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Live life more defined with the E15 Flat Definer Brush. Made with Sigma Beauty???s exclusive Sigmax?? Fibers this brush features a thin flat edge that???s ideal for applying powder cream or gel products around the eyes. The flat edge helps you master those tricky sharp precise lines even along your lower lashes. The premium filaments of this brush are soft yet strong enough to resist heat and chemicals. Plus the SigmaAlloy??? Ferrule keeps this brush in prime condition for years to come. Fitted onto the lightweight wooden brush handle it???s one makeup brush that is guaranteed to last. Simply use this brush to press your makeup products along your lash lines for an easy way to line the eyes. Benefits: Sharp thin flat edged brush head Allows for precise lining of eyes Long-lasting makeup brush for lining lash lines with gel liquid or powder products Cruelty-free product Free two-year warranty


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