Virtue Smooth Conditioner


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Keep hair smooth soft and frizz-free with Virtue Smooth Conditioner. With every use you???ll banish frizz from your hair while infusing it with its best health ever. Formulated with exclusive alpha keratin 60ku?? protein this conditioner smooths hair for a healthy look. It goes deep within the strands to restore rough cuticles which reduces the friction between them. This means frizz is handled at the source so you won???t have a rude awakening when heading out only to find your smoothed look has frizzled up. Get the smooth silky and hydrated hair you want by conditioning it the right way! Benefits: Hydrates hair for smooth and silken feel Works inside hair strands to repair cuticles and reduce friction Stops frizz at the source Improves hair health with every conditioning [ 6.7 oz ]


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