” Meanwhile, The New York Times cited12 the CCDH as the source of that claim!

So, the CCDH uses media reports of its own fabricated claims to support fresh sets of defamatory claims. That’s how the game is played, folks! It’s a closed loop. Former House speaker Nancy Pelosi once referred to this tactic as “the wrap-up smear.”

The Global Cabal

Getting back to the global cabal, the Deep State, or what Shurka refers to as the Mafia, there is strong collaboration between organized crime and U.S. military intelligence going back to World War II. Investigative journalist Whitney Webb details this history in her two-volume book, “One Nation Under Blackmail.”

While many would like a detailed listing of every single person who is part of this cabal, such a list is almost irrelevant. Many who belong on such a list probably don’t even know they’re doing the cabal’s bidding. I like Catherine Austin Fitz’s term, “Mr. Global.” Thousands could probably be identified as playing a role in Mr. Global’s scheme, but knowing their names won’t necessarily fix anything.

It’s their ideology and their overarching plan for achieving global domination, a one world government, that needs to be fully understood. Then, it doesn’t matter who is doing what. When you see someone, anyone, pushing that ideology and that plan, you know the answer is to go in the opposite direction.

That said, we know this cabal includes (but is not limited to) several of the wealthiest families on the planet — families whose wealth is multigenerational and spans centuries. Most of these people are not in the public eye at all. They remain hidden, but their wealth has bought influence everywhere influence is desired.

Much of that influence-peddling is done through nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and foundations, and it doesn’t matter who runs those NGOs. Their mandates still support and further Mr. Global’s long-term plan.

So, it’s far more important to understand the big picture, the end goal, and the steps they’re taking to get to that goal, than to be able to point fingers at any given individual. You can eliminate most of the people suspected of being part of the cabal and the plan will still move forward, because it’s far bigger than any given person.

Can We Change Course?

The question is, is the situation hopeless, or is there something we can do to stop them from turning the world into a digital prison planet? I don’t know if we can stop them, but I do think we must try. My personal belief is that they’re in a self-destructive pattern. They think they’re smarter than everyone else, and a lot smarter than they really are, which may ultimately result in their downfall.

But they do hold all the cards, and they have all the wealth and the power. And, this is important to understand: Their incentive is not based in a desire to acquire more money. They don’t need more money. They’re literally creating money out of thin air. They control all the fiat currencies and central banks in the world. No, it’s about power and control. They want the power to control everything and everyone.

But I think it’s going to backfire. In some ways, it already has. They went too far, too fast during the COVID pandemic, and they showed their hand too many times. For example, we now know the government is willing and able to seize your bank account if they don’t like who you’re donating money to.

We know they’re willing and able to lock entire countries down, with or without good cause. We know they’re willing and able to ignore and circumvent human and Constitutional rights. They’re willing to destroy the educational foundation of millions of children for years on end.

We’ve learned a lot about the lengths they’re willing to go to in order to get what they want and quash what they don’t. We’ve learned our intelligence agencies are coercing private businesses to censor and violate the rights of Americans at their behest, and we can see they’ve weaponized the justice system and any number of federal agencies.

Six ‘Self-Defense’ Strategies

Knowing all of that, and understanding that The Great Reset is an enslavement system, I believe the best defense strategy is to:

  1. Optimize your health — In the interview, I review why it’s so important to get regular sun exposure, how eliminating omega-6 linoleic acid from your diet will improve your health, and the benefits of time-restricted eating.
  2. Become more self-reliant and have backup plans for when the systems you’ve relied on are dismantled.
  3. Work on forming communities that are willing to work together outside of this new enslavement system.
  4. Disengage from the system as much as possible — A good starting point is ditching all Google products, as they’re all part of the surveillance grid. Definitely stop using Gmail, as they censor your inbox without you even knowing it.
  5. Refuse to go along with The Great Reset agenda — This includes refusing vaccine passports, digital identity and central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), as all of these will be used to micromanage and control how you live your life.
  6. Identify trusted sources and change how you get your information — You’ll need to be proactive when it comes to information gathering as most search engines provide highly curated material. Most truthful sources are censored, so you may need to get into the habit of going directly to their website, for example, or signing up for individual newsletters.

I suspect things will get far worse before they get better. They have a lot of power and control, and they’re going to use it. They haven’t played all their cards yet. But if enough people start moving in the opposite direction of where The Great Reset and Agenda 2030 is taking us, if we start moving toward decentralization and self-sustainable living instead of accepting more centralized power structures, then their control system may fall apart sooner rather than later.

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