Bigg Boss 16, 2 January Episode 94 Written Update: Nomination Special

Bigg Boss 16, 2 January 2023 Episode 94 Nomination Special – Full Written Update: The episode starts with Shiv, Stan, Sajid, and Nimrit discussing about the Shalin and Tina’s dance during MC Stan’s New Year’s performance. All of them think it was fake and they were just doing that for camera.

Archana and Soundarya also discuss about Tina and Shalin’s relationship. Both think that the relationship is fake and unreal. Archana said that the dance of Tina and Shalin was just for being seen on the cameras and even audience could feel that. Both laughed and kept making fun.

Nimrit teases Shiv by saying that Priyanka has become his new best friend. Shiv says no that is not true.

Shalin, Tina, and Priyanka hug and wish each other happy new year.

Archana is lying on her bed and starts talking to herself. She says Bigg Boss now I will not fight with anyone and I will behave good with everyone. She wishes happy new year to Bigg Boss.

Tina and Shalin are sitting together. Tina tells Shalin that the part should not have happened. Shalin asks the reason and Tina replies that because of the part we both reconciled. Shalin says it is a good thing.

Seeing Shalin and Tina together, Soundarya and Archana make fun of them and start mimicking them. Both discuss that their relationship is of convenience and they are doing this just to stay in the show.

Archana says that both Shalin and Tina have mutual and common friends and that is why they have decided that they will stay low key till the last month of the show and then will pretend to be in love so that they will reach at least top 3.

Abdu hugs Tina and Shalin and wishes them happy new year. He leaves and tells them to hug each other. Tina replies that it was just on new year event only. Abdu laughs and tells them their relationship is confusing because at one moment they are friends and in the other moment they start fighting.

Priyanka tells Shalin and Tina that everyone raised eyebrows on them when they were dancing in the new year party. She says that they both should stay as friends always and not just on a particular occasion because it looks fake. Tina tells Shalin that if they fight again, he should come and apologize to her and he agrees.

Shalin tells Tina let us bury the hatchet and forget whatever wrong happened between us in the past. Both agree that they should support each other and stay friends. Tina tells Shalin that his relationship and behavior with her should be different than other contestants.

Bigg Boss calls Shiv and Archana into the confession room and asks them what was different in the new year party. Both reply Tina and Shalin’s dance. Shiv says that their relationship is completely fake and they were just faking out and the crowd could feel that also. Archana agrees with Shiv and both bitch about Shalin and Tina with Bigg Boss.

Bigg Boss calls all contestants into the garden area. He says this week is the week of chance and luck. A nomination task related to load shedding has to be played by the housemates. There are 10 houses made of hay in the garden area and each house is lighted.

There will be four round in the task. In each round Shiv will spin a wheel and the contestant’s name that will be displayed on the wheel will be an electrician in that round. The electrician will name one name whose light will be cut off and other name whose light will stay on.

In the end the four contestants whose houses will be lit will be safe from the nominations along with Shiv.

Shiv is asked to cut off the lights of seven contestants before the task and he names Tina, Shalin, Soundarya, Archana, Priyanka, Sreejita, and Sumbul.

In the first round, Nimrit is the electrician. She cuts off the power of Sajid’s house and saves Sumbul.

In the second round, Sreejita is the electrician. She cuts off the power of Sumbul’s house and saves Priyanka.

In the third round, Shalin is the electrician. He cuts off the power of Nimrit’s house and saves Tina.

In the fourth and last round, Abdu is the electrician. He saves Nimrit and cuts off the power of Tina.

By the end of the task, Bigg Boss announces the names of nominated contestants of the week, which are Tina, Shalin, Sumbul, Sreejita, Soundarya, Archana, Sajid.

Priyanka, Nimrit, Stan, and Abdu are safe from the nominations along with captain Shiv.

Priyanka, Sreejita, Shalin, and Tina are happy with the nominations and said that this was the most fair nomination till date. Bigg Boss teases Priyanka saying she thinks it was fair nomination because she is safe.

Sajid and Sreejita get into a squabble because of Sreejita’s statment against Sajid. Sajid tells Sreejita that he is not scared of nominations and knows he will be safe every time. Sreejita says she just expressed her opinion in front of Soundarya and didn’t say anything wrong. Later, Sreejita and Soundarya get into a heated argument.

Bigg Boss calls Priyanka into the confession room and asks her about the new year party. She also says that Tina and Shalin’s dance was a little bit awkward because their relationship is confusing. Bigg Boss tells Priyanka that she looks like a third wheel in Tina and Shalin’s relationship and it is not good because they might reach finals and she will be evicted in the last week before finale.

Bigg Boss addresses Sajid and Abdu as long son and short son and calls them into the confession room. Both tell Bigg Boss that Shalin and Tina are fake and are flaunting their fake relationship.

Nimrit and Stan are being called into the confession room by the Bigg Boss. Nimrit says their relationship is #fake. Stan says that since both of them got this show after a long break in their career, they are just faking out the relationship to work outside the show.

Archana confronts Shalin about his and Tina’s relationship. Shalin says we are just friends like you and Soundarya. Archana tells Shalin that Tina is just acting so that she will go ahead in the game. Shalin tells Tina is herself a strong individual and therefore she doesn’t need to fake anything.

Shalin narrates the entire incident to Tina and she gets happy that Shalin took a stand for her in front of Archana.

Soundarya and Nimrit discuss about Tina and Shalin. Nimrit says Shalin is insolent and attacks personally. She continues saying Shalin is 40 years old and still doesn’t know what to say and what not to.

Nimrit tells Archana not to get too much involved in Shalin and Tina’s matter and don’t give them advises to propose each other because they will actually do that for the game and will move ahead.

The episode ends here.

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Bigg Boss 16, 23 November 2022 E54: A Massive Fight in BB House – Written Update

Bigg Boss calls all housemates in the living room. He says it is time for a new ration task. Housemates have to board a truck and that will be driven by captain Shiv. In three rounds, contestants will be allowed to deboard the truck and grab the ration. Captain Shiv will decide how much time will be given to contestants for collecting the ration. In the end, the left over ration will be taken by the captain himself.

In the first round, room of 2 contestants – Nimrit and Tina took their ration. In the second round room of 3, Sajid, Abdu, and Stan grabbed their ration. In the third round, Shalin, Archana, and Sumbul collected the ration and in the last round, Priyanka, Ankit, and Soundarya got an opportunity to take the ration.

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Bigg Boss 16: Shalin Bhanot expresses desire to quit show after accusing Tina Datta of ‘using’ him : Bollywood News – Bollywood Hungama

With the competition getting fierce and aggressive with each passing day, Bigg Boss 16 has seen many twists and turns. As the finale nears, we saw some of the most popular contestants bidding adieu to the show and it seems that Shalin Bhanot, who has been in news for his various stints in the reality show, has now expressed his desire to voluntarily bow out of the show. This comes as a surprise considering that the actor has been receiving a lot of support on the show. The actor also revealed that he is upset with the way Tina Datta backed out and didn’t take his side.

Bigg Boss 16: Shalin Bhanot expresses desire to quit show after accusing Tina Datta of ‘using’ him

His decision comes after Shalin Bhanot had a showdown with rapper MC Stan. The two engaged in a heated argument at the Bigg Boss house. Followed by that, the contestants were called into the confession room to speak about the matter. Meanwhile, Tina Datta was asked to give her verdict on the matter, during which, the Uttaran actress maintained that both the contestants were at fault. Her comment really hurt Shalin, who had earlier even confessed about having feelings for her, after which, he requested his exit from the show. The actor expressed that he felt betrayed after Tina refused to take his side, which prompted him to make this request.

Speaking about how both MC Stan and Shiv Thakare became physical, former Bigg Boss contestant Rahul Vaidya maintained that, “MC stan and shiv were very wrong today & both became physical on shalin! Both should be thrown out because It was Stan who abused first & charged on to Shalin and Shiv Scratched Shalin’s Face which was in extremely bad taste & is absolutely unacceptable!#BiggBoss16”. He added, “Shalin handled the whole situation very well and with composure! And in all this Sumbul again looked like a joker.” He concluded adding that abuses are not a good way to retaliate, “I am strongly against Maa Behen Abuses! Jitni gaali deni hai contestant ko do , usko jo kehna hai kaho ,not to his or her maa behen or family who are not even a part of the show! #badtaste #BiggBoss16”.

On the other hand, voicing out a similar opinion, Gauahar Khan said, “Shiv literally held shalins face n pushed it back , near his neck . So shouldn’t shiv evict himself ?????? #bully ! Shalin did not do anything wrong , he got unnecessarily abused by mcstan. His language is so so bad . Sick that whole group is full of bullies ! Omg ! I’m shocked , shiv didn’t attack his neck ?????????? Jhooth ! We all saw what happened!” Gauahar also commented on the show’s promo shared by the channel where she spoke about Tina Datta saying, “Bull crap!!! Tina had her eyes shut because of pain, but how could she have her ears & brains shut!”

Let us see what Salman Khan has to say about Shalin’s decision to quit Bigg Boss 16 on Weekend Ka Vaar episodes.

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