Patchology FlashMasque


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Can???t decide on a Patchology mask to use? Try the Patchology FlashMasque Trio with a collection of 3 of the best 5-minute sheet masks. It includes FlashMasque?? Milk Peel to refinish skin with lactic acids for a soothing and hydrated appearance. There???s also FlashMasque?? Hydrate that quenches the thirstiest skin with hyaluronic acid and boosts elasticity. And then there???s FlashMasque?? Illuminate which perks dull skin up immediately. Make a weekend of it or simply enjoy them when you need them! Benefits: Collection of three 5-minute sheet masks Includes one of each Milk Peek Hydrate and Illuminate FlashMasque Quells skin thirst soothes repairs and perks skin up [ Kit Includes: 3 FlashMasque Sheets Masks (1 each of: Hydrate Illuminate & Milk Peel) ]


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