Louisiana Wingnut Rep. Clay Higgins Bulldozes Protester. WHAR ASSAULT CHARGES?

Rightwing Republican congressman Clay Higgins of Louisiana — known around these parts as the ‘WHAR BOXES?’ guy, or simply WHAR BOXES — took it upon himself to play bouncer Wednesday when a young protester got a little too mouthy during a press conference being held by prominent House Wingnut Caucus members including Higgins, Lauren Boebert (R-Colorado), Paul Gosar DDS (R-Arizona) and others. (Higgins later tweeted that the presser was about the very real threat to US sovereignty posed by the World Health Organization, which is part of the UN One-World Communist Plot, which seems like indispensable context.)

The protester, law student and organizer/troublemaker Jake Burdett, 25, told the Daily Beast he’d actually been in DC for a Medicare for All rally led by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont), but when that was over, he saw the Freedom Caulkers setting up and decided to be a free speech pest, which is his right as an American citizen.

Spotting Gosar and Boebert, he decided to stick around. “I figured I’d ask them some tough questions,” he said. “Bird-dog them, whatever you want to call it.”

And indeed, as Burdett’s videos show, he was definitely heckling the rightwing dipshits, which may happen when politicians hold a “press conference” in public.

In the first video, Burdett shouts questions while Gosar is speaking, asking about his appearance at a confab held by neo-Nazi Nick Fuentes, and about that embarrassing campaign ad made by Gosar’s own siblings, urging people not to vote for him. As Freedom Cockups try to tell Burdett to leave, Higgins steps in to promise he’ll answer all Burdett’s questions later (about Gosar, sure!) if the young man will just stop recording and be quiet. Higgins does get right up in Burdett’s face to deliver that offer of help.

In the first video, Higgins fairly calmly introduces himself and says, “All I’m asking you to do is just peacefully stand by with your camera and I promise you — look at me — I’ll come talk to you straight up and answer all your questions. Fair enough?”

And yes, Burdett wanted to know how on earth Higgins would be in a position to know anything about Gosar’s very public embarrassment.

But Burdett hadda go and persist. While Boebert spoke, he asked her about her divorce, and asked her whether it was at all related to that time in 2017 when her restaurant customers got diarrhea from tainted pork sliders. Sure, it was a rude, nonsensical, pesky question. And goddamn it, it was also perfectly legal because this is America and we can ask rude stupid questions of our elected leaders in public, Crom bless our First Amendment!

And because we are indeed a nation of laws, our elected leaders are not allowed to assault us just for being annoying, although that’s what Higgins did. Here’s video from another angle, showing Higgins grabbing Burdett to eject him (nearly knocking over another person in the audience) and manhandling Burdett away from the speakers all the way to the sidewalk.

Burdett wasn’t harmed or arrested; he told the Daily Beast that he was questioned for about a half hour by Capitol Police and told he could go. But he was certainly none too happy that the Capitol Cops didn’t seem very interested in hearing him tell them he’d been assaulted by a member of Congress.

“It’s one thing for anybody to do that,” he said of Higgins’ behavior. “But for a sitting U.S. congressperson to think that that’s OK—it just shows an extra level of entitlement, that they feel they’re untouchable and the law doesn’t apply to them.”

For his part, Higgins, a former sheriff who loves to act the Tough Guy, later took to Twitter to lie about the encounter, claiming that Burdett was “a 103M” (police code for “disturbance by a mental person,” never mind the bad English usage) and insisting in an attached video that Burdett (an “agitator activist”) was “very disruptive and threatening, in violation of the law.”

Higgins gives himself credit in the video for having “successfully de-escalated the situation,” a phrase with which we’re certain the Inigo Montoya meme would take issue. He also claims that Burdett “aggressively disrupted” Boebert and “approached her in a threatening manner,” which just isn’t the case. He was rude and shouty, not threatening.

Say, is this a good place to mention that in 2007, Higgins, then in law enforcement, was accused of beating up an innocent bystander to an arrest, and then lying to Internal affairs to cover it up? The former cop also busted for helping with that alleged cover-up is now a congressional aide to Higgins. Higgins resigned before he could be punished for that incident.

Burdett told the Daily Beast that he’s now “evaluating my options” and that “if it looks like there is a strong case for assault and [there is] an attorney willing to take on the case, I am absolutely prepared to press charges.” On Twitter, when Burdett asked for any attorneys to tell him if they thought he had a case, civil rights attorney Andrew C. Laufer replied, “Yes, assault, battery, and a potential civil rights violation.”

Former US Attorney and current MSNBC legal commentator Joyce Vance was succinct: “Looks like an assault to me?”

[Daily Beast / Lafayette Daily Advertiser / Salon / Nola.com]

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GOP Hunts For Hunter Biden’s Wangus, Finds Trump Sobbing About Chrissy Teigen ‘Pussy Ass Bitch’ Tweet Instead

GOP Rep. James Comer’s House Oversight Committee is holding a hearing today about the Biden campaign’s apparently unreasonable requests that Twitter take down pictures of Hunter Biden’s wing-wang in the run-up to the 2020 election. Also, Twitter censored a New York Post story about LAPTOP111!1 for like six seconds. All of this obviously stole the election from its rightful winner, Donald Trump.

Strangely, though, former Twitter execs have testified that actually thin-skinned Donald Trump was the one who called Twitter whining and begging for tweets that hurt his feelings to be taken down. Specifically, there was that time Chrissy Teigen called him a “pussy ass bitch.”

He was very, very upset about that.

Here’s that tweet, for posterity and forever:

And here’s a screen-grabbed version, in case Elon hears this and breaks his leg sprinting for the delete button.


Teigen has responded:

So there’s your TWITTER FILES. And that’s how things are going in that House Oversight Committee hearing today. James Comer’s hearing about how Twitter hid Hunter Biden’s penis under a bushel instead of letting its light shine where Republicans can bask in it.

Boy are we glad Republicans are in control and can do “oversight” now.

Democratic ranking member Jamie Raskin opened the hearing eloquently explaining what a fucking waste of time it is to investigate Hunter Biden’s wing-wang and his laptop. He explained that Twitter, as a private company, was allowed to do whatever it wanted with New York Post articles about Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Former Twitter executives gave some truly fascinating testimony about the company’s failures before the domestic terrorist attack of January 6, and how the company actually worked to make sure world war three didn’t start on Twitter after Donald Trump assassinated that Iranian general. They talked about Russian disinfo on the platform. They’ve talked about a number of interesting things.

In response, Republicans have thrown poo, because these fucking morons are so delusional they really think this laptop would have prevented the most hated man in the world from losing the election. They’ve babbled about how Matt Taibbi and Elon Musk have proven that Twitter was a “subsidiary of the FBI.” (That was Nancy Mace, being a full of shit liar.)

Jim Jordan has been blabbing all day, but you can just watch this seven seconds and skip the rest:

And then watch Democratic Rep. Gerry Connolly making fun of Jim Jordan for sucking at Congress:

Connolly beat the shit out of Republicans the whole time, and that’s how we got to the whole thing about Chrissy Teigen calling Trump a “pussy ass bitch” and Trump CRYYYYYYYYING about it to Twitter.

Just watch this clip.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez kicked a whole lot of ass too, about what a waste of time and resources this hearing was, about how actually Twitter bent over backward constantly to accommodate Donald Trump, and finally about the lying campaigns of the Libs of TikTok account against LGBTQ+ people and children that are proliferating this very day.

Wanna hear what Marjorie Taylor Greene sounds like when she’s MAD? She is MAD Twitter broke the law (no) by suspending her, and she is MAD that Twitter colluded with the CIA and the DHS and the Deep State to shadow-ban all the conservatives, and she is MAD that Twitter wouldn’t let anybody learn about curing COVID with horse paste, and oh boy, if she was your mom and she was yelling at you, you would laugh and laugh and laugh, and then you’d get in more trouble because you’re not supposed to laugh when mom is yelling at you.

Then she called former Twitter exec Yoel Roth a pedophile to his face, in case you wondered how vile she really is.

Congress is forever stained by that bigoted, lying piece of homophobic human trash.

But on to better things!

Remember wonderful brilliant Dan Goldman, who was the House Democrats’ lawyer for Donald Trump’s first impeachment, and who is now a member of Congress from New York? He took some time to explain chapter and verse how full of bullshit and false information that New York Post Hunter Biden story was in the first place, literally from its first paragraph. Man it pissed James Comer off.

Watch all these videos:

Part two. Keep watching, he is so fucking great. Goldman all but accuses Comer here of abusing his power as committee chair and wasting taxpayer money on a “fishing expedition into a civilian child of a president for political purposes.”

Part three:

Welcome to Congress, Rep. Goldman!

Monumentally stupid Louisiana Republican Rep. Clay “WHAR BOXES” Higgins is pretty sure all the Twitter employees who testified today are gonna get an ARRESTIN’:

And that seems like a good place to start wrapping it up.

Want to hear more about the “pussy ass bitch” thing, since that is the most important fact that will ever come out of Kevin McCarthy’s House of Representatives? Yeah you do.

Amazing amazing amazing. No notes. Every day is stupider than the last.

As of this writing, the hearing is ongoing. We are sure it will continue to be just as productive as the last several hours have been. If you want to see more clips, obviously Rupar and Acyn are live-tweeting.

But we are done.


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