Replenix Age Restore


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Give skin the moisture it needs to fight the signs of aging as you sleep. Replenix Age Restore Nighttime Therapy is scientifically-formulated to deliver proven age-defying results. It softens and nourishes dry skin to a healthy condition all while you dream. Hydrated skin becomes more elastic and the texture smooths out. Fine lines and wrinkles vanish away while the tone of your skin dramatically improves by the time your alarm goes off in the morning. Once you finish your cleansing step at night apply this therapy to your face neck and d??collet??. You can use it with retinoids too though you should allow it to dry before adding this nighttime cream on top. Benefits: Nighttime anti-aging formula Softens and nourishes skin back to health Revitalizes with deep hydration Gives skin more elasticity for improved texture and tone Smooths fine lines and wrinkles away [ 1.7 oz ] Utilize green tea???s antioxidants to effectively combat free radicals and protect your skin with the full line of Replenix products at Authorized Replenix Resellers – 100% Authenticity Guaranteed


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