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Noodles are considered one of the most favorite go-to food in Asia. Infact, it is regarded as a traditional staple food in Asia. Noodles are made from unleavened dough that is further shaped into long strips giving it a string-like shape. It is one of the most important ingredients in Chinese cuisine. It was invented in China about 6000 years ago and still is quite popular because of its taste and the number of recipes you can make from it. 

There are various types of noodles including ramen noodles, soba noodles, Hookien noodles, egg noodles, rice noodles and so on. But among these the most popular ones are rice noodles and egg noodles. 

So, today in this article we will be comparing rice noodles with egg noodles and will be determining which one is better in nutrition, quality, taste and adaptability. Let’s begin. 

What are rice noodles and egg noodles?

Both rice noodles and egg noodles are thai noodles and are quite popular in Thai cuisine. 

Rice noodles contain rice flour and water as their main ingredients. Sometimes cornstarch is added to these noodles to improve the texture and shelf life of the noodles. Rice noodles are quite popular in Asia and are used in the preparation of famous recipes such as Peanut rice noodles with pork, Thai red curry coconut noodles, Singapore rice noodles, Singapore Chow Mei Fun and the list goes on and on. Rice noodles taste extremely delicious when combined properly with the correct ingredients. 

On the other hand is the very famous egg noodles. Egg noodles mainly consist and flour as their main ingredient. Compared to rice noodles they appear to be far thinner and longer. They are extremely popular in Eastern Europe and parts of Asia. Several famous recipes like Dan Dan noodles, German Spaetzle, Khao Soi, and butter noodles use egg noodles as their main ingredient. 

Rice noodles vs Egg noodles – Main differences

Vegetarian or Non-vegetarian

As the name suggests, rice noodle is made up of flour and water. As a result, it is 100% vegetarian in nature. 

On the other hand, egg noodles contain a lot of eggs. As a result, they fall under the category of non-vegetarian food. 


Being vegetarian in nature, rice noodles are gluten-free. 

Egg noodles contain eggs, as a result, they are not gluten-free in nature. So if you have celiac disease or if you are gluten intolerant, you should definitely choose rice noodles over egg noodles. 


Both Rice noodles and Egg noodles have almost the same taste but it varies according to the recipe they are used in. If asked about which one tastes better in general, egg noodles taste slightly more salty than rice noodles. This is because salt is added to egg noodles during their manufacturing process to enhance the taste. 

The texture 

It’s very hard to determine the type of noodles by looking at their texture especially when it comes to differentiating Rice noodles from Egg noodles just on the basis of texture. 

Rice noodles are transparent in color as well as end up being white as well as opaque once cooked. One of the most popular varieties that you’ll usually find in your regional grocery store is the dried-out version. Generally, it looks like thin, rounded strips.

Egg noodles are generally gold-yellow, though the size and shape of their noodles typically differ. The most common forms of egg noodles consist of bow-shaped, thin, and fibrous ones.

Purpose of both 

Rice noodles can be used in the preparation of any type of recipe related to noodles. Be it soups, stews or Hakka, rice noodles are perfect for all. 

When it comes to egg noodles, they are water-absorbant in nature. As a result, they are not used in recipes that include soups and stews. 

Glycemic index 

The glycemic index of both egg noodles and rice noodles falls under the category of the mid-range glycemic index. The glycemic index of rice noodles is 53 whereas the glycemic index of egg noodles is 40. So, if you have diabetes it is always recommended to consult your doctor before including any of these noodles in your diet. 

Nutritional differences

When it comes to nutrition, there are a lot of differences between rice noodles and egg noodles.

Calories – When it comes to calorie content, a serving of cooked egg noodles (without any ingredients) has 221 calories whereas a serving of cooked rice noodles (without any ingredients) has 189 calories. So in aspects of calories, rice noodles have a low-calorie count compared to egg noodles. So if you are into weight loss and you have to choose any one between them, always go for rice noodles. 

Protein content – The presence of eggs in egg noodles makes them the highest protein content noodles among all its types. A serving of cooked egg noodles (without any ingredients) has 7.3 grams of protein whereas a serving of cooked rice noodles (without any ingredients) has approximately 1.7 grams of protein. 

Carbohydrate content – The amount of carbohydrate content in egg noodles and rice noodles are 40g and 43g respectively. The difference in carbohydrate content is negligible when compared. 

Fat content – As egg noodles contain egg, the fat content is increased in these types of noodles. Egg noodles contain about 3.3g of fat whereas rice noodles contain about 0.5 grams of fat. The fat content in egg noodles is very high when compared to rice noodles. 

Rice noodles vs Egg noodles – Which one is better

So when it comes to choosing one between egg noodles and rice noodles, it entirely comes down to your own preference and purpose. More or less, both egg noodles and rice noodles taste almost the same and the taste varies according to the recipes they are used in.  

  • If you are gluten-intolerant you should definitely choose rice noodles over egg noodles.
  • If you are a vegetarian, rice noodles are your only choice.
  • If you are planning to lose weight, you should go for rice noodles as they contain less amount of fat and calories compared to egg noodles. 
  • If you are looking for a protein-rich noodle, then you should definitely go for egg noodles. 
  • If you prefer soupy noodles or gravy noodles, then rice noodles are your best choice. 


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