REN Clean Skincare Radiance


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Reduce dark circles in a week with REN Clean Skincare Radiance Brightening Dark Circle Eye Cream. In just 7 days this irritation-free formula infuses tender under-eye skin with bio-actives that brighten hydrate and plump that eye area up. With elderberry flower and glycogen and zero added fragrance you get a luxuriously-smooth experience with this water-in-oil cream for the entire eye area. Brighten under the eyes and on the lids too. Get rid of puffiness and plump skin up by infusing it with the hydration it needs. See the difference a week makes when you open your eyes to solutions! Benefits: Neutralizes free radicals that lead to dark circles Brightens and plumps Removes puffiness Retains moisture in skin Delivers results in as little as one week [ 0.5 oz ]


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