Lab Series Daily Rescue


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Introducing Lab Series Daily Rescue Gel Cleanser for men. One whiff of the invigorating yet refreshing blend of plant extracts and ingredients like tea tree oil will make any man feel great about his skin–after all it’s not every day you find a facial cleanser geared toward helping your skin look its best. Natural minerals work to gently cleanse away dirt and oil without drying out or stripping natural oils that are vital to healthy-looking skin. With this powerful cleanser in hand even sensitive guys can show off clear skin because their faces are never left tight or dehydrated after cleansing with our gentle non-sulfate formula! Benefits: Gentle yet efficient on removing dirt oil and other impurities Formulated as non-drying maintaining a protective barrier to keep skin moisturized and hydrated Boosts your skin’s radiance by +10% after just one week’s usage [ 3.4 fl oz / 100 mL ] For top-notch innovative skin care designed for men see the full line of Lab Series products at Authorized Lab Series Resellers – 100% Authenticity Guaranteed