Sigma Sigmagic?? Brushampoo???


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Make cleaning your makeup brushes a breeze with Sigma Sigmagic?? Brushampoo??? Liquid. This natural liquid formula gets all that debris and trapped product out of your brushes so you???ll always have the freshest applications and prevent skin irritations. Made with 100% natural virgin coconut oil and ethically-sourced palm oil it washes away build-up oil and bacteria to bring your brushes back to life. No harmful chemicals here just pure clean fun every time you apply your makeup. It???s antimicrobial to prevent bacteria growth for up to 2 weeks after you use it too. Use it with one of Sigma???s brush cleaning gadgets to get the best clean for your makeup brushes. Benefits: Natural liquid formula Easily washes away oil product build-up and bacteria Prevents bacteria growth on brushes for 2 weeks Made with 100% natural ingredients that won???t irritate skin [ 5.1 fl oz / 150 mL ]


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