Yonka Age Exception Cellular


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Get smart about aging with YonKa Age Exception Cellular Code Serum. This soft velvety serum features innovative formulations through Cell Energy Complex backed by 7 patents and based on 5 principles of youthful and healthy skin function. It boosts the proteins for longevity uses energy resources to oxygenate your complexion helps cells strengthen to regain tone and firmness fights environmental aggressors and brings back radiance. With natural citrus and woody scents you???ll be cracking the cellular code to get youthful skin once again. Benefits : Applies 5 principles of youthful healthy skin Strengthens skin cells for natural healing and revitalization Firms and tones Fights off environmental aggressors Restores radiance [ 1.01 fl oz / 30 ml ] Over 50 years of tradition 100 plants from around the world & “Quintessence??? power the full line of YonKa products at BeautifiedYou.com Authorized YonKa Resellers – 100% Authenticity Guaranteed


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