Tearlach Resources Ltd. (TEA-TSXV / TELHF-OTC) is the lithium stock that is ready for a big run in what is going to be The Biggest Lithium Play of 2023.

Investors consider Canada is a premier jurisdiction, and assets located here usually get a premium in all metals markets. For lithium desperate companies, the new hard rock lithium plays in Ontario and Quebec are a great opportunity to lock down secure supply.

Tearlach’s main asset is now called The Final Frontier Project, which consists of the renamed Pakwan and Margot Lake lithium projects.

These two projects are located right along side Frontier Lithium in the growing Electric Avenue of Northern Ontario which hosts the Pak and Spark deposits.  Pak and Spark are considered to be Canada’s single top two lithium deposits combining for almost 25 million tonnes of lithium with grades between 1.4-2.06%.

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The region is loaded with lithium.  We are only just starting to find out how much because money had never been spent here before.  Frontier Lithium also has two other significant pegmatite discoveries with Bolt and Pennock.

This major lithium play will develop quickly in Northern Ontario.  Frontier is just the start. Tearlach is going to be the next company in the region that picks up the baton for the play and starts making noise with drill results and discoveries.

Results here have been rewarded very quickly.  Frontier Lithium went from being a penny stock to a $600 million market cap on their discoveries.  Tearlachs upcoming 2023 program has the potential to do the exact same.

Tearlach’s Assets – Right In The Sweet Spot

Final Frontier (Pakwan and Margot Lake)—are sandwiched right up against the big Frontier Lithium company-making discoveries.

Most of Frontier Lithium’s deposits are close to both sides of a geologic fault–called the Bear Head Defamation Zone–and Tearlach’s projects are right there too. The Tearlach projects in this now-proven area were strategically picked because they had big pegmatite showings. That’s a great start!!

The man who handpicked these assets is Lindsay Bottomer who reviewed over 100 different lithium properties and selected only three for Tearlach.  Bottomer is a legend, a discoverer of elephant sized resource plays—he played a leading part in the discovery of the Oyu Tolgoi mine in Mongolia, one of the largest copper-gold mines on the planet.

He also led the purchase and development of the Ann Mason copper-moly porphyry deposit in Nevada—the fourth largest copper porphyry resource in North America.

I believe that Tearlach/Bottomer have scored a major coup by securing these two lithium projects that are right beside Frontier Lithium.

But don’t take my word for it.  Just look at the news release in early 2023 announcing that Dr. Julie Selway was joining the team.  This may prove to be the biggest coup of all by Tearlach.

I laid out Dr. Selway’s resume for you yesterday.  She is the expert’s expert on lithium pegmatite globally and especially in Ontario/Quebec.

She has personally looked at over 90% of the pegmatite plays in these two provinces and literally wrote the report on pegmatite exploration that is still used by junior mining companies to aid in their exploration.

When Selway found out that the Tearlach team had landed the Margot Lake and Pakwan projects she was surprised.  She likes the opportunity here so much—she  left her prior position and joined Tearlach!


The Pakwan claim block is within three kilometers of Frontier Lithium’s Pak and Spark deposits.  So that is almost 25 million tonnes of lithium resource right next door and on the same trend.  Same geology, same trends, same fault.  Frontier made it to an $870 million market cap on its discovery.


Margot Lake is right on the intersections of the two geologic faults—one of them being The Bear Head Deformation Zone. Two faults equals two potential mineralizing events and there is a high potential that there’s a congregation of high grade in that area.

Dr. Selway is very excited about that and believes that Tearlach is looking at the kind of resource if not a larger potential that Frontier Lithium has  given her expertise and involvement.

Tearlach is not just physically close to the big Frontier Lithium discoveries but close in terms of geology and trend——like a Carlin Trend.  You find one, you are going to find others.

Dr. Selway joining this team is the biggest vote of confidence a pegmatite exploration asset could ever get.

The Final Frontier Project Has Obvious Potential
But This Might Be BIGGER

Tearlach has one other Ontario property that now sits as  two projects, called Harth and Wesley.  The plan is to combine them into one larger asset.

Wesley is located right next to Green Technology Metals (GT1:ASX), an Aussie-listed lithium company that already has a big discovery.  They just had 19 drill holes in a row all successfully hit lithium.   So again, Tearlach has a lithium asset in a very good-looking neighbourhood.

Last fall the team had boots on the ground at the Wesley project, taking channel, chip and soil samples.  Specific results are coming on those.

While we don’t know about the grade yet——what we do know is that the property contains   outcropping pegmatites that seem to be significantly larger once they had boots on the ground.  If any portion of this pegmatite runs economic grade it could very very valuable to shareholders and a major discovery..


This has the potential geological makings of something larger than what Frontier Lithium and Patriot Battery Metals currently have.  If this gets grade above 1% it will be a major, major discovery.

So between Wesley and The Final Frontier Project there’s a couple strong chances for Tearlach to make a huge discovery.

On The Ground Running In 2023

I see the #1 lithium play in 2023 being in Northern Ontario.  It’s hardrock, lots of companies spending tens of millions of dollars in total.  Tearlach is positioned to “lead the charge” in this space..

I expect to see Tearlach’s drills turning on one of their key projects near the end of Q1, with results coming shortly thereafter.

The stock—any exploration stock—needs drilling success to go higher. I can outline the great team and the great location of their assets, but I can’t tell you if they will hit economic grade on the big pegmatite structures they have.

But I can say that this area is being followed closely by majors like Rio Tinto. Whether it’s Rio or someone else, there is an opportunity to come in here and corner the market in this region.

Jurisdiction is important in the resource game.  Nice, predictable, hardrock lithium mining located in Canada is a breath of fresh air compared to the headaches of operating in sketchy jurisdictions with all kinds of unexpected complications and delays.

Frontier Lithium and Patriot have shown how explosive this region can be for investors with some success.

Tearlach is where these companies were 18 months ago–with the benefit of investors knowing the grade and size of the lithium that they are on trend with.

I make no promises in the world of junior mining——but Tearlach has HIGHLY prospective ground that’s on trend with a known major discoveries.  They have an A+ team (Dr. Selway wrote the book!), and have incredible knowledge of these pegmatites.

I’m SO excited…I’m long, right now, before drilling starts. I love being part of A Big Discovery.  Tearlach has a great shot at being that in 2023.

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