Russian Metals King Potanin of Interros will Transfer up to 50% of Rosbank Shares to Charitable Foundation | Finland Today | News in English |

According to Potanin’s statement, as a result of the transfer of Rosbank shares to the charitable foundation, its target capital will reach the planned 100 billion rubles, which in turn “will ensure financial stability and long-term charity programs” of the foundation.

In addition, Interros intends to transfer up to 10% of Rosbank’s shares for a motivational program for the bank’s employees, which the company calls “people’s capitalism.”

Thus, according to the businessman’s statement, the bank’s employees will become its beneficiaries, which should strengthen Rosbank’s independent status.

Finally, Vladimir Potanin pointed out that it is “not the first and not the last (his) move to donate capital for public benefit.”

”These decisions are not my first and not my last step in transferring capital for socially beneficial purposes. It is important for me that my business works for the benefit of people,” Potanin underlined in a statement.

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