Unforgettable for All The Wrong Reasons: The 10 Cities To Skip Traveling to This Summer | Wealth of Geeks

Are you searching for fun places to travel to and explore? Traveling is one of the most incredible gifts that you can give yourself.

However, some cities have earned terrible reputations, and travelers warn others to avoid these places. Here are some of the top-voted cities worldwide.

1. Cairo, Egypt

“I lived in Cairo for two years in my 30s,” shared one user. “I genuinely hated it. I was sexually harassed every day. At one point, I had to move houses because the gas man kept banging on my door, shouting that I was a sex worker and should let him in for adult relations.”

Sadly, many people shared similar experiences before another stated, “You should only go to Egypt if you’re friends with some locals who will take care of you and accompany you everywhere. Only then will it be a pleasant experience. Source: I’m Egyptian.”

2. Gary, Indiana – U.S.A.

indiana map

“My wife’s family lives in Indiana. When I visited, we drove by Gary, and I said, ‘Ain’t that where Michael Jackson is from?! We should stop real quick!’ They all looked at me like I was a psychopath and told me how bad it was. I was disappointed, to say the least.”

Many others agreed with the sentiment. However, others expressed it’s better than Redditors make it out to be. One user said, “I’d heard Gary was really bad my whole life. When I finally went there, I didn’t get what people were on about. But I’m from Flint, Michigan, so my gauge for what is and is not a bad area is severely busted. It didn’t feel much different from home.”

3. Mogadishu, Somalia

Mogadishu somalia

There is no better way to sum this up than by sharing the warning attached to traveling to the country. “The U.S. State Department and most Western nations advise that you avoid all travel to Mogadishu for any reason. Continuous activity by the al-Qaida-affiliated terrorist group al-Shabaab has resulted in numerous kidnappings, suicide bombings, and generalized chaos.”

“There is a particular terrorist threat to foreigners in places where large crowds gather and Westerners frequent, including airports, government buildings, hotels, and shopping areas. In 2016, there were 14 documented attacks directed at hotels, restaurants, and the international airport in Mogadishu. Independent travel to Mogadishu will most likely result in your death.”

4. Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Port au Prince Haiti

One person shared, “Port-au-Prince, Haiti. I work with many refugee families who fled from there, and the stories are chilling.” Many people agreed and shared their experiences. However, they all stated that Haitians were the friendliest and most hard-working people they’d ever met despite the terrible conditions.

Another user said, “Great/friendly people, but the state of everything was shocking. Everything was in disrepair. Tons of buildings were still complete rubble from the earthquake in 2010. Raw sewage appeared to be flowing out onto some of the streets. No traffic lights worked, potholes were so large they’d swallow your entire vehicle, and there were multiple power outages daily.”

5. Gallup, New Mexico – U.S.A.

gallup new

“Gallup, New Mexico, according to truck drivers,” one person commented. “Storytime,” said another, “I live in Albuquerque, and I played rugby in high school. We went to Gallup to play precisely one time. We had to walk the field to pick glass and needles out of the dirt. It was awful.” 

“I have an office in Gallup and spend a few days a month there. It’s not a great place to live, but I’ve been to a far worse place in my travels—lots of drugs, drunken vagrants walking the streets, and very little to do,” another explained.

A third commenter said, “That entire strip of New Mexico gives me The Hills Have Eyes vibes.”

6. Kingston, Jamaica

Kingston Jamaica

“Kingston, Jamaica. The saying goes, ‘If you don’t have business in Kingston, you have no business in Kingston.’ However, I have traveled to other parts of Jamaica, and the island is one of the most beautiful places on Earth,” one user commented. “I went to Kingston on a cruise once and tried wandering off from the shopping district the cruise bus took us to so I could see the ‘Real Kingston.’

“I got like one block away, and this shopkeeper came out and physically restrained me from going any further, saying, ‘You better get back to your tour. You go any further, and they’re going to chop you up.’ So my desire to see the real Kingston evaporated immediately after that,” another person shared. 

7. Qatar


Someone nominated the entire country of Qatar. Another joked, “My friend got a complimentary visit to Qatar! All he had to do was join the military.” Several others agreed with that sentiment.

Another user said, “They’re hosting the World Cup, and they’ve been advertising like nuts all year. Never seen any Qatar tourism ads before 2022.” Many people expressed their disgust with the treatment of LGBTQIA+ people and were furious that the World Cup would be hosted there.

8. Forks, Washington – U.S.A.

forks washington

Someone joked, “Forks, Washington. The place is full of emo vampires and werewolves,” referencing its connection to the Twilight Saga. “I live relatively close to Forks, honestly, better off just exploring the beautiful parks and beaches around the area. There isn’t much in Forks, and for the most part, one of those old logging towns that isn’t super welcoming to outsiders.”

Many suggested it has heavy drug use. Another person exclaimed, “Honorable mention to Spokane and Newport!” And since I’m from Washington state, you should also avoid Granite Falls and Lakewood by Tacoma.

9. Sundown Towns – U.S.A.

night time moon

One person asked, “I’m sorry, but what’s a sundown town?” Another answered, “An all-white town that wants to stay that way.”

Another added, “The Green Book for negro motorists. It was like a Farmer’s Almanac for sundown towns and what cities to avoid. A seriously messed up time in America, and it is sad it wasn’t that long ago.”

“Steinhatchee, FL. It’s not as pronounced as it used to be. I mean, they don’t have spray paint on the overpass that reads, ‘Do not let the sun go down on your black bum’ anymore, but the sentiment is still known.

10. Ciudad Juárez, Mexico

Ciudad Juarez

“Ciudad Juárez, Mexico,” one person shared. “Bad news down there. A co-worker went down there with his wife-to-be to deal with some immigration issues. But unfortunately, he got cornered by a bad group of guys. They took his new truck, then held him for ransom for five months before finally letting him go.”

Another person warned, “I have been flying in and out of Ciudad Juárez for seven years. You only go into that town on your own if you know the neighborhoods and don’t have anything flashy on you.”

Others argued that it’s like any other place, and that it has trouble spots. But overall, Juárez isn’t as bad as some suggest.

What do you think? Did Reddit get this right, or is someplace significant missing from this list? Check out the ultimate guide to your international traveling check list.

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Retro Regrets: 12 TV Series That Will Make You Wish You Hadn’t Watched Them | Wealth of Geeks

Can you think of any television shows you watched that haven’t aged well in today’s world? Recently a Redditor asked, “What TV series have aged like milk?” Redditors responded to deliver this list of soured TV shows.

1. Hill Street Blues (1981)

Image Credit: 20th Television

One Redditor said, ” The first episode of Hill Street Blues has two cops breaking up a domestic disturbance caused by a woman finding her man having relations with her 15-year-old daughter. The man is told not to be terrible, the woman is told to put out more, and the child is told not to be so tempting. Then the cops leave, patting themselves on the back for a well-done job.”

2. How I Met Your Mother (2005)

how i met your mother the playbook
Image Credit: How I Met Your Mother Wiki.

One user said, “I tried to rewatch this a few weeks ago. The laugh track threw me off. I had forgotten it had one. After hearing the first couple of jokes followed by insane laughter, I decided not to rewatch it.”

3. Beauty and the Beast (1987)

The Best Movies on HBO Max
Image Courtesy of Prostock-studio and Shutterstock

One Reddit user said, “Beauty and the Beast Tv show from 1987. My mother LOVED this show back then. Well, I bought her the box set last year. She watched five episodes and couldn’t do it. So I decided to watch it because I miss her. Well, I can see why she couldn’t finish it.”

4. Saved by the Bell (1989)

Image Credit: NBC Universal

One Redditor said, “I didn’t think much of it until I saw Zach Morris is trash, and it got me to thinking, damn, that kid was a jerk.” Another Reddit user said, “My wife and I recently rewatched this series on Netflix. One thing that bothered us was how often Kelly was dating older guys.”

They elaborated, “At fifteen, she dated a college guy. In the Hawaiian movie (age 17), she dated a lawyer, and at age 19 (in college), she dated her professor. Only the last one had the age difference brought up, and they kept doing a bit even then. It was really a little creepy.”

5. Secret Life of the American Teenager (2008)

Image Credit: Disney–ABC Domestic Television

One Redditor posted, “My God, this show was terrible. My wife’s sister was into it, and we watched a lot of it when we were dating. I think they tried to make the banter like Gilmore Girls, but it ended up being the characters repeating their current plots and arcs repeatedly. I don’t remember the characters at all, but the main character was such a horrible person, and the audience is supposed to root for her.”

6. Wife Swap (2004)

Image credit: Zodiak Media/Paramount

One user points out, “It was a reality TV show where they took two polar opposite families, usually with opposing political or religious views, and swapped wives, the first week living by house rules and the second living by the wife’s rules.”

They continued, “Usually, the husband or kids would hate the changes, and the drama would ensue! Families claimed the drama was mostly scripted. Viewers have harassed some families for purely scripted things for the show.”

7. Pretty Little Liars (2010)

Pretty Little Liars
Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

One Reddit user said, “I think even at the time, the teacher dating his 16-year-old student storyline was creepy, but in 2022 it’s honestly unbelievable they ever portrayed in any positive light. Also that her parents didn’t immediately report him to the police.”

8. Black. White. (2006)

Image Credit 20th Century Fox

One user posted, “There was a reality show on Fox called Black. White. They put a White family in blackface and a Black family in whiteface. Just reading about it, it turns out the White family wasn’t even a real family. They were unrelated actors.” 

9. Sex and the City (1998)

The Best Movies on HBO Max
Image Courtesy of Prostock-studio and Shutterstock

One Redditor posted, “When the main character, a sex columnist, has a whole episode about being uncomfortable that her date is bisexual and ultimately can’t accept it. She was supposed to be very open-minded too.” Another user posted, “She was the biggest prude! Samantha should have been the sex columnist. Carrie wrote about her stories anyway, cut out the middle man.”

10. What Not To Wear (2003)

Image Credit: BBC Worldwide Productions

One user said, “Nothing like having your family secretly recording you when you look terrible and then gathering everyone you know to have a style intervention to watch said footage while two strangers pick you apart.”

They continued, “Then they pressure you into throwing away all your clothes (I hope they donated them), giving you enough money to buy four outfits but only on their terms, and also forgetting about your personal preferences and sense of style. You have to dress like a boring adult. And I ate that stuff up.”

11. The Swan (2004)

Image Credit: Fremantle Media North America

One Redditor said, “The Swan was two women who are considered ugly ducklings that are participating in a pageant against each other after undergoing a three-month transformative process, aka having heaps of plastic surgery.” Another user posted, “This show was spoiled milk before the first episode was over. I remember people rightfully being disgusted by it, and even then, people knew it was a cultural low point.”

12. America’s Next Top Model (2003)

MV5BODI2MTg0NDQ3MV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNTkxOTE3MDI@. V1 e1678917936493
Image Credit: America’s Next Top Model.

One Redditor said, “America’s Next Top Model. I remember going nuts over it when it first came out, and now, looking back, that show is rife with gross body image, not to mention literally putting models in blackface for a shoot.”

Another user posted, “Not only that but the number of things that, in hindsight, absolutely cannot have been coincidences — but production doing things to create drama or get a reaction from the girls for juicy TV moments.”

What do you think? Did Reddit get this right, or is something missing from the list? Check out these TV show cancellations that people are still frustrated about today.

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9 Essential Weapons To Reach Financial Independence

Financial Independence is a great thing. It means you can choose to do what you want without relying on your job to support your lifestyle. Who would not want that? More and more people are trying to become financially independent.

However, the road to Financial Independence is paved with obstacles. To overcome these obstacles, you will need to use all the weapons that are available to you. Mastering these weapons will make your journey to Financial Independence faster and simpler.

In this post, I will go over the nine most essential weapons available to you to reach Financial Independence. Some of these weapons are essential, while others are more optional. However, you must use a combination of these weapons and master them if you are serious about becoming financially free!

Stay tuned to master your fight for Financial Independence!

Nine Essential Weapons To Reach Fire

1. Frugality

Frugality is your primary weapon

To reach Financial Independence, you need to be frugal. Frugality is one of the best weapons for Financial Independence. This is not a mandatory requirement since you can reach Financial Independence with any level of expenses. However, the lower your yearly costs, the faster you will achieve Financial Independence.

By definition, you will reach Financial Independence once you have accumulated enough net worth to cover your yearly expenses for 25 years. Another possible interpretation is to get enough passive income to cover all your annual costs.

So, if your expenses are lower, your net worth, or passive income goal, will be lower. You will have to accumulate less money before you can reach FI. Spending 10% less each year can save one or two years from your journey to Financial Independence!

There are many things you can do to save money. You can start by stopping eating out too often and cooking yourself. There are many ways to save money on groceries. Many people are paying for things they do not need. You can cut some of your bills if you do not use them as much as you think. Some people are going very far to save money. You need to find your balance of frugality.

One thing that is important to keep in mind is that you will need to keep that level of frugality once you are financially free. If you do not feel comfortable with your current frugality, you should fix it before you retire!

2. Your Main Income

Your primary Income can be extremely sharp!

Frugality, in itself, is not enough. You must save money to increase your net worth and reach Financial Independence. Therefore, your Income is a potent weapon! You should sharpen it as much as possible. Do not let your Income Weapon rust!

The more money you get monthly, the more you can add to your net worth. Therefore, increasing your Income goes a long way toward speeding up your progress.

Reducing your expenses has a lower limit. There is a point under which you cannot cut it further. On the other hand, increasing your primary Income is almost limitless. Some ways to improve your primary Income can be complicated. But there is more potential in increasing your Income than in reducing your expenses.

On the other hand, when you increase your Income, you have to be careful not to become a victim of lifestyle inflation. Do not be tempted to spend more because you are earning. Lifestyle inflation is the reason why a lot of high-income earners are not wealthy!

How to increase your primary Income will vary from job to job. There are many ways to improve your career income. But there are some simple strategies to increase your primary career income. For instance, you should not wait for a raise. You should ask for a raise if you deserve it! If you can do more, do not wait to be asked; ask for more responsibilities! You could also get more education or even change jobs.

Considering your career as a weapon will help you make it stronger. And wielding a more potent weapon will improve your journey toward Financial Independence.

3. Investing

Crush inflation with the Investing Hammer.

If you master the first two weapons, Frugality and High Income, you will save a lot of money monthly. Unfortunately, inflation causes your money to lose value every year.

You need to fight inflation with your Investing! You will need to invest your earned money. Not only will this negate the results of inflation. But this will also make your money work for you. If you invest your money in broad market index funds, you can expect between 5% and 8% returns on average every year. This will mean that your net worth will generate more money! Your money will work for you instead of you working for money!

I have said that having more Income will make you become Financial Independence faster. Investing your money works in the same way! If you invest most of your savings, you will accelerate your progress even further!

Investing is probably the most complicated weapon to master. But it is mighty. However, if you keep to the basics and invest in broad stock market indexes through ETF, anyone can learn it. The simplest way to support this is to use a three-fund portfolio. Stay clear of actively managed investments. Their fees will eat through your returns. By keeping investing simple, you will reap the profits of the entire stock market and minimize your fees!

4. Passive Income

Your Financial Number is based on your yearly expenses. But what if you could get some income in retirement? And what if this Income did not require you to do anything? Passive Income is a mighty weapon to reach Financial Independence faster.

Passive Income can make a huge difference! If you have yearly expenses of 50’000 dollars and a passive income of 10’000 dollars each year, you only have 40’000 dollars left to cover. That means that your FI number will be 10’000 dollars lower! If you use the 4% rule, you will have to save 250’000 dollars less before being financially independent.

Dividends are an easy way to generate some passive income. Most stocks will pay dividends. If you invest through a broad index ETF, you will receive some dividends quarter after quarter. This can be used to grow your Income. And it can also be used to cover your expenses in retirement. The most used passive income stream is tied to the previous weapon, Investing.

Another passive income stream is Real Estate. If you own and rent a house, you will receive some money, month after month. This is not as passive as dividends. But it can generate handsome returns and passive solid Income. Many people are financially independent only through real estate investing.

SomSome companies allow you to invest in real estate projects without having to do any of the heavy liftings yourself.

One example is DiversyFund. It’s a private REIT (real estate investment trust) that allows you to invest in professional real estate projects passively for as little as $500. The thing I love about companies like DiversyFund is that they don’t make money unless the investors make money since they invest and manage the projects themselves.

There are many other ways to generate passive income. Every little bit of passive income that you will have will help you reach Financial Independence faster.

5. Side Hustles

Your side hustles can hit many targets!

Another extremely efficient weapon to reach Financial Independence is to start a side hustle. A side hustle is a small job next to your main career job that will bring some extra income. You can even go one step further and have several side hustles.

Now, this is not for everybody. It would be best if you kept a balance between your life and your job. This means you will have to work more while accumulating your net worth. However, this can make it significantly faster.

Once you are financially independent, every bit of Income will help. Also, side hustles can help you while you are financially free if you continue them. For some people, this is not staying true to the definition of financial Independence since you still rely on this Income. However, the purpose of Financial Independence can be adapted to everybody!

There are many side hustles out there. From the weirdest, sell used panties to something more conventional such as flipping cars. You could tutor kids in your area. You could also drive people around for money. Or, if you are a handy person, you could build and sell things. And if you do not make things, you could buy and sell them for more. Finally, starting and monetizing a blog is a very trendy side hustle.

Everyone is different and will consider some side hustles, but not all of them. Some people will have many side hustles, while others will have none and solely focus on their careers. But it is essential to know that the weapons are available should you need them! Everybody is free to choose their weapons.

6. Patience

Patience is an important weapon. Even if you master all the weapons already mentioned, you will not become Financially Independent in one day! But this is not an easy one for some people.

For most people, reaching Financial Independence will take five to fifteen years. It is crucial to be patient during your journey.

All along the way, you must be careful to continue improving your usage of all the other weapons. And do not get distracted out of your path!

If your only goal is to become financially free in five years, the first years will be challenging to keep motivated. One way to make it easier to wait until the end of the journey is to have small goals along the way. For instance, you can make it your goal to achieve an FI ratio of 10% in the first year. Or reduce your expenses by 10% in the first two years. By having small goals and fighting to reach them, waiting for the primary goal will be easier!

7. Positive Attitude

Use a Positive Attitude as a shield.

Another thing you will need in your journey is a positive attitude. You should use this as a shield! Indeed, you will likely encounter many criticisms once people become aware of what you are trying to achieve. You need to shield yourself from this.

Many people will likely think that what you are trying to achieve is impossible. This is especially true if you are planning to retire very early. Once you tell people you will quit before you are forty, they will, at the very least, be very skeptical. Some people will be interested, of course. But I do not think this is the majority of people.

Moreover, there will also be people telling you that early retirement is bad for the economy; hence, other people depend on this economy. Some people are saying that this will cause a lack of workforce. They are also afraid of the lack of talent in some companies.

I do not share any of these beliefs. However, we should be prepared to hear them and accept them. We should keep a positive attitude against these negative comments.

8. Security

Online security is your armor.

In this age, many of your financial tasks are likely made online. You must ensure that all access to these online services is as secure as possible. Security is an essential defensive weapon. You should view it as your armor!

It is imperative to be serious about security. If your broker account is compromised and you lose a lot of money, this could seriously affect your path to financial freedom. The same is true if someone spends a lot of money on their credit card.

The first thing you should do is to use a long password for each of your online services. And it would be best if you never used the same password twice. And if you can, you need to use two-factor authentication as much as possible. It should be mandatory. More and more online services offer it these days. But too often, it is an option.

Another thing that you need to secure is your phone! You can likely access your financial accounts from your phone. Therefore, you must ensure it! And this is even truer if you use your phone as a two-factor device. You should use a code instead of a pattern as long as you can. And you should make sure your phone locks automatically after some time.

Finally, if you use debit and credit cards, you should make sure to use a different PIN on each card. And block a card as soon as possible if you suspect foul play.

9. Credit Cards

Your credit Cards are like daggers – Small, but you can wield many

Credit Cards are often considered a bad thing by many. And it is true that if they are misused, they can significantly slow down your finances! However, if they are used correctly, they can serve you well.

The most important things are to avoid any credit cards with an annual fee. This will save you money every year. You only need to consider free credit cards.

Then, you will need to take the credit card that will bring the most returns to you. This can be in the form of pure money cashback. Or this can be in the form of coupons that can save money on things you would purchase anyway.

You will probably need a travel card to save on foreign exchange currencies. Most banks will charge between 1.5% and 2.5% on each transaction you do in another currency than yours! You can eliminate all these fees with a travel card. Traveling or purchasing things online in other countries can save you a lot of money.

You must use credit cards correctly. You should never carry a balance on any credit card! You cannot go wrong if you consistently pay your credit card bill in full and choose a free credit card with some cashback!

Your credit cards are smaller weapons, like little daggers. But you can use several of them to make an enormous impact! You will need all the weapons you can get to become financially independent.

Financially Independent Retire Early

These nine weapons are essential tools you should use in your financial freedom journey. You do not have to use all of them, of course. But you should know that they are here for your use. And the more you wield, the faster you can reach Financial Independence!

You should use as many of these weapons as you can. But it would be best if you also learned how to master them. Sometimes, a powerful weapon can overpower several other weaker weapons. And in some cases, you can improve your guns yourself. And since every journey toward Financial Independence differs, you can even make up your weapons!

Not only will this make Financial Independence possible, but it will also allow you to reach your goal faster. You want to make your journey the best possible one.

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What Is “Eve Jobs” Net Worth? | Wealth of Geeks

Steve Jobs’ youngest child, Eve Jobs, has sought to maintain a quiet profile, but her father will undoubtedly be proud of her for choosing a different path that has propelled her into the public eye. Laurene Powell Jobs, an entrepreneur, and philanthropist, is her mother. Eve doesn’t get to see much of the billions her father earned as a co-founder of Apple.

With Steve Jobs’ death in 2011, most of the wealth, estimated by Forbes to be $20.4 billion, went to Eve’s mom, Laurene Powell Jobs. Yet, She’s the heir to one of the most iconic tech legacies in history, and she has, so far, shown that she is up to the challenge.

Eve Jobs studied at Stanford University, where she graduated in 2021. She majored in the intersection of science, technology, and society at college. Reed and Erin are her older siblings, and she has a half-sister named Lisa.

Early Life

Eve Jobs was born in Palo Santo, California, on July 2, 1998. She was able to pursue her passion for equestrian competition on a national level because she attended Florida’s Upper Echelon School. A school that allows students to tailor their timetable according to competitive athletic calendars. Jobs has always been a horse girl. From bringing carrots to her sister’s barn, she began to take pony lessons at age six. Although she traveled for show jumping competitions during summers and spring breaks, her parents encouraged her to prioritize school.

About Eve Jobs Equestrian Career

Eve Jobs is an accomplished equestrian who has participated in multiple national and international show jumping competitions. She has competed for the United States in several equestrian contests, and earned numerous prizes and accolades for her efforts in show-jumping competitions in places like Lexington, the Hamptons, and Kentucky.

She has also participated in events in Canada and the United Kingdom, earning thousands of dollars. She competed with Jennifer Gates, daughter of another prominent tech titan, Bill Gates. She has also competed against other kids whose parents were well-known, such as Destry Spielberg, daughter of filmmaker Steve Spielberg, and singer Bruce Springsteen. Eve Jobs is a skilled equestrian, ranking fifth out of 1,000 of the world’s top riders under the age of 25.

In an interview in 2016 Eve said: “Riding always keeps you humble. It’s great to see your hard work pay off, but you have to constantly stay at the top of your game,”

Speaking on the lesson drawn from riding, she said, “It has taught me independence, dedication and perseverance, which I can apply to all realms of my life.”

In an interview with The World of Showjumping in 2020, Eve stated her long-term goal of competing at the Olympics.“Being able to compete in the Olympics and World Equestrian Games would be a dream. I am a competitive person, so I definitely thrive on the competition aspect. I like to push myself to do better.” But, it seems that Eves’ dreams of becoming a well-known equestrian may have been put on hold, at least in the short term, as she pursues her impulsively chosen yet promising modeling profession.

Pivoting Into Modelling

As a fashion model, she has been in numerous Glossier advertising campaigns featuring Euphoria Star, Sydney Sweeney, and Naomi Smalls, a former RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant.

She debuted in high fashion during Paris Fashion Week in October 2021. She walked the Coperni runway that same month among prominent figures in the field as Gigi Hadid, Paloma Elsesser, and Adut Akech.

“I can’t put into words how extraordinary this collection is. It was an honor to be a part of the vision @coperni,” Jobs posted on Instagram after the event, thanking the designers and offering a behind-the-scenes look at her runway appearance.

Eve Jobs’ Net Worth

In May 2019, she reportedly won the $130,000 CSI 3 Grand Prix at the Split Rock Jumping Tour in Lexington, Kentucky. In addition, Eve Jobs won the $100,000 Reliable Rentals Grand Prix in British Columbia, Canada, in August 2019 while competing against other riders. Her mother Laura reportedly purchased Eve a $15 million property at Venue D’Fees Des Hazalles in 2016, where she trains with her horse.

She has appeared in several editorials for Vogue, in addition to the beauty and lifestyle company Glossier, where she must have earned some money. She made her runway debut for the Coperni spring and summer collection 2022 during the 2021 Paris Fashion Week.

She also recently graced the 2022 cover of Vogue Japan. She has additionally participated in the iconic Louis Vuitton Paris Fashion Week runway show. Her half-sister Lisa once claimed that their late father left them each a little inheritance of a few million dollars without disclosing the exact sum. Given the aforementioned, Jobs’ net worth is estimated to be $15 million plus.

With her grit for success and hard work, we can expect more growth with so many opportunities before her. Steve Jobs himself described her as a “strong-willed, funny firecracker.” For instance, If she utilizes her social media for paid promotions, she can earn more by leveraging her huge following on social media. With her Stanford degree, she can explore new ventures that interest her.

She joined DNA Model Management in March 2022, expecting to work on some high-profile projects and modeling assignments in the future. We can anticipate seeing more upscale designer ads and projects for Eve.

Is Apple Still Paying Steve Jobs’ Heirs

Powell, Laurence Jobs controls most of Steve’s remaining Apple and Disney shares. The Jobs family no longer gets compensation from Apple. But still stand to gain financially from their Apple and Disney stock. Powell-Jobs has used the money for philanthropic endeavors and the establishment of new foundations, the purchase of new enterprises, and the furtherance of existing investments and acquisitions.

Eve Jobs Hobbies

As a hobby, Eve Jobs enjoys riding horses and training at the ranch her mother purchased for her. Which included a show-jumping training ring. Eve Jobs is frequently seen posting to and interacting via Twitter and Instagram.

She has a large following on Instagram. It’s one place where you can keep up with her accomplishments. She frequently updates her fans and followers about her most recent fashion-related covers and projects. As a sports person herself, she enjoys both watching sports and traveling. The NBA’s Golden State Warriors are her favorite team.

Eve Jobs Love Life

Eve Jobs has successfully kept her private life out of the spotlight. There are no hard facts about who she is dating, only speculation. She was once linked to Outer Banks star Chase Stokes, who was widely believed to be her boyfriend. Her exes include folk rock and pop musician Harry Hudson and fellow equestrian Eugenio Garza Perez.

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Bill Negotiation: 7 Bills You Can Negotiate To Save Money

Do you always pay the exact amount that is due on your bills? Well, did you know you could negotiate your bills?

Negotiating bills seems uncomfortable and awkward, but you can save a lot of money by negotiating your bills. It would be best if you did not shy away from awkward situations to save money. You must spend less and cut back on existing costs to increase your savings. Reducing your monthly bills is a great way to cut back on expenses.

Many people have saved around $300 monthly by negotiating their bills. Maybe you can be one of them. You may think you got a good deal on a monthly plan, but if you find a competitor selling the same service at a cheaper rate, you should switch providers. Try to negotiate your bills today and save big.

Go through your expenses and highlight the areas you spend the most. Then try to save at least a little monthly in those areas. It could be something minor, but it will eventually add up if you do that every month. Even if you save $300 a month, you end up with $3600 a year, which is a lot of money.

Here Are Seven Bills You Can Negotiate To Save Money

TV, Streaming Services, and Internet Cable

Most people use the internet, TV, and streaming services. You often get hooked on them by their meager introductory prices, which eventually increase. However, you do not need to accept the higher prices. You can check if they have any deals available by contacting your service provider.

You can threaten to switch providers if they do not offer any new deals. You may be transferred to their retention department, and they may provide some money-saving discounts. Do some research and have special introductory offers from competitors to include in the conversation. Sometimes, you can end up getting a lot of discounts on your current plan with negotiations.

You can also reduce the channels you receive on your cable plan and save some money. Also, you can decide only to have one cable plan for one room or the living room and save on multiple projects. Return any cable boxes that you do not use for additional money.

Small changes at your home and in your plan may lead to savings. Even if you save $100 a month two years later, that will feel like a big save. You can also let go of cable services and switch to only streaming services.

Internet Service

Every neighborhood has more than one internet service provider. You can research the rates and plans offered by different internet service providers in your locality and compare costs. You can contact your internet service provider to match a lower price with a competitor. They will most likely agree to it. You can sometimes get better internet speed and lower costs by negotiating your cable bill. Even if you save $20 a month, it is a good deal; eventually, you will save more.

You can check out the Amex offers section with an American Express credit card. They usually provide discount deals for Tv channels, Netflix, and ShowTime.

You can check with credit card companies and streaming services for any specials they may have. Some cable channels offer discounts if you purchase annual packages. You can obtain the same service for a lower price by paying in bulk.


Healthcare can be costly. Medical bills always add up, even with health insurance. The medicines, treatments, doctor visits, and hospital stays can dent your bank account. Many Americans go bankrupt because of their crushing medical debt.

Healthcare is a business, and patients are like their customers. If you have a bill on the higher side, you can contact their billing department for negotiations. They often agree to provide some discounts.

Always negotiate your bills when every opportunity comes. Hospitals and Clinics often agree to reduce the bill to an amount you may be able to pay instead of continuing to bill you for a more considerable amount and eventually writing it off as bad debt. If you genuinely cannot pay the higher amount, explain your financial condition, and discuss a lower amount that you can immediately pay.


Negotiating gym membership is one of the ways to save money. Gyms often offer promotional membership rates to increase their membership, especially around holidays. You should always check the latest promotions at your gym and the gyms around your place to get a discount. You can ask for a price match if you find a gym with a similar service for a lower price.

Gyms can be very flexible when it comes to their pricing. They want you to continue to be their member. Gyms often offer discounts if you purchase annual memberships instead of monthly payments. You can also gain discounts if you offer to pay upfront. You are usually never required to pay the total price of a gym membership. If your gym is going under renovation, ask for a discount. In addition, if you do not go to the gym, cancel your membership and save money.

You can get discounts at yoga studios if you pay in advance. Annual memberships are much cheaper than paying per class or monthly. You can sometimes end up saving 50% in fees.


Your rent does not have to be something that cannot change. You can negotiate a lower rent with a new or current landlord.

You can negotiate a discount on your rent if you find places near your location rented for a lower price. If your property owner sees that, they may lower your rent.

Sometimes, paying rent in advance for the next few months may lead to a discount, or your landlord may reduce your rent if you sign a long lease. You can give up the space allotted for your packing to save some money.

Sometimes insurance companies offer discounts if you pay premiums quarterly or half-yearly instead of monthly.

You can also raise deductibles on auto insurance and homeowner policies. You will often pay the difference in deductibles by lower insurance costs in a few years. Moreso, you can save almost $50 monthly if you do this.

Credit Card Interest and Fees

The cardholder agreement you signed with your credit card is quite flexible. You cannot argue about the amount you owe to the credit card company, but here are some things you can negotiate with them.

  • Annual fees- Sometimes, you can get your annual fees waived if you ask. This is not a one-time thing; some credit card issuing companies often waive the yearly fees even if they have waived them for you before.
  • Late fees- You can contact your card company if you missed your due date and were stuck with late fees. They often waive it. If you repeatedly miss your due date, they may not be so kind, but they are most likely to waive it if it is a one-time thing.
  • Interest Rates- Most clients, for some reason, do not ask for a lower interest rate. Your credit card company will likely offer a lower rate if you request it.

Moreso, here is a transcript word for word that will show you how to negotiate credit card interest fees.

Cell Phone Plan

You, as a consumer, have a lot of power when it comes to your cell phone service. So many cheaper carriers are available, and porting your number to a new service is relatively easy. If you want a better deal and your provider disagrees, switch.

Begin by checking your data, text, and talk usage to understand your required services. Then compare the cost of these services as offered by various providers. Contact your provider with this information and negotiate.

If you’re paying too much for cell phone bills, you may want to consider switching to Tello.

Tello is a mobile phone service provider offering inexpensive and flexible cell phone plans.

The Commission of a Real Estate Agent

If you want to sell a real estate property, this tip is for you. You do not have to blatantly accept whatever commission standard your real estate agent has asked. It would help to meet many real estate agents before choosing one to sell your property. You can negotiate with them about their commission; often, they will agree to take a smaller commission to be hired. If not, you should continue to look until you find a real estate agent willing to work on less commission.

You do not have to ask real estate agents to take a more significant pay cut; it could be as little as 1% of their commission. With the high price of real estate, even 1% will make a difference of thousands in savings for you. So always negotiate your bills with them.

Also, it would be best to remember never to overpay your bills again. Negotiating is not fun. Very rarely does anyone enjoy hassling for money, but we all like to save money. Negotiating your bills can save a lot of your money to use more necessary things.

You only have to be willing and patient to get a better and cheaper deal. What is the worst that could happen if you try to negotiate your bills? Your provider will say no. That is it. If you succeed at dealing, you will save money with just one phone call.

Here Are Some Negotiating Tips That Will Help To Lower Your Bills Today

If you decide to negotiate your bills yourself, here are a few essential tips to remember.

  • Be friendly, and don’t be disrespectful to the customer service representative. Inform the representative how you’ve been a long-term and loyal customer.
  • Inform them how you pay your bills on time.
  • Be specific on your request and stand firm.
  • Please do some research on their competitor rates to get the best price.
  • Always take a confirmation code or ensure they send you an email.
  • Take all the details of the representative you spoke with, mainly if a discount was given.
  • Lastly, do you want another person to help you negotiate your bill?
  • Billshark helps to negotiate your cell phone, cable, internet, or insurance and lower your bill.

Here’s how Billshark works:

  1. Use their saving calculator to see how much you can save.
  2. Send copies of your bills to and upload them to Billshark.
  3. Billshark negotiates all the tabs and cancels some subscriptions.
  4. Billsharks takes 40% of every successful negotiation and $9 on every canceled subscription.

It’s worth the savings and was such an easy process.


Negotiating your bills is something you should consider. Not dealing with your accounts means that you are likely paying more.

If this type of bill negotiation isn’t for you, using bill negotiation services to negotiate your bills may be worthwhile.

Michael launched Wealth of Geeks to make personal finance fun. He has worked in personal finance for over 20 years, helping families reduce taxes, increase their income, and save for retirement. Michael is passionate about personal finance, side hustles, and all things geeky.

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This Is How To Do Bargain Shopping While Traveling Abroad

Who loves a good souvenir? Who hates spending an arm and a leg on purchasing said souvenir? Bargain shopping while abroad can be one of the most fun and satisfying things you do during your travels.

Why? Because even though, when you do all the monetary conversions, you’re not paying that much in dollars, you want to get a fair price for where you are. Plus, who doesn’t love a challenge?

I can’t tell you the number of times that I’ve gone shopping in India and come home with what I think is a great deal (i.e., I spend 11 dollars on a hand-carved stone elephant), and my aunts and cousins are immediately like, “you overpaid!”

The issue with being a foreigner is that you’re a target for scams and cheats.  While at the end of the day, it may not amount to a lot of money for you in your own currency, you don’t want to continue traveling with unfair deals. This is especially true on long trips, as your money will run out super fast.  Plus, the whole point of shopping abroad is to get authentic items, locally made and sourced, that the locals themselves buy. In this case, you should also pay the same as the locals and get the same deals.

What Does Bargain Shopping Entail

When I speak of “bargaining,” I mean “haggling.” This means that you don’t have to, nor should you, pay the price you are given. Not all areas allow for this, but for those that do, it’s essential to know how to bargain with shop owners. There are techniques and know-how to do it properly and get the best deals possible, which is what this blog post is all about.

What Can You Bargain For

If you’re in an area that allows for bargain shopping, you can price haggle for any item being sold there. This includes food, clothing, accessories, and decorations. The exception to this is food items being sold at food stalls for you to eat; other food stalls selling spices or packaged goods, you can try your hand at bargaining. Shop owners may deny you, so in those instances, you won’t be able to haggle, but it never hurts to try!

So How Can You Try for The Best Bargain?

I’d like to share some general “rules of thumb” when you go bargain shopping in foreign countries.  Of course, if you’re in love with an item and can afford it in your own currency, and are willing to pay, then go for it. Bargaining for a better price, in that case, is less of a concern as your focus will be on obtaining what you want. I don’t think there’s a replacement for something you love or can see yourself using. But for all those other items that you’re interested in, that look cool, or small items that you are trying to purchase for the purpose of gift-giving, you should bargain.

A big part of looking for deals, and getting them, is knowing where to shop and also HOW to shop.

First Rule: Ask The Locals Where They Go

The key phrases here are, “where are the popular local markets?”, “which markets are best for souvenirs?” and “which markets will allow me to bargain?”.  You want to find anything related to markets, night markets, weekend markets, etc. These markets are generally set up outdoors with stall after stall of random commodities.  The beauty of these markets is that if you like something in one place, and the shop owner won’t bargain with you, there’s pretty much a guarantee that you’ll find the same item in another stall.

In other words, you don’t have to get stuck in one place.

Second: Be Nonchalant

Don’t act too interested.  If shop owners know you like something, they’ll be less willing to negotiate down on price.  They know that you’ll eventually cave if you show a lot of interest.

Third: Know Where To Start Your Haggling

Ask the price and expect it to be at least double what they would offer a local.  Yes, double (even triple, depending on the item and how interested you are). A good place to start is at half of what they ask, and don’t be afraid of offending them.  Think of how offended you are that they are overcharging you!

Another good way to go is to calculate how much they are asking in your own currency.  If it’s higher than you’re willing to pay, then figure out in your head what you WOULD pay.  Then, take that number and start a bit lower with your bargaining.

For example, the hand-carved stone elephant I purchased in India: their starting price for me, in their local currency of Rupees, was about Rs 1200 (approximately $18); I did the conversion in my head and decided that I would pay no more than $12, which translates to Rs. 840. Thus, I started my bargaining point at around $8, or Rs. 560 (if I remember correctly, my actual starting point was Rs. 500). At the end of it, I walked away after paying Rs 800, or $11.

As you can see from my starting point, it is a little less than half their original asking price. So you can jump to that or do the calculation in your head as above so that you have a range that you are comfortable with. Of course, the price you decide that you’re willing to pay is also contingent upon what you perceive as the value of the item you are buying. If you think it’s a great piece and worth paying a little more, your job becomes easier, and the whole process will be faster.

Another thing I’d like to point out is the savings. In our dollar currency, the amount saved isn’t all that much; however, in the local currency, I saved a total of Rs. 400. In India, Rs 400 can go towards a meal, public transportation, or tickets to an event. So for purposes of maximizing your cash when you travel, bargain shopping for those few American dollars can actually go a long way.

Fourth: Bundle Items for a Better Deal

Many shop owners will be more willing to bargain if you tell them you’re buying more than one item.  I like this technique when I see that they, for whatever reason, are unwilling to budge; in this case, I’ll look around and see what else I can get and ask them to ADD something, and then I’ll pay the price they’re asking.

Back to the elephant, if they are stuck on a price of 18 dollars, then I would add another item, a fan/pen/pendant/wall hanging, whatever I can find that is of interest, and say, “Okay, I’ll pay 18 dollars if you include this item”.  If you can’t find anything else of interest to you, then I recommend purchasing two of whatever it is you are bargaining for. The extra can serve as a gift for someone else!

Fifth: Give The Amount of Money You’re Willing To Pay

I have done this.  Sometimes shop owners get really stubborn, and I, too, am unwilling to compromise. So I have taken out the exact change for the price I wanted to pay for the item, handed it to them, and said, “Okay, done.”  And it worked!

If this sounds strange, just think about it. It is hard for a shop owner to turn down cash in hand. They will not run after you to return your money just to demand more.

Sixth: Walk Away

This is very important: don’t be afraid to walk away.  If they are being ridiculous or uncompromising, remember, there’s another stall, probably not too far away, or even another market you haven’t explored yet, with the same product. Keep walking and wait for them to drop the price. Half the time, when you start to leave, they’ll call you back.

If they call you back, stop and turn around and repeat your price.  If they disagree, turn back around and walk. More often than not, they will call you back and give you what you want.

This goes hand in hand with not being too interested.

Seventh: Try to Shop With a Local

If you know someone living locally or have a tour guide willing to help you, then definitely utilize those resources.  First, ask them what the typical cost, or fair price, is of consumer goods and souvenirs. You can use their feedback as a starting point and as a way to vet different shop owners.

For instance, if a seller gives you an exorbitant price as compared to what you were told to expect by your tour guide, then you know to walk away; don’t even bother bargain shopping with that seller.

Even better is if you can get your guide to help you with the bargaining process. You’ll get much better deals as they’ll be able to help you with pricing the items, and shop owners will know that they can’t get away with cheating you if a local is on your side.

I do recommend that you exercise some caution with this approach. Even if you ask for help, be sure to follow your instincts still. I have heard several stories detailing how shop owners and tour guides sometimes work together. In that case, it is in their best interest for you to pay a higher price, with them splitting the profits.

So, if a deal doesn’t feel right or you think something is going on, walk away. You are not obligated to purchase anything just because a local is helping you.

Eighth: Do Your Due Diligence

Make sure you inspect the items you are purchasing very carefully; remember you are a target, and there’s no return or exchange policy at these markets. Before you make an offer or start the process, do your inspection. Look for defects and determine how you feel about the quality of the item. Sometimes finding a minor defect can help with your bargaining, and you can use it to drive down the price further (assuming that it’s a defect you are okay with having).

Sometimes, based on how you feel about the quality, your willingness to haggle will shift, and the price you are willing to pay will change. Again, trust those instincts.

Ninth: Don’t Pay Until You’re Certain

Even after you conclude with your bargaining and settle on a price, do a quick mental check that you want and are comfortable with what you’re paying. As I mentioned, there are no returns, exchanges, or take-backs. I’ve been in many situations where I’ve regretted my purchase after the fact. In each of those instances, I was not 100% sure about the price or the item.

Nothing is final until you pay, so do not pay unless you are confident.

Bargain Shopping Final Notes

Be Careful

Be on the lookout for scams. If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. In addition, if someone claims to have “great merchandise” and they start leading you into an alleyway or some stand-alone warehouse…don’t go.

Listen to your instincts and play it safe. No local product is worth it, no matter how much of a bargain they promise you.

Don’t Make Promises

I mentioned this earlier as well, before you pay, examine your merchandise. You are getting it super cheap, but that doesn’t mean the quality has to be wrong or you must put up with defects. Also, don’t promise to buy anything until you’ve seen it and touched it. Don’t hand over money until you’ve had a chance to do your due diligence.

Protect Your Belongings

Many of these bargain shopping markets are crowded, and in a third-world country, many are poor. Take care of your wallet. Don’t hold anything out for people to grab; don’t keep your wallet in your back pocket; separate your money–keep some in your wallet, some in your front pockets, and some at the bottom of a bag.

Dress Casually

Hand in hand with protecting your belongings is leaving all your valuables in your hotel safe and avoiding fancy clothes. The richer you look, the more likely it is that you will be scammed.

I’d also recommend that you wear comfortable closed-toe shoes. In a crowded market, you will get stepped on. In addition, the location of some of these markets is on side streets and alleys that are not paved and full of potholes. It’s not fun. Your feet will thank you.

Count The Money

After paying for an item, if you are expecting to receive any change in return, count what you are given back and make sure it is correct. It may not translate to a lot of money for you, but it is your hard-earned dollars, and you want it to go as far as possible when you travel, so be diligent and watchful. I’ve caught many mistakes that way.


Make sure they wrap your purchases for you properly.  You have to travel with your items back, and you don’t want things falling apart or losing pieces of your purchase.  If they don’t make moves to wrap your items, ask them to. They should not charge, and you shouldn’t pay, for good packaging. All of that should be included in the price of your souvenir.

Have Fun With It

Many shop owners abroad thoroughly enjoy meeting tourists. If you encounter some that are friendly and inquisitive, then go with it. Get to know them, crack some jokes, and ask questions about their merchandise and how it’s made. Your curiosity may get you a better deal, AND you’ll likely learn something about local culture. Plus, you’ll make that shop owner’s day—a win-win.

Happy Shopping!

Your first bargain shopping experience may be scary, but once you’ve made that first purchase, you’ll realize how much fun and satisfying it is. As you keep doing it, you’ll get a sense of what is fair pricing and what isn’t. Hopefully, with practice and these techniques, you’ll get to shop like a local! You can expect to overpay the first couple of times (by local standards), and that’s okay; you’re learning.

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Sanjana is a physician anesthesiologist, avid traveler, and entrepreneur. She founded The Female Professional in order to give women a voice, a community, and provide resources to help them overcome hurdles and achieve success.

With her experiences as a physician, as a CEO of a startup, and as a writer, she understands the struggles and frustrations that women face. She also understands what it takes to move past those things and come out on top.

Through this platform, Sanjana aims to empower women to be their best, authentic, selves, achieve work/life balance, and live life to the fullest.

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The Lucrative Side Hustle of Being a Dungeon Master for Hire | Wealth of Geeks

Maybe it was Stranger Things, celebrity players, or maybe the pandemic lockdown created the ideal environment, as odd as that sounds, but Dungeons and Dragons capped off their 6-year sales streak with an additional 33% growth in 2020.

And owners Wizards of the Coast are promising rule expansions, new guidebooks, new campaigns, and a slew of in-universe tie-ins.

While Dungeons and Dragons has faced many trials over the years – protests, accusations of Satanism, mislaid blame for mass shootings, among others – one of the biggest challenges can be the nature of the game itself.

Campaigns can take weeks, months, or even years. Try coordinating schedules between players as varied as their character classes, races and special skills. Or building up newbie characters and players while not frustrating experienced gamers. New players finding a way to learn about the game without being crushed in the competition. And of course, finding a Dungeon Master willing to put in the hours to create and maintain a compelling, active game.

Masters of Their Universe

Beyond the formulaic rules of a board game or the built-in structure of video games, Role Playing Games (RPGs) emerged in the mid-70s as a hybrid adventure experience. At the forefront of the movement was the OG of RPGs, Dungeons and Dragons (D&D), created by cult icon Gary Gygax. D&D became a popular experience, beyond Midwest basements and college dorms, in part because it is deeply interactive and so involved as to require guides to lead players on their fantasy experience.

Enter the Dungeon Master (DM). These respected mentor-like figures create and lead games in what is swiftly becoming one of the fastest-growing side hustles.

What makes a good side hustle? It should look like work but feel like play, and that is precisely what professional Dungeon Masters – or DMs – are getting right. Part sherpa, part creator, DMs elevate the gaming experience, and users are willing to pay big numbers for their services.

Meet Devon Chulick, the COO and co-founder of StartPlaying, a popular site that hosts Table Top Role Playing Games, or TTRPGs. Devon has been playing these games since he was twelve, and for the past five years, he has monetized his passions.

TTRPGs are more than just a game. They offer a liberating and interactive creative escape. “It’s not just a video game. It’s not linear,” says Devon. He goes on to explain, “You have this endless amount of agency to explore and use your imagination.” Autonomy is a key component.

Where did this passion come from? He remembers a time when he was five years old, and his mother read to him. “It was a Choose Your Own Adventure book series with a dice rolling component,” says Devon via Zoom interview. This early experience ignited a desire within him. Today he is still choosing his own adventure and keeping the fantasy thriving for a growing network of DMs and players, almost all of whom are new to the game.

From the Tabletop to the Virtual Room

StartPlaying is the largest online platform for players. The site boomed partly because it created a pandemic-friendly community when Zoom fatigue was already taking its toll. The company launched during the very first Stay at Home Order in 2020. And its popularity has not waned.

Games range in price from $12 to $50 and have such bizarre and otherworldly titles as “Crestbone: Last Hope,” “Wild Beyond the Witchlight,” and “Queer Minds in Phandelin.” DM profiles list user reviews, RPG experience, number of games hosted, and fees. Reviews are essential for verification from StartPlaying, along with a detailed profile and a finished game template.

DM Bob Yo boasts 185 reviews and a $40 rate per game. With 376 games hosted, it is clear that users don’t mind paying more for top-rated Dungeon Masters. He started playing Dungeons and Dragons in 1982. DM Bob Yo considers his role “a responsibility I’ve always taken the utmost care to be worthy of.”

Although StartPlaying does not regulate the maximum number of participants per game, a typical TTRPG will have between 3-5 players, which means DMs can make anywhere between $60 to $250 per game.

Leader of the Quest

More than just a side hustle, the role of DM (or GM) is intimate and important. Think Gandalf. Think Dumbledore. Think Obi-Wan. They really care about the players and take their roles as guides seriously. “Professional GMs love introducing people to the hobby,” explains Devon. “You create a community of players that are getting so much joy out of the game,” he says, “which is providing something great to the world, and you get to do something you love.”

Other user profiles shed light on their roles and vocations. “I fully believe that the job of a DM is to be a narrator and not a storyteller,” says Kyle Carter, a DM who has hosted 270 games. Another user called Roxcas has hosted nearly 200 games. “I went to college for eight years,” he explains, “and in the end decided that I would rather be a Dungeon Master.”

Hunter Fell shares his own gateway into this world: “Ever since I was young, I had two great loves: the theater and the fantasy genre.” A platform like StartPlaying allows Hunter to fuse his interests. And with over 400 games hosted and a $40 fee, his aspirations have transformed into financial success.

Where the Money Is

But how lucrative is this side hustle?

“We have 40-50 full-time GMs on our platform already,” says Devon, and he expects that number to continue to grow as more people escape their daily lives for a little bit of role-playing. As a company, StartPlaying is generous, taking a nominal 10% fee from their DMs. This is not an industry overrun by greed. Accessibility is the most important value for leaders like Devon.

The role of the DM is to eliminate any obstacles to playing. And even with DM fees, players can still save hundreds of dollars a month not purchasing physical boards, books, and dice associated with these games. “I want to make sure as many people can game as possible,” says Devon.

For experienced RPG gamers, there’s plenty of room to get started while StartPlaying is still close to the ground floor. Plus, you can grow with the site while improving yourself and the gaming experience you offer.

Devon’s advice is simple for those DMs looking to monetize their hobby: don’t worry about perfection. “You don’t need the best mic, and you don’t need the best webcam,” he says. “So many people will put up these obstacles to their own success. We didn’t start playing as a perfect company. So don’t expect that you have to be perfect to start anything.”

DMs don’t just do it for the cash. Their dedication to exploring fantasy worlds and crafting a unique user experience offers unparalleled customer service. Devon’s encouragement and unique insight showcase just what a talented GM he is. “We can’t consume everything of the real world and not find an escape to let our minds wander,” he explains.

As our news cycle becomes increasingly grim, perhaps we would all benefit from an hour or two in a TTRPG, a world in which we have agency and adventure, the welcome world of fantasy.

This article was produced and syndicated by Wealth of Geeks.

Justin McDevitt is a playwright and essayist from New York City. His latest play HAUNT ME had its first public reading at Theater for the New City in September. He is a contributor for RUE MORGUE where he lends a queer eye to horror cinema in his column STAB ME GENTLY.

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Coffee Table Decor Ideas: Cheap Tips to Style and Decorate | Wealth of Geeks

Furniture centerpieces shouldn’t have to cost a fortune. With creativity and simplicity, you can create stunning coffee table decor on a budget that reflects your personal style.

From DIY projects to items found at thrift stores or garage sales, there are many economical options to make your living room cozy and inviting. A decorated coffee table is the focal point of a family room, so these ideas will help you get the most out of your money.

The best coffee table decor ideas do not need to be expensive. Whether you are decorating a coffee table in a small apartment or a large home, the ideas in this article won’t break the bank.

An interior designer is not necessary to make your living space beautiful. Some of the best ways to decorate your home are by displaying personal items you love. Take the opportunity to place mementos from some favorite places you have visited on vacation.

Personalizing home decor is a great way to avoid the need to follow the latest trends. But getting inspiration can get you started, so taking time to browse your favorite stores that carry cheap home decor is beneficial.

Natural Elements

Decorating a coffee table with natural elements can bring any room an organic, earthy, and neutral decor feel. Using different raw materials is an easy way to save money on home decor.

Wood, stone, and metal, can create a unique look for the table. The natural decor also makes it easy to incorporate favorite memories into your decorative items, like photos or memorabilia.

Remember that many options are available when adding natural elements to your coffee table decor. Consider your favorite things in nature, small pieces, and chunkier items.

Wood pieces and pine cones are great for creating a rustic look, while incorporating softer textures like cotton and linen will add warmth and comfort to your living area. Adding flowers and plants can help create a tranquil atmosphere while using stones or shells adds texture and visual interest.

Metal objects like vases or trays add shine and contrast, while wicker baskets offer storage solutions and style.

Mixing different materials lets you get creative with your coffee table design while keeping it cohesive.

Large Tray

A large tray is a great place to showcase small items and accessories while keeping them corralled.

Use a round or long rectangular tray, depending on the size and shape of your table.

Try to only feature a few items, though. Minimalism will keep things looking neat while adding functionality to the room.

Need an idea for a creative way to use a large tray? Try putting easy-to-access coasters on the tray, a subtle reminder for guests to grab one before putting down their drink.

Or, place a seasonal bouquet on the tray to add color and height.

Stack of Books

Coffee table books can be for reading or for adding height and dimension.

Get a stack of books at a yard sale or your local library to save money. Paint old hardback books using all-in-one-paint. Or, use burlap fabric to make new book covers for stacks of books.

Coffee table styling can be fun. Add an eclectic magnifying glass to your stack of books for more intrigue.

Bowl or Baskets

No matter your decorating style, storage is key.

When adding layers to your coffee table, a vessel for extra storage will minimize the look of clutter. A perfect solution is a pretty bowl or basket.

A bowl made of wood, metal, or fabric will add texture to the table while having a functional purpose: store remotes, lotion, or other frequently used objects in the bowl.


Eye-catching leaves and greenery are a must on coffee tables.

Taking the minimalist approach often works best; avoid fussy plants. Choose a small plant that grows well in the lighting of your sitting room, and you’ll bring life to the living space.

Faux plants in pretty planters are a great alternative.

Scented Candle

One of the first things guests will notice in your home is how it smells.

The good news is you have control over this. Select a candle that reflects your style.

Candle holders are available in nearly every style and color, from brass to wood. Use candles as decorative objects that add warmth to your coffee table display.

Vase of Flowers

A vase of fresh flowers should be a consideration as the centerpiece of your coffee table.

If you want to spruce up your coffee table, a clear glass vase of flowers can instantly liven up any sitting room. Not only will this bring soft and subtle color to the area, but it will also give off an inviting and homely atmosphere.

A tall vase with seasonal blooms is always a good choice.

But faux flowers won’t require any maintenance – perfect for busy households! When choosing a vase, look for something stylish and practical.

Try searching online or at your local florist’s shop for unique designs that fit in with the existing decor of your house. When purchasing faux flowers, make sure they are made from quality materials to hold their shape and last longer than plastic alternatives.


Bead garland is a stylish solution for filling in surface space on a tabletop. Choose natural wood beads or paint beads using chalk paint to tie in with colors on the pillow or sofa.

Little tricks like making bead garland can save you money decorating and give you the perfect accent to tie together elements on your favorite coffee table.

A Place for Remote Controls

Don’t forget to make the table a functional piece of furniture. Decorative boxes are the perfect place for remote controls or other items that are nice to keep out of site.

If you don’t create a place for these items, the landing space will likely not be your preference.

It’s a good idea to create a home for remotes. They won’t get lost, plus they are not an eyesore.

Stack Items for Different Heights

When decorating a coffee table, achieving visual balance is critical. Arranging objects of different heights and sizes can help create an inviting space that feels relaxing yet stylish.

It’s important to pick items that match the décor and have a balanced arrangement regarding the height of your items. This will ensure the table is aesthetically pleasing.

The flat surface of your table will soon be transformed into a collection of items that have special meaning for you and your family.

Pop of Color

When decorating a coffee table, adding a pop of color with decorative accents can instantly transform the space and make it more inviting. A good color palette creates an optimistic and cheerful vibe in a living room. What an easy way to transform a dull, plain setting into something warm and comforting.

The trick to adding a pop of color without overwhelming the area is to use light hues that stand out against neutral tones yet still compliment the overall color scheme of the room.

If you have vibrant colors in the artwork on the walls, use that as inspiration. Chalk paint is a budget-friendly way to paint decor items to fit your color schemes.

Tables of Different Shapes

Gorgeous coffee tables can come in all different sizes and shapes.

For example, if you are decorating a round table, the decor elements will be viewed from all different angles. So use caution when adding height to a round coffee table as you do not want to obstruct the flow of conversation.

A small space will often require a small table or side tables.

Size is an essential factor when selecting a coffee table shape. Ensure it fits comfortably into the room without taking up too much space. If you’re limited on square footage, opt for smaller round or oval shapes instead of a larger rectangle or square table.

A circular-shaped coffee table can also make a small area feel bigger since its edges won’t stop people from moving freely within the room. Plus, round tables often have a lower shelf for more storage.

A square or rectangular coffee table will establish clean lines in your space, perfect for a modern coffee table.

Coffee Table Design

The best thing about decorating a home is incorporating personal interests to make a home represent your personality.

Some coffee table ideas:

  • white coffee table
  • wooden table
  • glass coffee table
  • wooden base
  • marble table
  • farmhouse style table
  • large ottoman with an oversized tray

Final Thoughts

One of the most important things to consider for coffee table decor is it’s all about creating balance and harmony.

You want your coffee table decorations aesthetically pleasing while still having enough space for people to place their drinks or snacks when they come over.

Incorporating plants, candles, books, frames, sculptures, and other decorative items can give your coffee table a distinctive look that will make your guests feel comfortable and welcome in your home.

This article originally appeared on Wealth of Geeks.

April is the founder of Love Our Real Life where she shares simple and budget-friendly home decor DIYs, crafts, and organization projects.

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Research Says, If a Partner Has Ever Strangled You, They Will Likely Kill You | Wealth of Geeks

If a woman’s partner has ever strangled her, even once, her risk of being murdered by that same partner with a gun shoots up 750% compared to a woman who has never been strangled.

When it comes to abuse – be it physical, mental, financial, or psychological, it’s all horrible, unjustified, and should never be tolerated. However, not all abuse, not even all physical abuse, is made equal.

Unlike all other forms of physical abuse like hitting, punching, kicking, shoving, throwing objects, etc., strangulation is the single greatest predictor of homicide in abusive relationships.

Strangulation As a Unique Predictor of Homicide

A partner who strangles you is likely to kill you, and soon. That 750% increase isn’t just an increased risk of death in your lifetime, it’s a 750% increase they will kill you within the next year. If a victim has sustained multiple stranglings, the risk exponentially rises. Here are some more startling statistics.

45% of attempted homicides in domestic violence situations against women involved nonfatal strangulation. 70% of women who have been strangled believed they were going to die, and 38% reported losing consciousness. The research is detailed on this – strangulation is a unique behavior that indicates escalating violence.

The personality profile of a strangler is one of rage and homicidal violence. Casey Gwinn, the co-founder of the Training Institute on Strangulation Prevention, says, “research has now made clear that when a man puts his hands around a woman’s neck, he has just raised his hand and said, ‘I’M A KILLER.’ They are more likely to kill police officers, to kill children, and later kill their partners. So, when you hear, ‘He choked me,’ now we know YOU ARE AT THE EDGE OF A HOMICIDE.”

Power Dynamics in Strangulation

Men who strangle their partners are more likely to take their rage and propensity for violence out on others around them, be it children, pets, or even people outside of the home. Former prosecutor Gael Strack and her research team found that in a review of 300 strangulation cases, children were present while the victim was being strangled in four out of every 10 cases.

Edna Sprague, litigation director at New Mexico Legal Aid and who specializes in domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking, says that studies identify a link between strangulation and homicide, and this isn’t exclusive to their partners. Sprague says up to 82% of offenders who kill law enforcement have a strangulation history.

As former police officer Joe Bianco puts it, “more than two decades of research have revealed that strangulation is the calling card of a manipulative, controlling, dangerous man.”

This is because strangulation indicates a particular dynamic – coercive control. When a victim’s throat lays in the hands of their abuser, a message is sent – one that says, “I can kill you at any time.”

This, understandably, instills fear in the victim and keeps them stuck in a cycle of abuse in which the implied threat of death keeps the victim vulnerable and submissive. In a University of Pennsylvania study, women who were strangled reported three perceived motivations for strangulation.

The first was that it was a way for their partner to exert power and control over them because you are unable to fight back. The second was that it serves as a warning to exert control beyond the assault, discouraging the victim from disobeying them. Third, strangulation leaves behind little evidence.

Strangulation is a brutal and incredibly forceful act. Strangulation, as defined by The Training Institute on Strangulation Prevention, is “the obstruction of blood vessels and/or airflow in the neck resulting in asphyxia.”

What it is not is choking, though many victims may misrepresent the incident as such either because they want to protect their partners or because they have suffered from memory loss due to the strangulation incident and don’t understand the seriousness of the situation. Make no mistake, strangulation and choking are not the same things.

Choking is when an object creates a blockage in the throat, making it difficult to breathe. Strangulation is when external pressure is put on the neck or chest, cutting off airflow and blood vessels in the neck.

This prevents oxygen from reaching the brain, making it incredibly dangerous. In just 5 to 10 seconds, the victim can lose consciousness. In just 15 seconds, the victim can lose control of their bladder. Within 30 seconds, the victim can lose control of their bowels. Tragically, in just 1 to 3 minutes, strangling can result in a loss of life.

The evidence left behind in a strangulation case is hit-and-miss. Only half of all strangulation cases leave a mark, and of those, only 15% can be photographed. This, coupled with the fact that many strangulation victims will downplay the situation by avoiding saying they were strangled and instead say words like “choked,” these red flags can go undetected by police and medical professionals.

Recognize the Warning Signs

There are three different types of strangulation – manual, ligature, and hanging. Manual strangulation is done with a person’s hands. Ligature is the use of materials such as a rope to strangle someone. Hanging is when the victim is suspended with a ligature around their neck. 97% of strangling victims are manually strangled.

Strangulation can cause lasting physical and psychological effects. It’s important to know what warning signs to look for, as strangulation victims can die days or weeks after the strangulation incident from blood clots, carotid artery dissection, or respiratory complications.

Besides the lasting physical damage, victims of strangulation can also develop PTSD, memory loss, anxiety, and suicidal ideation. Memory loss is a particular concern because some strangulation victims may not be able to remember that they were strangled.

The key warning signs of strangulation include hyperventilation or difficulty breathing and bruises or scratch marks around the neck and underneath the chin. The victim may have bloodshot eyes, a raspy voice, difficulty swallowing, and swelling of the lips and tongue.

Many victims lose control over their bowels if they are strangled for a certain amount of time, so urination and defecation are telltale signs. Medical professionals should look for fingernail impressions, neck pain, coughing, tenderness beneath the chin, bite marks on the inside of the mouth, and redness in the face and/or neck.

It’s crucial for victims to seek medical treatment after being strangled. Victims should be assessed for neck and spine injuries and head trauma. Police surgeon Willliam Smock, M.D., says it’s essential to order a computed tomographic angiogram (CTA) to scan the soft tissues and vascular structures of the neck. The Training Institute on Strangulation Prevention in the USA recommends imaging up to 6 months post a strangulation incident.

Strangulation is an inherently dangerous activity that doesn’t take much strength or force to restrict the airways or even kill the victim. Women are particularly at higher risk of strangulation because of the higher reported rates of IPV among women. 1 in every four women faces interpersonal violence from a partner in their lifetime.

Men may underreport domestic violence because of the stigma against being a male abuse victim. However, because of the biological differences between men and women, women are at a disproportionately higher risk of being strangled by male partners.

While the research on same-sex abusive relationships and strangulation is not as clear-cut as the research on heterosexual relationships, this study showed that injury was reported more frequently in same-sex relationships. Strangulation should be treated with the same seriousness, whether it occurs in heterosexual or same-sex relationships.

How to Get Help

If your partner has ever strangled you or abused you in any way, you need to make a safety plan immediately. This is a personalized and practical plan that will keep you safe and prepare you to leave the abusive situation, even if you aren’t ready yet.

You can call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1−800−799−SAFE(7233) 24 hours a day for support or access to important information like safety planning and being connected to local shelters. This line is for both men and women in abusive relationships.

This hotline will connect you to local domestic violence shelters free of charge, and many will help women pay for rides to the shelter if they don’t have the means to afford it. It’s important to understand that you are at high risk when leaving an abusive relationship which is why a safety plan is important to have in place.

If you have children, you will want to teach them how to call the police in an emergency and that they should flee the situation if things ever turn violent. Contact friends and family to let them know what’s going on.

A safety plan will ensure you have things ready if you need to leave in the middle of the night, like having a packed bag full of clothes, access to money, an escape plan, and a safe place to go. You can use the Domestic Violence Hotline’s Safety Plan tool to create a custom-made plan that works for you.

It will help you get your finances in order, have a place to go when you are ready to leave, know how to prevent your abuser from contacting you or finding where you are, establishing a support network, and gathering evidence to provide to the police should you want to file charges.

Closing Thoughts

Recognizing strangulation for the threat against your life that it really is can save lives, as can recognizing the signs of strangulation. If a partner has ever strangled you, the statistics bear out that this won’t be the last time. For your safety, you need to make a plan to leave.

While some states penalize strangulation as a felony, in other states, it’s only a misdemeanor. It can be difficult to prove strangulation occurred. Even when immediately reported, strangulation often doesn’t leave any visible marks.

If you decide to press charges, you will want documentation of medical records like C.T. scans, MRIs, ENT scans, witness statements, and other documentation of abuse. The important thing is for you to keep yourself safe by exiting the relationship with a practicable safety plan and the support of loved ones. A relationship that involves any level of strangulation is a ticking time bomb for homicide.

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The Bad Batch Season 2 Episode 13: The Clones Look For A New Life | Wealth of Geeks

The trend so far this season has been that the best episodes of Star Wars: The Bad Batch are the ones that do not feature Clone Force 99. Finally, that has changed.

The Bad Batch season 2 episode 13 delivers a high-stakes feel. It mixes a little bit of action and a lot of heart, as we journey with the clones who are trying to find their place in the galaxy after splitting ways with Cid. This episode has a large impact on the overall story of Clone Force 99, which is why it is one of the best ones.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Star Wars: The Bad Batch season 2 episode 13.

Phee Genoa Is Back

Phee Genoa (voiced by Wanda Sykes) is back in this episode of The Bad Batch. The very first moment shows her and Omega sitting at a table negotiating with dealers over a stone statue. Phee explains that she is teaching Omega the art of negotiation, but these dealers don’t have her health in mind.

While they do agree on a fee, which Omega hands over, it seems they would like to leave with both the statue and the credits. At first they try to poison Phee, which she immediately sniffs out. Next, one of them presses a button under the table which releases a small insect-like creature. However, before it can sting Phee, Hunter spots it from a different table and throws his knife at it, killing it.

The dealers have a lot of muscle in the bar, and they all pull their guns. However, once Wrecker stands up and joins the fight, it is basically all over for them. What follows is about a minute of fun action, combined with a great Star Wars score, as the clones radio Tech to pick them up and get them out of there.

Cid Is Not One To Cross

After the escape, Phee tries to explain to the clones that Omega needs to be more well-rounded. Sure, she has the soldier thing down, but she could use some friends her own age and… other skills. Phee is already working to teach her the ways of a pirate, at least a little bit of it. Tech doesn’t see why it is necessary for Omega to be around anyone other than them.

Before they can continue the conversation, however, they are interrupted by a transmission from Cid. Who, fans will recall, the clones cut ties with a few episodes back after she took her sweet time in rescuing them when their ship was stolen. She threatens Clone Force 99, and insinuates that she is not above turning Omega in as well.

Phee tells them that she doesn’t blame them, but also explains that Cid is not one they want to cross. When they explain that they don’t really have a plan now that they aren’t working with her anymore, Phee directs them to her sanctuary, her “home away from home,” a place called Pabu.

The People Of Pabu

Once at Pabu, Phee explains that while the artifact she got in that fight over might not have a large monetary value, she wanted it because it is meaningful to the people of this place, as it is a part of their past and culture. It seems that Phee is not as cutthroat and selfish as viewers might have thought her to be.

Phee introduces Clone Force 99 to the Mayor of Pabu, Shep Hazard, and his daughter, Lyana, who is about Omega’s age. Now it is clear why that conversation about Omega having friends her own age was woven into the story.

It is revealed that the clones are the first people Phee has ever brought back to Pabu. This means that Cid doesn’t even know where it is, so it could be a good place for the clones to hide out from her.

While touring Pabu, Lyana shows Omega some adorable creatures called moon-yos, which are sort of like monkeys. The two giggle and Tech adds that he has not heard Omega laugh like that in some time.

We learn that Pabu has been a home for refugees that had to flee during and after the war. Hunter asks if they are worried that the Empire will show up, to which the Mayor responds that they are a remote island with very little resources, so there is no reason for them to care.

A New Home For The Clones?

Viewers don’t need to be shown this, but for story purposes it makes sense that The Bad Batch season 2 episode 13 would include a quick conversation between Phee and Hunter as she tries to convince him they need to stay there with Omega. Not only would it provide a bit of safety for them all, Omega is able to have a childhood and play with kids her own age there. The Mayor even includes that there is no better place to raise a family.

After a filling meal, and then mention of dessert, Wrecker claims he loves it there. Seems like his vote would be to stay, should it come down to that. Omega and Lyana take the boat out and sail around the island. Omega breaths in the ocean air and confesses that because of the Empire they are never able to stay in one place for long. When Lyana asks if that makes her lonely, she says that she never really thought about it, but it is clearly getting to her when she does.

Trouble In Paradise

Before Hunter can even bring up the idea of staying in Pabu to the rest of Clone Force 99, he senses something is coming. At first the moon-yos begin running, seemingly scared, and then the land shakes. Omega and Lyana head in from the water, just in case.

Warning sirens blast and the clones and Mayor work together to move everyone to higher ground. Omega and Lyana are stuck on the water as it recedes from the island and the tide pulls them out into the rocks. The two girls jump off the boat to avoid injury and land, hard, on the rocks. Lyana is knocked out, but Omega is able to wake her quite quickly.

Omega radios Hunter to let him know they are in trouble. They run over the newly exposed bed of the water, but there is a huge wave coming, and coming in fast. He tells her to keep her locator on and get to shore as quickly as possible.

While viewers will know that they are not going to kill off Omega, it still feels like high stakes as crowds of villagers rush past the clones, screaming for their lives as they climb to higher grounds.

Omega and Lyana are picked up on the Marauder in just enough time to avoid the wave. Just about the same time as the last of the villagers make it to the high ground. The Mayor says that there was a lot of property damage, but they can work together to rebuild. With a town of refugees, it isn’t like they haven’t done this before.

Hunter suggests that they stay behind to help with things, and Tech admits that he had the same idea. Mayor Shep Hazard tells them that they would be most welcome, and the episode ends.

Overall Thoughts

Star Wars: The Bad Batch season 2 episode 13 becomes one of the best this season because it sticks to the main storyline. Since the start of this season, and really since the first season, Clone Force 99 are at odds against the Empire. While they had found a bit of a home with Cid, they have since split from her as well. This leaves them with no real home to speak of.

Omega is just a child and it has been mentioned multiple times throughout the season that she deserves to act her age every once in a while. This home on Pabu just might give them that. Although, with three episodes left in the season, Crosshair second-guessing his decisions, and Cid hunting them down, we can assume it won’t be all sunshine and rainbows to close things out.

Rating: 8/10 SPECS

Star Wars: The Bad Batch drops new episodes every Wednesday on Disney+.

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Tessa Smith owns MamasGeeky.com and is a Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer-approved Film and TV Critic and a huge geek. Tessa has been in the Entertainment writing business for almost ten years and is a member of several Critics associations including the Critics Choice Association and the Greater Western New York Film Critics Association. She grew up watching movies, playing video games, and reading comic books — and still loves all of those things. She proudly lets her geek flag fly and spreads the word that there is nothing wrong with being a geek.

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