Sophia Grace Claps Back at Criticism That She’s Too Young to Be Pregnant

Sophia Grace would prefer if you kept your judgment to yourself.

As previously reported, the YouTube personality — who rose to fame years ago as an adorable singer on The Ellen DeGeneres Show — is pregnant with her first child.

At just 19 years of age.

Sophia Grace made a stunning admission in October of 2022: She is pregnant!

“I was very shocked when I first found out,” Sophia Grace admitted last week, adding via a video on her official YouTube channel:

“I got used to it now and I’m super, super happy about it and I can’t wait to share this journey with you guys and definitely have a lot of different content from what I usually have.”

The teenager did not announce the name of her impending child’s father.

But she told E! News back in December that she had been dating someone for the past two years.

Sophia Grace made a major announcement in October 2022. She is expecting her first child!

Now, in the wake of some backlash over her pregnancy confirmation, Sophia has spoken to E! News.

“I feel like 19 is quite young, obviously, to have a baby,” she told this outlet on Tuesday.

“Usually most people are like, ‘You should have babies when you’re 30 and you’re married and you live in your own house,’ which is completely fine.

“But obviously everyone’s gonna have their different opinions.”

The 19-year old is 21 weeks along. She says she has undergone an ultrasound and everything is progressing as it should be.

“I just feel it’s about the person themselves,” Sophia continued in regard to the age debate.

“And as long as you feel ready and it’s something that you’re happy about, then it’s really no one else’s problem.”

Indeed, the influencer says that she and her boyfriend were taken aback at first by the news… but are both now “very excited” to be parents.

Thankfully, amid the ongoing criticism, there’s also been plenty of love.

“I’ve seen so many supportive comments about how ‘You’re young, but I had a baby at this age’ and it was so lovely,” the singer told E!.

“It really makes me feel happy when I see other girls comment that.

“It really, really makes me so more confident.”

Sophia Grace has 3.4 million YouTube subscribers.

She says she’ll reveal the gender of her baby at some point in the next few weeks.

As for the identity of the little boy or girl’s father? We may need to wait a bit longer.

“Because I have always been in the spotlight, I feel like I want something just to keep to myself,” Sophia said of this private matter.

“I would be completely happy to share him and I would be completely happy for him to be in my videos.

“But I feel like when he’s confident enough to be in them, then maybe we could do that and it’ll be really fun.”


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