NuFACE Nourisher Superfruit


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NuFACE?? Nourisher Plant Cell Serum combines the power of apple grape and alpine rose plant cells to create a nourishing serum that protects the skin against UV and environmental damages reduces inflammation and promotes cell renewal. This technologically advanced formula uses plant cells to combat and delay chronological aging and preserves the youthful look and vitality of skin. The ideal skin prep product Nourisher will promote the effectiveness and bioavailability of all serums and moisturizers! Details: Protects skin against UV and environmental damage Reduces inflammation and promotion cell renewal Apply 4-5 drops to face neck and d??collet??. Use before all other serums. Contains 3% Apple Plant Cell 1% Grape Plant Cell and 1% Alpine Rose Plant Cell (found in Himalayans). [ 1 fl oz ] NuFACE?? changed aging skin forever with serums & innovative skin toning devices. Shop Nuface products at Authorized NuFACE?? Resellers – 100% Authenticity Guaranteed