Replenix Hyaluronic Acid


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Boost skin with intensive hydration through Replenix Hyaluronic Acid Hydration Serum. This pure medical-grade formula is ultra-hydrating through fractionated hyaluronic acid. It draws moisture from the atmosphere to quench and replenish dehydrated skin. Go from dull to lively and bright with a supple smooth and plumped-up complexion. It visibly reduces the signs of aging to give you firmer more rejuvenated skin all while strengthening your skin???s barrier to protect it from damaging free radicals that age you. Apply it to your clean face and neck once or twice per day. You can also use it on your hands elbows feet and any exterior part of your body that needs enhanced hydration from this serum. Benefits: Intensive hydration for dry skin Replenishes and restores Brightens smooths and plumps Strengthens skin???s barrier Protects from free radicals [ 1 oz ] Utilize green tea???s antioxidants to effectively combat free radicals and protect your skin with the full line of Replenix products at Authorized Replenix Resellers – 100% Authenticity Guaranteed


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