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Little Buddy

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LITTLE BUDDY SUPER MARIO BROS. YOSHI 6″ PLUSH – ORANGE:Yoshi is one of the heroes of the Mushroom World, an ally of Mario and Luigi as well as the protagonist of his own series. He is a member of the Yoshi species and has aided his brethren in saving their homeland on multiple occasions. Yoshi has also saved other kingdoms from the villain Bowser as well. In his youth, Yoshi managed to rescue and protect Baby Mario and Baby Luigi from the wrath of Kamek and the Koopa Troop. According to Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, Yoshi is the only one of his sp – FEATURES: -Perfect as a gift for any Mario fan -Officially Licensed by Little Buddy -Cute and Collectible, Soft and Cuddly! -New and sealed inside retail packaging -Approx. Size: 5.5″L x 5″W x 6″H


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