Mio Clay Away Body Cleanser


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New and improved Mio Clay Away Body Cleanser is the best way to purify skin from head to toe through plant-based ingredients. This 2-in-1 formula is ideal for daily refreshment doubling as a body mask to give you soothed and deeply cleansed skin. Smooth it all over and then hop in the shower to have a spa-day at home. Feel-Good Complex lifts the mind and body together while a trio of natural purifying clays detox and purify. Match tea extract delivers antioxidants while black willow bark extract improves skin appearance. The incredible invigorating fragrance helps brighten your mood and make you feel as refreshed like you???ve spent all day living it up in a luxury spa. Benefits: Purifies and detoxes 2-in-1 formula works as cleanser and body mask Soothes and cleanses deep Improves skin appearance Invigorating natural fragrance [ 200ml ]


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