Pevonia Myoxy-Caviar


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Pevonia’s most advanced anti-aging and luxury skincare regimen gets a face lift! New luxury packaging same formula same size same price! Pevonia Myoxy-Caviar Timeless Repair Cream is enriched with Caviar Pearl and Escutox?? (Pevonia-exclusive blend) and is drenched with potent actives to effectively counteract aging. Silky textured and easily absorbed it provides outstanding rejuvenation results smooths wrinkles and increases suppleness and oxygenation. Smooth lines repair stubborn wrinkles firm rejuvenate brighten nourish and protect with this highly concentrated age-defying moisturizer. Benefits: Smooths lines repairs stubborn wrinkles firms rejuvenates brightens nourishes and protects Enriched with Caviar Pearl and Escutox?? (Pevonia-exclusive blend) for essetial moisture and extreme protection against visible signs of aging For dry mature skin with advanced signs of aging including lines and wrinkles loose sagging skin or those who want one of the most advanced anti-aging moisturizers on the market [1.7 oz.] Protect Mother Nature with natural cruelty-free formulations & eco-friendly packaging see the full line of Pevonia products at Authorized Pevonia Resellers – 100% Authenticity Guaranteed


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