Football Managers Sacked This Season: European Leagues

In the high-stakes world of football, the role of a manager is both coveted and perilous.

The 2023-24 season has seen its fair share of managerial departures across Europe’s top leagues, with the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, and Ligue 1 all witnessing significant changes at the helm.

The Premier League, often hailed as the most competitive football league in the world, has witnessed a number of managerial changes in the 2023-24 season.

Each sacking, while unique in its circumstances, underscores the relentless pursuit of success and the thin line managers walk between triumph and turmoil.

Wolves Part Ways with Julen Lopetegui

The departure of Julen Lopetegui from Wolverhampton Wanderers set an early precedent for the season. Before the first match had even kicked off, Lopetegui and Wolves agreed to part ways by mutual consent.

This decision was emblematic of the chaotic pre-season Wolves had endured, with the club seeking stability and a fresh direction under new management.

Gary O’Neil, a former Bournemouth manager, was brought in with the hope of revitalising the team, and he has certainly done that in the 23/24 campaign, to the point that he could be in consideration for the best manager plaudits.

Sheffield United Dismiss Paul Heckingbottom

Paul Heckingbottom’s sacking came after a particularly dire start to the season for Sheffield United.

Anchored at the bottom of the league table, a humiliating 5-0 defeat to Burnley was the final straw. The club’s management decided that a change was necessary to salvage their season, leading to Heckingbottom’s dismissal.

Chris Wilder, returning for a second spell at the club, was tasked with steering the Blades away from relegation.

Nottingham Forest and Steve Cooper Part Ways

Steve Cooper’s departure from Nottingham Forest was another casualty of poor results.

A six-game winless streak, leaving the team perilously close to the relegation zone, prompted the club to act.

Cooper, who had previously guided Forest to promising positions, found himself unable to turn the tide, leading to his replacement by former Wolves boss Nuno Espirito Santo.

Roy Hodgson Steps Down from Crystal Palace

Roy Hodgson’s exit from Crystal Palace was a mix of personal and professional reasons.

Health complications, combined with a series of disappointing results, led Hodgson to step down.

His departure marked the end of a challenging period for Palace, with ex-Eintracht Frankfurt boss Oliver Glasner stepping in to rejuvenate the squad.

Premier League Sackings List

Julen Lopetegui – Sacked by Wolves on August 8th 2023

Paul Heckingbottom – Sacked by Sheffield United on December 5th 2023

Steve Cooper – Sacked by Nottingham Forest on December 19th 2023

Roy Hodgson – Sacked by Crystal Palace on February 19th 2023

Sacked La Liga Coaches This Year

La Liga’s 2023-24 season has been as tumultuous as ever, with several clubs opting to change their managers in hopes of altering their fortunes.

The reasons behind these decisions range from poor performances and loss of the dressing room to strategic misalignments between the managers and the club’s visions.

Villarreal and Quique Setien’s Departure

Quique Setien’s tenure at Villarreal came to an abrupt end after just four games into the season.

With one win and three losses, the club’s hierarchy decided that a change was necessary to reverse their fortunes.

Setien’s tactical approach and the team’s performances did not align with the club’s expectations, leading to his sacking.

Pacheta, his replacement, however, found no better luck and was also shown the door, highlighting the club’s desperate search for stability.

Almeria Parts Ways with Vicente Moreno

Vicente Moreno’s dismissal from Almeria followed a disappointing start to the season, with the team languishing at the bottom of the table.

The decision was driven by the club’s fear of relegation and the belief that a new managerial approach was needed to galvanize the squad.

Gaizka Garritano was brought in with the task of ensuring Almeria’s survival in Spain’s top flight.

Sevilla Sacks Jose Luis Mendilibar

Sevilla‘s decision to sack Jose Luis Mendilibar came after a series of underwhelming performances that left the club in 14th place.

Mendilibar’s approach and tactics were questioned, with the club’s management deciding that a new direction was necessary to salvage their season.

Diego Alonso replaced him but was unable to turn the tide, leading to yet another managerial change at the club.

Barcelona Announces Xavi’s Resignation

One of the most high-profile departures was Xavi from Barcelona. His resignation was announced following a particularly humiliating defeat, marking a low point in the club’s recent history.

Despite his legendary status at the club, the decision underscored the immense pressure at Barcelona to perform at the highest level.

Xavi’s departure was a mutual decision, reflecting both the club’s and his own acknowledgement that a new approach was needed.

Granada and Paco Lopez

Paco Lopez’s sacking from Granada was a consequence of the club’s dire position in the league table.

Sitting 19th, the decision to part ways was driven by the urgent need to avoid relegation.

The club sought a new managerial perspective to inspire a turnaround in their fortunes, with Alexander Medina stepping in as Lopez’s replacement.

La Liga Sackings List

Quique Setien – Sacked by Villarreal on September 5th 2023

Vicente Moreno – Sacked by Almeria on September 29th 2023

Jose Luis Mendilibar – Sacked by Sevilla on October 8th 2023

Pacheta – Sacked by Villarreal on November 10th 2023

Paco Lopez – Sacked by Granada on November 26th 2023

Diego Alonso – Sacked by Sevilla on December 16th 2023

Sergio Gonzalez – Sacked by Cadiz on January 20th 2024

Francisco Rodriguez – Sacked by Rayo Vallecano on February 13th 2024

Sacked Serie A Managers This Season

The 2023-24 Serie A season has been a rollercoaster, with several clubs opting to make significant changes at the managerial helm.

These decisions, often driven by a mix of poor results, tactical mismatches, and a desire for a fresh approach, underscore the relentless pressure and high expectations in Italian football.

Empoli and Paolo Zanetti’s Exit

Paolo Zanetti’s early departure from Empoli was a direct consequence of a disastrous start to the season.

After suffering four consecutive defeats, including a humiliating 7-0 loss to Roma, the club’s management decided that a change was necessary to arrest the slide.

Zanetti’s tactics and team management were under scrutiny, leading to his sacking.

Aurelio Andreazzoli was brought back for his fourth spell at the club, tasked with stabilizing the ship and steering Empoli away from the relegation zone.

Salernitana Sacks Paulo Sousa

Paulo Sousa’s tenure at Salernitana came to an end after a series of disappointing results left the team second from bottom.

The 3-0 defeat to Monza was the final straw, with the club deciding that a new direction was needed to salvage their season.

Sousa’s approach was criticized for not getting the best out of the squad, leading to his replacement by Italy legend Filippo Inzaghi, who also struggled to turn the team’s fortunes around.

Udinese and Andrea Sottil Part Ways

Andrea Sottil’s sacking from Udinese was the result of a winless start to the season, leaving the club languishing in the relegation zone.

The decision to part ways was driven by the club’s management’s belief that a change in leadership was required to rejuvenate the team and secure Serie A survival.

Gabriele Cioffi, who had previously coached the team, was brought in as Sottil’s replacement.

Napoli Says Goodbye to Rudi Garcia

Rudi Garcia’s exit from Napoli came after a series of underwhelming performances that saw the reigning champions fall out of the title race early in the season.

Garcia’s tactics and team selections were questioned, with the club deciding that a new managerial approach was necessary to reignite their campaign.

Former Napoli coach Walter Mazzarri, who had enjoyed success with the club in the past, was chosen to replace Garcia.

Roma and Jose Mourinho’s Departure

Jose Mourinho’s departure from Roma was among the season’s most high-profile managerial changes.

Despite leading Roma to back-to-back European finals and winning the Conference League, Mourinho was sacked due to poor Serie A form.

The decision reflected the club’s high expectations and Mourinho’s inability to consistently deliver in the league.

Legendary former Roma and Italy midfielder Daniele De Rossi was appointed as his temporary replacement, signalling a new chapter for the club.

Serie A Sackings List

Paolo Zanetti – Sacked by Empoli on September 19th 2023

Paulo Sousa – Sacked by Salernitana on October 10th 2023

Andrea Sottil – Sacked by Udinese on October 24th 2023

Rudi Garcia – Sacked by Napoli on November 14th 2023

Aurelio Andreazzoli – Sacked by Empoli on January 15th 2024

Jose Mourinho – Sacked by Roma on January 16th 2024

Pippo Inzaghi – Sacked by Salernitana on February 11th 2024

Sacked Bundesliga Managers This Season

The 2023-24 Bundesliga season has seen a notable number of managerial changes, reflecting the league’s competitive intensity and the high stakes involved in German football.

Clubs across the board have made decisive moves, aiming to correct course mid-season for a variety of reasons ranging from poor performances to strategic misalignments.

Augsburg and the Departure of Enrico Maaßen

Enrico Maaßen’s tenure at Augsburg came to an early end after a series of disappointing results left the team struggling near the bottom of the table.

With just five points from the first seven games, the club’s management decided that a new direction was necessary to avoid a relegation battle.

Maaßen’s tactics and approach were under scrutiny, leading to his replacement by Jess Thorup, who was tasked with turning the team’s fortunes around.

Mainz Moves on from Bo Svensson

Bo Svensson’s departure from Mainz was prompted by the team’s poor start to the season, finding themselves in a precarious position with just one win from nine games.

The decision to part ways was driven by the club’s desire to halt their slide towards the relegation zone and inject new energy into the squad.

Svensson’s inability to inspire a turnaround led to his sacking, with the club looking to Bo Henrisken for a fresh start.

Union Berlin and Urs Fischer’s End of an Era

Union Berlin‘s decision to sack Urs Fischer marked the end of a significant chapter for the club.

Having led Union to unprecedented heights, including Bundesliga promotion and European competition, Fischer’s dismissal came after a disastrous run of form that saw the team plummet down the table.

The club’s management felt a change was necessary to revive their fortunes, turning to Croatian coach Nenad Bjelica to steer the ship.

Koln and Steffen Baumgart’s Mutual Departure

Steffen Baumgart’s exit from Koln was somewhat unique, as it came by mutual consent.

With the team languishing in 17th place just before the Christmas break, both Baumgart and the club agreed that a new approach was needed to secure Bundesliga survival.

The decision underscored the club’s precarious position and the mutual recognition that a fresh perspective was required, leading to the appointment of Timo Schulz.

Bayern Munich Announces Thomas Tuchel’s Departure

Perhaps the most high-profile Bundesliga sacking was that of Thomas Tuchel at Bayern Munich.

Despite a storied career and high expectations, Tuchel’s tenure was marred by inconsistency and a series of punishing losses.

The club’s decision to part ways with Tuchel at the end of the season was a clear indication of their lofty ambitions and the need for a reset to maintain their domestic and European dominance.

Bundesliga Sackings List

Enrico Maaßen – Sacked by Augsburg on October 10th 2023

Bo Svensson – Sacked by Augsburg on November 2nd 2023

Urs Fischer – Sacked by Union Berlin on November 15th 2023

Steffen Baumgart – Sacked by Koln on December 21st 2023

Jan Siewert – Sacked by Mainz on February 12th 2024

Thomas Tuchel – Sacked by Bayern on June 20th 2024 (Already confirmed but he will stay till the end of the season)

The 2023-24 Ligue 1 season has been marked by a series of high-profile managerial changes, reflecting the league’s competitive landscape and the varying ambitions of its clubs.

From crisis management to strategic realignments, the reasons behind these sackings offer a glimpse into the pressures and challenges facing top-flight French football teams.

Lyon Parts Ways with Laurent Blanc

Laurent Blanc’s departure from Lyon was a significant moment in the season, signalling the club’s dissatisfaction with their standing and performances.

After weeks of speculation and a series of underwhelming results, Blanc was sacked, with the club languishing in a position far below their expectations.

His replacement, World Cup winner Fabio Grosso, was tasked with revitalising the squad, though his tenure proved short-lived, highlighting the intense pressure and high stakes at Lyon.

Marseille and Marcelino’s Short Stint

Marcelino’s time at Marseille came to an abrupt end following a difficult start to the season, compounded by an early exit from the Champions League playoffs.

The decision to sack Marcelino was driven by the club’s ambition to compete at the highest level, both domestically and in Europe.

Gennaro Gattuso, another former player with a high profile, was brought in as a replacement, signalling Marseille‘s intent to quickly turn their fortunes around.

Rennes Moves on from Bruno Genesio

Bruno Genesio’s resignation from Rennes came amid a challenging period for the club, struggling to find consistency and hovering dangerously close to the relegation zone.

Genesio’s departure and the subsequent appointment of Julien Stephan were aimed at stabilising the club and moving away from the threat of relegation, showcasing the fine line between success and struggle in Ligue 1.

Nantes and the Sacking of Pierre Aristouy

Pierre Aristouy’s sacking by Nantes followed a series of disappointing performances, with the club making a change in an attempt to reverse their fortunes.

The decision was indicative of Nantes‘ desire for a mid-season revival, with Jocelyn Gourvennec stepping in to lead the charge.

This move underscored the club’s commitment to securing a comfortable position in the league and avoiding the pitfalls of a relegation battle.

Gattuso’s Departure from Marseille

Gattuso’s tenure at Marseille, despite starting with promise, ended in dismissal due to the team’s inability to meet the high expectations set by the club and its supporters.

His sacking was a testament to the volatile nature of football management, where past achievements offer little security, and results are the ultimate benchmark.

Ligue 1 Sackings List

Laurent Blanc – Sacked by Lyon on September 11th 2023

Marcelino – Sacked by Marseille on September 20th 2023

Bruno Genesio – Sacked by Rennes on November 19th 2023

Pierre Aristouy – Sacked by Nantes on November 29th 2023

Fabio Grosso – Sacked by Lyon on November 30th 2023

Gennaro Gattuso – Sacked by Marseille on February 20th 2024


Who was the first Premier League manager to be sacked in the 2023-24 season? Julen Lopetegui was the first to leave, with Wolves parting ways before the season started.

Which La Liga manager’s departure marked the first of the season? Quique Setien’s exit from Villarreal was the first managerial change in La Liga.

Who replaced Jose Mourinho at Roma? Legendary former Roma and Italy midfielder Daniele De Rossi took over until the end of the season.

Has any manager been sacked in the Bundesliga this season? Yes, several managers have been sacked, including Bayern Munich’s Thomas Tuchel, who will leave at the season’s end.

What trend is noticeable in the sacking of managers? A clear trend is the decreasing patience clubs have with managers, with poor performances quickly leading to dismissals.

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