The View harpies musta’ been sippin’ some SERIOUS stupid juice with THESE takes on the GOP House

One has to wonder about the mind of someone who deliberately watches The View for political opinions and takes. Yikes.

We get it, Joy Behar isn’t the brightest crayon in the box but c’mon … she does realize Republicans out-voted Democrats be FIVE MILLION yes? The only thing that kept Democrats in it at all was the redistricting she’s whining about in this clip.

Did this broad eat some paint chips at some point in her life or what?


Ugh, it’s not that she’s wrong that makes her annoying, it’s that she’s so cocky that she’s right when she’s wrong.

That and she always looks like she smelled a fart.


Nancy Pelosi.



Alrighty then.

Say what you will about the midterms, but the upcoming two years are gonna be FUN … and the reaction from these lawn flamingos is only the tip of the meltdown iceberg.



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