Sardinia: This idyllic Mediterranean island will pay you $25,000 to move there

This could be you swimming at Cala Corsara Cove at Arcipelago di La Maddalena National Park, Sardinia.


This could be you swimming at Cala Corsara Cove at Arcipelago di La Maddalena National Park, Sardinia.

A picturesque Mediterranean island is looking for people to move there, and authorities are willing to pay some hard cash to help persuade potential new residents.

Sardinia is the Mediterranean’s second-largest island, after Sicily, but like many parts of Italy the population is rapidly ageing with many of the younger population deciding to move away.

It has launched a scheme worth more than €105 million (NZ$177 million) to entice people to come and buy a home on the island.

Those who qualify can expect up to €15,000 in a one-time, non-repayable grant, which is about NZ$25,350.

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Of course, there are caveats to getting the money.

To qualify, new residents must buy or renovate a home in an area with a population of less than 3000. The grant cannot exceed more than 50% of the total cost of the house purchase or renovation. Those hoping for a holiday home will be disappointed, as recipients must live in the house full-time and gain permanent residency in Sardinia within 18 months of arrival.

Castelsardo lies in the northwest of Sardinia.


Castelsardo lies in the northwest of Sardinia.

But those who take the risk will be welcomed with some of the most pristine beaches and crystal clear seas in Europe.

New residents can also enjoy hiking the mountains and woods, with average summer temperatures ranging from 25-31C.

Sardinian President Christian Solinas said in a press release: “We have created the conditions for young people to decide to stay and develop the economic fabric of the most fragile territories. Thanks to the contributions to the first houses, it is strengthened and becomes fertile ground for those who will move there or decide to build a family.

”There can be no growth without a real enhancement of the territories, of the internal areas and of the most disadvantaged ones.”

Sardinia joins a long line of Italian regions which have offered incentives for foreigners to invest in homes in remote areas.

In 2019, Bivona, deep in the heart of Sicily, began selling homes for €1, as did nearby Mussomeli.

The same year Cammarata, known as the village with a thousand balconies, gave dilapidated homes away free under the proviso restoration would start within three years.

Buyers at all three sites would also need to pay about €5000 as a deposit, which was, in most cases refundable once work began.

In January 2020, Bisaccia in the Campania region offered 90 delapidated buildings for just for €1 each.

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