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Tannenberg brings the massive battles of the Eastern Front in WW1 to life with 64 players fighting for control of key sectors of the battlefield. Each on offering a distinct strategic advantage. Warfare between the Russian Empire, Germany and their allies offers a fresh experience for first person shooter players and history enthusiast alike.

There are seven squads, 50+ weapons, eight large maps that give players tactical freedom. Plus, a 64-player game mode with full AI bot support, so the player can experience epic battles at any time! Everything has been recreated with tremendous attention to detail.

??????????????????????Authentic WW1 atmosphere; accuracy in everything from maps and weaponry to uniforms.
??????????????????????Tactical squad-based FPS; play as Russian, Romanian, Latvian, Austro-Hungarian, German, and Bulgarian troops.
??????????????????????Wide-ranging landscapes; large maps each with weather variants from snow to summer sun.
??????????????????????64-player Maneuver game mode; capture strategic sectors in grand battles of movement.
??????????????????????Never fight alone; squad gameplay and AI bots for Maneuver so you can join epic battles at any time.

This historical game takes place across the lakes, forests, mountains, and snowy plains of the Eastern Front as it was inspired by the historic Battle of Tannenberg in 1914, which was one of the most iconic battles in history. Players will be able to master a range of authentically modelled equipment brought to the field by Russian Frontovik and Cossack squads, the renowned Latvian Riflemen or the Romanian infantry squad. Alternatively, they can join the Central Powers to serve in an Austro-Hungarian K.u.K unit, with the German Infantry or the Bulgarian rifle section.

Tannenberg offers several game modes, which includes the exciting Maneuver game mode that reflects the nature of ware on the Eastern Front, as 64 players battle across large maps, where the objective and battle line are always shifting. Survive the deadly battles by working together with your four-man squad and utilizing your distinctive skills. There is a wealth of historical detail, including realistic WWI weaponry, authentic uniforms, horrendous gore, and maps based on real battlefields.


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